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Jescyka Charm

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Writing takes me to a world that I control


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My lips trailed his soft cheeks to his ears and I bit softly on his lobe while my hand moved to the back of his dark tendrils. My fingers ran through them, giving a slight tug and they were just as soft as I imagined.  My free hand trailed down his grey jeans, stopping at his crotch and I placed a soft grip, earning a moan. "What was it you said again?" I rubbed him through the fabric, his c*ck turning harder. My face remained nonchalant like wasn't openly groping and caressing his c*ck.  "I think they went around the lines of not being attracted to me." I let out a chuckle at the irony. "I never said that," he voiced between a whimper and a groan With one hot breath, I mumbled easing into his lips, "but you thought it. Insinuated it."  His hand crept up my neck as he pulled me closer, leaving no space between us. "Never," he growled. The kiss was rough and wild, expressing the attraction we had bottled up. It was only a matter of time till it exploded, leaving us with raging hormones and unsatisfied, throbbing, and aching bodies. My hands slipped into in his pants as I rubbed his hard c*ck, getting moans of pleasure from him as I gave soft strokes. I was ultimately immersed in the kiss that I didn't realize he had gained back control. He pushed me harshly, his hand moving over his cherry-stained lips as he gave a swift wipe. All he said was one word. One word that meant absolutely nothing to me but coming from him, shattered me. "Sl*t."


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