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The contract that binds

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She won't bend. even if the one bending her is a smoking hot mafia. Getting drunk... Dancing her *ss off... Then losing her V card to a stranger. It was a simple plan for Kenny to burn the steam. But things got complicated when she got pregnant with that stranger's child and that stranger turned out to be the Irish mafia, Lucifer. Lucifer somehow found out about her pregnancy. Now he is determined to make her his. Kenny can't drop that unborn child but she can't afford the expenses that come with it. So, When Nick offered her a contract that if she'll marry him until the birth of their child, he will give her all the privileges and will take care of the needs of Kenny and her baby. She immediately signed the contract. Bond by a contract. Will there love to survive??

Chapter 1

Kendace (POV)

I'm not one of those girls who go to parties, dance with random people, get drunk, and flirt with every passing man. But If you have a crazy hippy best friend, then your limits should start from where the limits of the worst-case scenario end.

My best friend, Morgan, was determined that tonight I need to get some steam off. So that's how I end up in a bar dancing my *ss off with her. I'm already half-drunk while Morgan didn't even touch her drink. She said today is all about me having fun and getting my v-card punched. I'm still just twenty-two but She thinks if not now then I'll become a nun hehe.

While I had needed a full of eight drinks straight for dancing like a crazy hooker, Morgan didn't need anything because she is simply crazy on her own and I love her like that only.

"Kenny!!! Let's take a break!!" Morgan yelled over the music for me to hear her. it was almost an hour since we were dancing like crazy girls. everyone was looking at us once in a while.

I just nodded before she dragged me toward the bar. Morgan is like a mother hen at the same time she is also like a crazy sister. She always has been the one looking after me after my mom's death. She was eighteen and an orphan herself when she took me in with her so I don't have to face the foster care system. Ever since then I became her legally adopted sister and best friend.

Morgan came back with a glass of lemon water "Kenny drink this!!" she said.

I looked at the glass in her hand and then at her "No!! Morgan, bring me another glass of that drink you brought me earlier it was awesome." I told her lazily.

She rolled her eyes at me "Kenny are you forgetting the real reason we came here for!!?" She asked in a voice that a teacher uses to manner a student.

I tried to recall everything she taught me before we came here but when I didn't remember what she was referring to, I pouted at her. it's my way of saying 'yes I forgot your lecture' hehe.

she palmed her face before she handed me the lemon water. "Kenny! we are here to find a nice man so you can get rid of your V-card, but you have to be sober for it so you can decide what you want to or not to do" she said.

As much as I like watching her cute frustrated face, I obeyed her because she is right, I have to be sober otherwise I will end up getting groped by a random guy.

I finished my lemon water feeling already sober. Morgan smiled at me "that's like my good girl."

"What the hell!!!" I said as I widen my eyes.

Morgan panicked "What happened," She asked. looking around as if finding the problem.

"You said I'm a good girl!!" I said.

She arched a brow at me "So?" said she.

I put a hand on my heart "That's a problem then isn't it?" I asked.

"How?" Morgan asked. now confused more than panicked.

I stared at her with a puppy face and a pout " You told me that tonight I have to be a bad girl!" I said barely holding my smile.

She stared at me with a blank face before the realization hits her and she started laughing. I joined her too.

"You scared the sh*t out of me" She said between her laugh.

I just shrugged "What can I say? I'm like that lol" I said smiling at her.

We chit-chatted for a while before Morgan started dancing where she stood. I felt bad for her because she has to babysit me.

I mustered a smile and said "Morgan!! go have fun, I'll be right back from the restroom"

Morgan looked at me hesitantly. "Are you sure Ken?? This is your first time at a club like this, what if someone groped you or worse strangled you?" She said with wide eyes.

I grinned at her "I'll tell them that my sister aka my bestie is a black belt and will chop your d*ck off if you even raise it in front of me!!" I told her in a dramatic way which made her laugh a little "Don't worry Mor, I'll be fine and who knows maybe I will find my prince charming who can help me with my v-card" I winked at her when I said it.

She eventually nodded and walked straight in the dancing crowd with a last glance at me. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Since there is nothing for me to do here I walked outside of the club to get fresh air.

I wrapped my arms around myself as the chill air of early December met me outside.

Morgan had changed my life forever, I was just seventeen and had lost my mom. Morgan had been a friend of mine since I can remember. She took my custody so I do not have to face the foster care system. She paid for my studies. She worked daily to make sure all the bills were paid. She didn't let me work. The only thing I had was the property and inheritance my parents left for me. but since Morgan didn't have enough debt to pay for house rent, we shifted into my family home. Ever since she is the only family I have. A sister. A mother. A friend. She played all the roles in my life. I love her~

I came back from my thoughts when a hard body pushed past me

"Hey, you!!!" I yelled at the man that had pushed past me.

He stopped and then turned slowly around. I was speechless when I got a look at him. Dark features. hard muscles. everything a girl desires. He might be a man in his mid-twenties. He got silk smooth hair which was messed up in a s*xy way. I can't get hold of his eyes exactly but as far as I can tell his eyes are turquoise green. He has a sharp jaw with pink lips. his muscled chest is covered with a black shirt and black coat paired with black jeans and dark brown boots.

As I adored the beautiful sight in front of me and I knew instantly that he is the prince charming I was looking for tonight.

I still am not oblivious that this man is dangerous and I'm asking for trouble.

Chapter 2

(Kendace POV)

My eyes shoot open as the sunlight grazes my face. I blinked as my surroundings came into my view. This is not my room. This is not even Morgan's room. Hell, this is not my house.

I tried to move but something hard on my abdomen stopped me. That's when I noticed the handsome stranger sleeping peacefully beside me. He is breathtakingly handsome in his sleep even.

Memories of last night filled my head.

I had slammed into him while I was lost in my thoughts last night.

', Hey you!!' I yelled at him.

He turned and looked at me with a spark in his eyes. He was so handsome that I instantly knew that he was the charming prince I was looking for tonight.

'What is a lady like you doing here?' He had asked while still looking at me with interest.

Umm ' Well that I don't know myself ' I had answered honestly

Even if I was a virgin, I still knew a few tricks to seduce someone. I had


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