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The Contract My Father Signed

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Donald was surprised to see her reaction. Everyone feared him and no woman had ever done what Lisa did to him. Everyone fears Donald because he does not forgive, no matter how small the offense might be. Donald did not have anything against Lisa before, but he is ready to take revenge for everything she has done to him and his girlfriend. After some minutes, Donald's father told him about a contract he made with his friend regarding who Donald would marry. Donald is in a serious and productive relationship which he cannot quit. Will Donald lose his inheritance and also go to jail or quit his 2-year relationship that makes him a better man? And will he be able to bring the woman he was told to marry to her knees? Will his father be happy about the contract he signed?

Chapter 1

"You look so beautiful today Lisa" Her manager compliment her beauty as they walked together straight to the office. Lisa was just returning from a business trip.

"Thank you" she replied has she handed some documents to him as they were about to open the door to the office. The manager keeps following her to inform her about something important that he just saw.

"Lisa, have you received any update on the ranking? He asked looking at her. The manager has the information on his phone but was waiting to hear from Lisa before breaking the news.

"No, I think it will be out tomorrow and not today" Lisa replied boldly.

"No, it's out already. Here is it" said the manager excitedly has he handover his phone to Lisa.

Lisa couldn't believed what he was saying because she wasn't expecting the results so soon. She collected the phone from him and take a glance on what is on the screen.

"Oh my God! It's out" she said as she looked at the phone.

"Yes, it's out. You are still the number designer in the universe" the manger said smiling.

"I wasn't expecting anything less. No one can never take my place" Lisa said looking at the ranking.

She remained glued to the phone checking the list to see the runner up and other details about the ranking.

She laughed manically when she saw the person who took second. The person have been her fierce rival since inception and she always defeat her each time. "It's Nancy Kevin, she is not going to be happy about the ranking. I think this result just showed her that she is nowhere close to me" she always complain that they always manipulate the ranking in Lisa favour each time she is being defeated.

"She will have the same old story to tell this time around" the manger said laughing loudly.

Lisa George was a high quality interior designer and this makes her to be famous not only in her country but also outside her country. Everyone love her designs. She's full of creativity bringing new things each time. Her simplicity and humble nature also contributed to his greatness. Despite the fact that she is the only daughter of the most famous business man, she always resist pride everywhere she finds herself unlike her rival. Nancy kelvin. Nancy is proud and rude. People find it difficult to get close to her and people around here doesn't speak well of her. She always says she is the best designer and she has never won a single award in her entire life.

Lisa was standing at the door when she saw her personal assistant running towards her, she wondered why she was running to that extent. She was looking at her thinking she wanted to show her new the ranking.

"What's wrong Emily? What makes you run?" Lisa asked.

"Your mother called, she said you should come home as soon as possible. I think something serious is happening" Emily said.

She excused herself immediately without stepping inside the office. She became worried thinking of the reason her mother would have sent for her early in the morning like this. It's not usual and that only means something is not right somewhere.

"I hoped everything is fine" her manager said as she was about going.

She couldn't reply to what her manager said but run straight to where her car was parked to make sure that she gets home as soon as possible. Everything was fine before she left her place yesterday but what could have happened between that time and now?

"I wish she is fine" she muttered to herself as she drove the car out of the company gate. The man by the gate waved as usual but she did not noticed him. She was lost in her thoughts.

She was on the highway when her phone rang, it's a call from her mother, she picked the call immediately to know what her mother have to say.

"Where are you Lisa? Her mother asked.

"I'm on my way, I will see you in a short time" she replied. She doesn't want to ask her any question till she gets home. She disconnected the call and threw the phone to the passenger seat beside her.

Nancy Kelvin boyfriend was on his way home because he was told that Nancy wanted to hurt herself because of the lastest ranking. She has lost again to the same person as usual. He was on the highway trying to get home before she hurts herself.

After some minutes, Lisa phone rang and that distracted her from the road, she was trying to check who the caller was and before she could raised her head she discovered that she was about to hit a car.

"Ahh" she shouted as she applied the brake but it's too late. She hit the car in front of her but she didn't sustain any injury's but the car is slightly affected.

She was extremely scared and her heart was beating fast. She got out of her car and gently approach the person who she crashed his car. She noticed a man coming out of the car wearing a blue suit with a pink shirt. He is not too tall than she is. The look on the man face is deadly and that's enough to kill her if look can kill. The look on the man's face destabilized her which makes her not to know what to say.

Donald can't believe the person he is seeing, he knows Lisa very well. He know her to be her girlfriend rival and the one tormenting Nancy. He didn't believe they can ever meet and sees the moment as an opportunity to revenge.

"Lisa, you just crashed my car" he said in a deep voice and angrily manner.

Lisa regretted her actions because it was someone who know her, she feel sorry for what she did and apologize.

"I'm sorry sir, It's all my fault, I was distracted by my phone and that makes me lose concentration. Just forgive me, I will pay for the damages" Lisa said looking at Donald.

"Pay me! Do you think am going to accept any amount you offer and forgive you for damaging my car!" Donald said angrily.

"I don't understand what you are saying" Lisa said surprisingly.

"You won't understand, I wish the world could know that their favourite designer almost killed a man on a highway because of her carelessness" Donald speaks angrily.

"You're stupid" Lisa replied.

"I believe you are not talking to me? Do you know how I deal with those that disrespect me? Do you know my status in this city?" Donald said.

"Who are you? I don't care whoever you think you are. Since you don't want money then forget about everything. You son of a b"tch" Lisa said walking back to her car.

"Wow! I'll make sure that you regret this, mark my words" Donald threatened as Lisa got inside the car.

"Oh! You think am a coward? just be patient, i will give you more reasons to revenge" Lisa start her engine.

She reversed a little from the spot and crushed the car to damaged it the more

Donald was surprised seeing her reaction, everyone fear him and no woman has ever done what Lisa did to him. Everyone feared Donald because he doesn't forgive no matter how small the situation might be. Donald did not have anything against Lisa before time but he is ready to revenge for everything she has done to him and his girlfriend.


Donald drove is damaged car into the mansion, he rushed out of the car wanting to see his girlfriend Nancy who was not happy because of the lastest ranking.

He saw her maid as early as she got home.

"Where is she?" He asked the lady.

"She is in her room, she is sad and moody" the lady said.

Donald went to her room to see what she is doing, he knocked the door and opened the door a little before going in, he knows what Nancy can do whenever she is angry. Everywhere is in mess. She has scattered everywhere because she was defeated by Lisa. She looked tattered and unkempt unlike her normal self. She don't like being defeated but she always got defeated by the same person.

"You don't need all these" Donald said as he ran towards her.

He sat beside her and placed his hand around her shoulder.

"Leave me alone! Don't talk to me and let me be" she said angrily.

"No, I don't need to hurt yourself, I know what to do this time" Donald said just to console.

"That's what you do say. You said that last year and previous years" Nancy lamented.

"Not this time, I have a lasting solution to this now" he said .

She listened to his sweet words and hugged him.

"I'm sorry, I can't just myself. I don't know why she always defeat me all the time" Nancy said.

Donald did not say anything further, he placed his hand around her should to make her feel better. He kissed her on her forehead. Donald phone rang, he picked the call. His mother told him to see her immediately without telling her the reasons behind it. He was surprised, his mother have never called him without a reason for it. I think of what would have happened that will make her sent for him. Nancy looked at him and discovered that his mood had changed.

"What happened?" She asked.

"My mother wants to see me now" he replied.

"What's the problem?" She asked looking into his eyes.

"I don't know, she did not tell me anything* he replied.

"I'll see you later, let me check on her" he said leaving her room.


Lisa drove her car to the George mansion, she was worried thinking of what would have happened to her all day. She knew something is going on but he can't just tell for now.

She got to her mother house and saw her brother James.

"Where is she?" She asked James.

"She's inside the sitting room" he replied.

She kept looking at James as he was heading towards the sitting room, James reactions is not showing anything strange, he is always like before.

She got to the sitting room and saw her mother together with her brother's wife Donna.

"Welcome Lisa" Donna greeted her as she walked in.

"Thank you" she replied.

She walked straight to her mother to greet her with a hug.

"How are you mom" she greeted hugging her.

"I'm fine" she replied as she hugged her back.

"Congratulations on your new achievement" the mother said.

"Oh! That's true, I forgot. Congratulations Lisa. It's calls for celebration" Donna said.

Lisa smile as they were saying different things about her new achievement, she was more eager to know what her mother called her for. Her younger brother walked in as they were celebrating with her.

"I hope you will throw a party this year" Mark said.

Everyone laughed because they know she will never do such. She doesn't like party and she will never celebrate such.

"Mum, why do you called me?" She asked seating on the chair facing her mother.

She couldn't say anything for some seconds, she knew who her daughter is. Everywhere was silent, the mother couldn't say anything when she saw her daughter.

"Talk to me mum" she said.

Her mother did not know how to tell her about what she called her for, Lisa looked at her younger brother who was sitting at the other edge of the bed bowing his head. She could sense something suspicious which no one is not willing to tell her. Everyone knows about it but no one is talking about it.

"Mum, talk to me. Why am I here? Stop leaving me in suspense" she said looking at Donna.

Chapter 2

"Mum, why am I here?" Lisa asked in an unfriendly way. She is more eager to know the reason she was called and to clear her curiosity.

"We can't discuss it here. Let's go to my room" her mother said pointing to the room. Mark, Donna and Lisa went to the room to discuss the issue at hand. Mark was the last person to get into the room and closed the door as he entered the room.

"You can seat there Lisa" Mark pointed to the chair in the room. The chair is very close to where her mother was sitting and not to far from where Mark will be sitting. Lisa decided to seat on the bed close to her mother. She was more anxious to know why she was called.

"Can you talk now" she said has she seats beside her mother.

"Lisa, you have to listen to what am about to tell you now. Nothing else will change your life than what am about to say. You have to listen very well" her mother said.

Donna who was a little


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