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The Clubhouse Mad Dog

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"Hey, serve me some drinks!" The grinning stranger said to the bossy lady walking across him in the clubhouse. "I don't serve drinks, I serve punches and kicks. Why… Wanna have a taste?" The lady reeking deadly vibe fired back with her fist lingering right beside his cheek * When someone is in a situation that warrants them being the most cautious and obedient. But, what happened when this particular person turned out to be a total rebel? She should be a total beauty with a very calm-head but turned out to be exceptionally rough and hot tempered. She is in a situation where she should watch her character the most but… she doesn't give a d*mn!! The mad dog of freesia clubhouse, Madelyn Hemsworth. Her life ended when she got sold to the mean clubhouse owner as a teenager. She was supposed to be a sl*t that attends to the club VIP, funny enough she doesn't yield and was about to turn the whole clubhouse upside down. And here we have the freesia clubhouse regular VIP Chris Marwick, the carefree billionaire. A situation occurs whereby he has to hire the clubhouse mad dog, Madelyn. What made him wanna hire the clubhouse mad dog? Is it a romantical or lustful event? What kind of relationship did they have before? Where is the relationship heading to? Why did he choose Madelyn and what made the carefree billionaire into an ice-cold man? And finally, what is Madelyn's biggest secret that was eventually opened to his hand?

chapter 1: The beast awakens

How can the sound of heels clinking with the floor be so majestic in a clubhouse? A random clubhouse!

She was in a black, long sleeved, leather, short gown. It was hugging her body tightly and her sharp pointed heels were knee length. A black holster was clipped around her thigh but it held no gun.

Right back to her face, her lips were bloody red. One would think she uses red paint as lipstick. And also her shoulder length blonde was giving her outfit a complete vibe.

She's no other person, The mad dog of freesia clubhouse…. Madelyn Hemsworth!

The clubhouse she was walking in was not the regular type of clubhouse, yeah! It was bustling with music. People of different ages can be seen grooving with their partner. But, the dark secret of the clubhouse was on the next floor.

Where girls were used as sl*t, that satisfies men's sexual desire.

That was the category where Madelyn fell to but, how come she was on the first floor doing her will?

She walked straight to the bartender and took her seat in front of him.

"Vermouth, please!" She clicked the counter with her finger and the bartender winked at her as a reply.

She suddenly crossed her leg, exposing her bare flawless laps.

"Uh!" Some random guy sitting beside her whispered, but she paid no attention to them.

After a while, she heard footsteps approaching her and an unexplainable scoff escaped her mouth.

"What a nice day to stretch!" She said and leaned forward on the counter.

"Hi!" The guy who walked up to her tried to get her attention, but Madelyn gave no reply.

"Here is your vermouth with ice cubes, special treat for you only!" The bartender said and winked at her before placing the glass cup filled with vermouth and ice cubes in front of her.

"Thanks Tommy, but the special offer of mere ice cubes…." She scoffed at the last part.

She picked up the glass cup and took a sip from it, "wow… I love this!" She drawled.

But suddenly, Madelyn started feeling a hand crawling on her hair. No one needs to tell her someone has gotten a death wish.

"What do you think you're doing?" She spoke up, twirling the glass cup of vermouth in her hand. She looked unfazed even though the guy kept messing with her hair.

He threw his hand around her neck and brought his lips closer to her ear.

"Wanna serve daddy tonight?" He whispered into her ear but Madelyn only sneered, then gently removed his hand from her neck.

"I don't render that kind of service. Go to the second floor, you gat your bitches swarming, man!" She scowled at him.

"Nah, I reject your offer. Because, I want you only… you're so s*xy!" He persisted.

Madelyn suddenly slammed the glass cup on the counter.

"Now, I'm losing my breath. I don't wanna lose my cool! I guess I was gentle enough." She mumbled but loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Tommy, see ya!" She said and stood up from the chair she was seating on, then turned around to go, but….

He just couldn't let the sleeping dog lie! She got dragged back by her hair, which the guy held on to tightly and he brought his lips close to her ear.

"You listen to me because you work here, 'freesia mad dog"! He whispered and grasped on to her hair more tightly.

"So, you know who I am?" She scoffed as if nothing was going on.

"Then, suit yourself!" She added and she smashed the cup of vermouth, which she was drinking earlier, right on his head.

No one knows how it got to her hand because she's got a fast reflex.

He let go of her hair and held on to his bleeding head Immediately.

"Boss, you're okay?"About four guys who were on the dance floor suddenly gathered around and one of them asked.

"Get her on her knees!" He ordered,. growling like a beast.

Just as if they were compelled, they all turned around to face Madelyn who was busy straightening out her hair.

"So, are we dueling it out now?" She smirked and flipped her hair backward.

"Get her!" They all chorused and spread around her immediately.

"That's too much of a hassle, you can just come at the same time!" She said nonchalantly.

"The beast awakens! Time to save my wines and cups." Tommy said from where he was watching and he started clearing the counter.

They all attacked Madelyn at the same time but she turned 360 degrees and sent the one in her front a flying kick, right under his jaw.

The shattering sound of glasses can be heard, since he landed at the other end, in the VIP corner.

Even though the clubhouse was in turmoil, the loud music made it hard for any noise to be heard.

She felt a wave of punch coming from behind her but she waved it swiftly.

She grabbed hold of the assailant's hand from behind, unbelievably…. She twisted it and dragged him forward.

She stretched her leg and kicked him on his back, not minding the depth of her sharp pointed heels, which dug a hole in his back.

A loud excruciating noise escaped his mouth as he fell on his knees.

She didn't stop at that and she kicked him again, which made him fall flat on his face.

Before she could turn around, the origin of the mischief came out from where he was standing and approached her.

However, Madelyn didn't even turn around as she grabbed hold of his neck before he reached her.

She whipped her head to face him and an evil smile crept on to her blood red lips.

She added force to her hold on his neck and he started gasping for air.

Madelyn continued her mischief and raised up her second hand, surprisingly… it landed on his cheek.

She slapped him again and again, without any intention of stopping.

"What did you do wrong?" She asked as she continued slapping him, until his lip bursted.

"I harassed you, no… I belittled you!" He stuttered gasping for air and she let go of him instantly.

He fell to the ground and she faced the two other guys, who recoiled immediately.

"No, no, no, relax! I'm not gonna hit you, even though my hand still feels itchy. But, I can't get you guys a driver after beating you to pulp.

That means, you have to carry 'em on your back and get out of here!" She said the last part boldly.

"O… o.. okay, ma!" They stuttered and she smiled creepily before leaving the scene.

The tempo of the music playing tends to get faster and it sounds like a background music specially played for her.

She dived through the crowd stylishly while brushing her hair backward.

"A nice stretch!" She cackled and gave a light groove to the song.

Chapter 2: Exah

Freesia clubhouse mad dog. How did you think Madelyn got the name?

Madelyn is a young lady of twenty-seven years old.

However, there is this behavior of hers that everyone avoids the most, the easily irritated and annoyed behavior. She's so peevish!

Madelyn can't stand what she hates for a second, she flares up almost immediately.

She's not friendly or accommodating. Just on her own and… smash up any Intruder's face.

Madelyn didn't even know her purpose in the clubhouse, she just knew she's there, beating up any losers.

She was supposed to be part of the strippers or prostitutes on the second floor meant for the VVIP but Madelyn can always be found in the first floor or at the entrance of the clubhouse, smoking or drinking profusely.

She has no thrill in her life or purpose of living, she's just alive!

"You're here!" Madelyn's biggest hater said on sighting her at the entrance of t


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