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Leeyah kim

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About me

An active and passive author, ready to let you into another world of fun and thrillers. I'm Leeyah kim, nice to meet you guys. Thanks for reading.


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  • 👁 3K
  • 7.5

"Hey, serve me some drinks!" The grinning stranger said to the bossy lady walking across him in the clubhouse. "I don't serve drinks, I serve punches and kicks. Why… Wanna have a taste?" The lady reeking deadly vibe fired back with her fist lingering right beside his cheek * When someone is in a situation that warrants them being the most cautious and obedient. But, what happened when this particular person turned out to be a total rebel? She should be a total beauty with a very calm-head but turned out to be exceptionally rough and hot tempered. She is in a situation where she should watch her character the most but… she doesn't give a d*mn!! The mad dog of freesia clubhouse, Madelyn Hemsworth. Her life ended when she got sold to the mean clubhouse owner as a teenager. She was supposed to be a sl*t that attends to the club VIP, funny enough she doesn't yield and was about to turn the whole clubhouse upside down. And here we have the freesia clubhouse regular VIP Chris Marwick, the carefree billionaire. A situation occurs whereby he has to hire the clubhouse mad dog, Madelyn. What made him wanna hire the clubhouse mad dog? Is it a romantical or lustful event? What kind of relationship did they have before? Where is the relationship heading to? Why did he choose Madelyn and what made the carefree billionaire into an ice-cold man? And finally, what is Madelyn's biggest secret that was eventually opened to his hand?


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