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The chef and the millionaire

The chef and the millionaire

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I'm going to start with the heroine of my novel, Avril, a girl who is abandoned by her boyfriend because she wouldn't let him touch her. I used to have a shy and hesitant personality, but when I was abandoned, I decided to give myself free rein. Avril decided that she was going to a nightclub to have her first night there. Fate put her in the hands of the maniac Alexander, who adores her at first sight . So how will Avril escape from this crazy millionaire, and will he be able to fall in love with her as she did wait for this in the events of the novel this is the summary of my novel

Chapter 1

I was looking at the road from behind the car window, it's the only moment when I can let my imagination run wild outside of work. I was watching passers-by walking by, who was talking and who was wasting the phone on permission, I closed my eyes for a moment to show her photo in front of me.I woke up to the driver's voice after he opened the car door for me, I got out of it and stood looking at my company with a cold look, but with something of pride, I headed inside to the views of the staff moving in all directions, everyone stopped his place when I entered.

The secretary quickly turned to me with a small account and said, "Sir, this is the schedule for today, would you like me to tell you about it".

In"No, leave and get me a cup of coffee," I said, heading to the office. I took one of the files that was in front of me and started studying it, I have been sitting on this chair for more than five years now. She sighed with boredom when Secretary Mark came in and said "here you go, sir"."Is there any meeting today". He was a young man at the beginning of the third decade, he has been working for me for more than three years, to be honest, I have not found a person working like him, he is loyal.

"Sir, there is a meeting at nine o'clock in one of the restaurants". I tapped the pen on the desktop repeatedly, this was a habit of mine that I couldn't stop. I bought him and he left, which is another reason why I like him. He understands what I'm saying without having to explain it.I think I'm done ". I looked at myself in the mirror, smiled excitedly as I checked that the dress was in black wrapping around my body, swallowed what was in my throat as I turned around to show my bare back. Honestly I was nervous, scared, hesitant. Well I was never that puppy girl, I used to dress modestly, that was the reason my boyfriend left me.When I remembered those harsh words he said to me that day, I got encouraged, took my bag and went out, intending to show that I am not that shy girl anymore."Hey girl you look, gorgeous and sexy too ". I pulled my hair back behind my ear hesitantly and said " Really Julia, do I look beautiful ".She approached me and said enthusiastically, she is my loyal friend for a long time," Avril, my friend, you will see for yourself, how he will regret that I left him in order and I promise you everything he said "."Thank you, you are the only one who has not abandoned me yet". She held my hand and, smiling at me, said," and I won't, my friend, now stop the drama and let's go ".

I stopped in front of the Stars club, it's one of the biggest in the city, I don't know how Julia got the entrance tickets, but I'm happy, today I intend to get free. Different lights loud music sounds, I closed my eyes because of the strobe lights."Avril, why did you stop?" ".I looked at her when her voice reached me, I didn't understand at first because I didn't hear what she said, but I moved with her silently after she held my hand, I saw her heading to one of the tables and she sat down on it and motioned for me to do the same. I sat looking at the people around me the place was a lot bustle of guy and girls who dressed scandalously."What do you want to drink". I looked at her and she said and I don't know what I'm doing but I'm not going to back down today "I want to sin Julia"."So that's it, my friend, we will act today". I smiled when I shouted excitedly, put the drink in front of us, looked at the Cup, this is my first time knowing that I will sin from the first Cup, I swallowed what is in the Cup at once without a moment's hesitation, I'm tired of being the shy girl.One glass after another, I felt the Earth spinning in me, I looked at Julia and she also acted, I put my hand over my mouth and I feel like I'm about to vomit, I rushed towards the bathroom. Well, I didn't expect this.

.I went out but found myself in a long corridor, I started walking until I stopped looking around I don't know where I am, the place is big, I looked into one of the rooms and I opened was a medium-sized room with a round table in the middle, in the middle there was a column up to the ceiling of the room. She smiled and said as I closed the door behind me "Ah this is a column, this I would have liked to try".I headed to the table but I couldn't get on it because my shoes were high-heeled so I took off, stood on the table and then raised my hand passing it on the pole and started dancing, I don't know how I was dancing that way. I looked like a different girl, like I was another Avril, I liked the feeling of being psychologically free, I stopped looking at the room but for a moment I didn't feel like someone was watching me.Are you done?"!". I looked back in horror, my foot berries fell hard off the table, but I didn't fall to the ground, I was on the legs of this man who had obviously been sitting here for a long time."Who are you?"". I asked as I was looking at him, I couldn't see his features accurately because of the drunkenness but it was clear that he was a sexy person, and handsome too. "I think you don't need to know this now,"he replied with his hand gripping my waist.

"God, Where is the creator of hell". I fell asleep for a moment just to celebrate from in front of me, she's drunk and this is her first time in this place that something happened to her I'm going to kill myself, I started looking for her but suddenly one of the guys pushed me hard, I almost fell off if not for those implants that wrapped around my waist and re-weighed two.

"Thank you". I turned around to find a man at the beginning of the third decade wearing black pants and a white shirt showing off his strong chest muscles, I moderated in my pose as I pushed away from me that mass of handsome and excitement "Oh my god, what are you thinking now, Julia, you should look for Avril". That's what I told myself as I went back to look for her.

I don't know how long I've been so perverted but I can't resist this, I raised both my hands and kissed him without a glance and I stuck to him.

The strange thing is that he pampered me and didn't even try to drive me away, as if he was also waiting for this kiss, I felt it transformed by him into an infinite number of kisses that I had never tried before.

"I think our night is going to be a long one,"he said. I looked at him and said, still sitting on his legs, "what's your name?"!".


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Chapter 2

"I'm Alexander". He said this in a whisper voice, just to devour my lips again but cruelly made me let out an agonized moan as I fidgeted where I was and tried the habit.

He stopped not sighing but suddenly I found myself held in his arms, I looked at him closely and said, hugging him " to where ".

"To a place where we are alone".

I smiled and said to myself,"I'm going to spend my first night with this handsome guy". I don't know if it was my thinking, but I think it was because of that drink, I felt it coming to me and I didn't stop it, although I know it's wrong, I don't know who it was, but I ventured in a moment of recklessness from me.

I was very eager for her, I felt for the first time a desire for Princes, this had never happened with me, she had a different appetite, I don't know what attracted me to her was because I felt that she was different or because she was a girl who su


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