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Peters Maximus

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About me

Hello, I am Peters, a 24-year-old writer who is single. I started writing recently.I adore fantasy novels The Millionaire and Werewolves, my first novel, Alona Humanity. I wish you an enjoyable reading.


The chef and the millionaire
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I'm going to start with the heroine of my novel, Avril, a girl who is abandoned by her boyfriend because she wouldn't let him touch her. I used to have a shy and hesitant personality, but when I was abandoned, I decided to give myself free rein. Avril decided that she was going to a nightclub to have her first night there. Fate put her in the hands of the maniac Alexander, who adores her at first sight . So how will Avril escape from this crazy millionaire, and will he be able to fall in love with her as she did wait for this in the events of the novel this is the summary of my novel


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