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The CEO's mystery heir

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Rose is the sweet and kind-hearted secretary to the cold, calculative and unbelievably hot CEO, Alec. She finds herself naked, covered with only his shirt, lying in his bed after a drunken night at a corporate party. She is enraged and blames him for taking advantage of her but Alec swears up and down that they hadn’t spent the night together. He doesn’t tell her the full story, to protect her from further embarrassment. She relents and ends up believing him. So, she was dumbfounded when she found out a couple weeks later that she is pregnant! Alec is surprised but equally happy when he finds out that Rose is pregnant with his child, the heir to the Xander Business Empire. The only issue? Rose believes that since they had never shared a bed, her ex-boyfriend must be the father instead. Her ex, the CEO of a failing rival company, shows up in hopes of ensnaring Rose back to him. How will the over-protective and over-possessive Alec react to some other man rubbing his hands all over the secret to-be mother of his child? Will he be able to tell his secret to Rose and still have a relationship left to enjoy?

Chapter 1

The latest model of Bugatti comes to a screeching halt in front of a tall corporate building, the headquarters of Xander Business Empire. As shiny black Prada shoes step on the gravel, one of the finest specimens of the male body comes out of the car. His chiselled body, firm abs, dressed in a luxury designer black suit with his mop of black hair gelled backward keeping the focus on his face.

Walking inside the office, he seems to be in a hurry as he talks to someone on phone, he doesn’t notice the people on the street or even the ones inside his office, gaping at him. Admiring his good looks.

Stepping inside the lift he feels a slight rush, he has a lot on his agenda today. So much to accomplish. Quickly getting inside his cabin, before he can set his aviators down, he picks up the phone and says only one thing, ‘Send Rose in, right now.’

Putting the phone down, he takes his seat behind the big plush desk. Checking if his hair is in order, he has a small smile on his face when there is a soft knock on the door.

The smile widens as he says, “Come in.”

The door opens to reveal a beautiful redhead wearing a formal white top with a lavender skirt. The top, while feminine in style, does not reveal much though the skirt shapes her lower body well and keeps the focus on her slim, delicate waist and her long, silky legs.

Getting inside the cabin, with an iPad in her hand and glasses perched on her nose, she doesn’t even look up to see him. “Good Morning Mr. Xander. Your first meeting today is with the CFO at 9 am. He will be talking about the investment…”

The smile is wiped out of his face. Even this little letdown pinches him. Two years and she STILL does not call him by his name. Does not even greet him with a smile, unlike everyone else she meets in the office or even the strangers she sees on the roads.

Feeling irritated, he stops her mid-sentence.

“Rose. I have a name. Say it. I do not appreciate you calling me something else despite me telling you a number of times. Are you defying my orders now?”

Seeming displeased by his request and his harsh tone she has a scowl on her face. She dislikes working here. If it wasn’t for the need for the high salary to pay off her education loan, she wouldn’t have stayed here for long. Especially working for this man.

With a softer tone, he speaks again, “Now let’s start again. Start with my name. And look at me when you are talking to me.”

Releasing a soft breath she responds, “Good Morning Alec. May I read out your today’s schedule now?”

He notices she looked at him for a nanosecond, catching his eye, before looking down at the iPad again.

He sighs. Today he is going to make some changes. Enough of taking her rejections. He has to make some bold moves.

“No. First, we need to have some coffee and I need to discuss some work with you. Since the first meeting is still an hour away, we have plenty of time. So, get some coffee here.”

Rose feels like today is going to be a long and horrible day. Knowing that if she shows more annoyance he will only get angrier so she tries to stay as professional as possible. But she can still vent with a little sass.

“Mr. Xander…. Sorry Alec, your coffee is right next to your hand. Where exactly do you want me to bring it?”

Since she isn’t looking up, she misses the appearance of a slight dimple on his cheeks as he enjoys her retort.

“Well, if only you would pay attention to the things I say to you, I would be saving a lot of time to do other things that I wish to do with you in this room.”

Not understanding his double meaning, with a frown on her face, she finally looks up at him.

Now he has her attention.

Explaining himself, he says, “WE are going to have coffee together while I talk about some work with you. I know you have memorised the way I take my coffee and it is always steaming hot when I come in here, bringing me the perfect start to my day. But please get an Americano for yourself.”

As she stares at him for ten seconds, he notices colour rising up her cheeks and ears. When she finally turns around to fetch her coffee, he lets the smile really come out.

Today is going to be a good day.


Today is going to be a horrible day.

Stepping outside Alec’s cabin, shutting the door behind her, that’s the first thought that Rose has.

Taking a deep breath she heads towards the office pantry and is happy to see a friendly face.

Greeting her friend with a big smile she temporarily forgets her cold boss as she starts making coffee for herself. “Hey Sarah, looking great! As always.”

Sarah is one of the higher-ranking managers in this office and someone she is very close to. Sarah joined the company around the same time as her and since both were new, they bonded well with each other.

Sarah also considers Rose like a little sister. She knows Rose isn’t fond of her boss.

“As do you, my lovely Rose. Lavender and white totally brighten up your aura, Although, seeing your flushed face I feel you’ve already met the hot dragon. Breathing fire at you again?”

Suddenly two girls from the HR department pop in as well to the pantry. One girl sounds dreamy saying, “God! He looked so good today. His body is so fit and s*xy.”

The other one chimes in, “Even after keeping such long hours in office, he works-out everyday. I wish he would look at me at least once.”

Listening to this, Rose and Sarah exchange a look as Rose shakes her head and Sarah lets out a tiny laugh.

“Gotta run. See you later Sarah.”

Quickly picking up her Americano, Rose rushes back to the dragon’s cabin.

Suddenly a thought strikes her. He knows she drinks only Americano.


Reaching his cabin she sees the door open, yet she softly knocks before getting in. Alec is nowhere to be seen.

Rose doesn’t know what to do. Should she wait here or come back in some time? Drink her coffee or wait for him to come back, seeing his coffee is still there, untouched.

Just then his desk phone rings. Being his secretary she has access, so she takes his call.

“Hello, Mr. Xander’s office, this is his secretary, Rose. May I know who is calling?”

She is not prepared to hear the voice that greets her at the other end of the call.

“Rose, I had to step out of the office for something. I’ll be back in exactly ten minutes. Stay right where you are. I’ll join you in ten minutes.”

The breathy way he said her name made her slightly shiver. But knowing he isn’t here for five minutes she decides to explore his office.

Despite having been in the organisation for two years, she only started working directly for Alec one year back. She used to work with Sarah in the events division before this.

She had always heard of Alec from others but never engaged with him. Although she did see Alec coming over to their wing almost every day. She thought it was because the company was trying to focus more on Events and Marketing.

She knew of his flings with all the supermodels. Everyone knew. So, she always avoided him.

So now alone in his office, she had a slight curiosity. She wanted to know what he is like as a person.

Seeing the mighty bookshelf in a corner, she goes to check out all the books he reads. Right on the top shelf she sees one of the titles she always wanted to read but it quickly went out of print.

As she pulls out the book, suddenly another one which apparently was tucked in right behind this falls out on the floor. As she bends over to pick up this book, she realises it is a book with pornographic illustrations.

She is surprised by some of the positions shown in the book and trying to understand exactly how it is done, she leans over to get a good look. Seeing the erotic postures she feels heat reaching her face and wetness pool between her legs.

Suddenly hearing the sound of the door open, she rushes to close the book and hide it quickly. In her rush to shove it inside the bookshelf and quickly turn around, she misses the multiple pictures which had fallen from inside the book.

Turning around, she sees Alec at the door. His body appears frozen but his piercing gaze is right at her. For some reason it scares her.

“You came back early.”

She wanted to dispel the awkwardness but her words sounded like an accusation.

Without removing his eyes off of her, he locks the door behind him and walks towards her with a slight smirk on his face

“So, you decided to spy on me? Did you find anything interesting?”

Rose looks at him with slightly wide eyes. Not knowing what to say, she stays silent.

Suddenly she sees his smirk turn into a smile when he sees something on the floor.

Turning around, she sees several photographs of a beautiful blonde woman on the floor. All the pictures were nudes. Taken in extremely erotic poses. Mimicking some of the poses from the book. Each picture had a big red lipstick mark in a corner.

Realising they must have fallen from the pornographic book, surely a souvenir from one of his lovers. Doing a mental facepalm, she blurts out “oh! so sorry” and bends down to pick up all the pictures off the floor.

Picking up all the pictures just as gets up and turns around, she finds Alec right behind her. The sudden movement makes her back hit his chest. Feeling her heel twist slightly she loses her footing and is about to fall down.

Before she can fall, she feels his hands grabbing her arms and pulling her body back into him.

She can feel his hot breath in her ear as he tries to steady her and says, “Are you alright?”

Feeling slightly turned on, she feels goosebumps rise up her arms.

Rose stays frozen in her spot. Pulling her yet closer to his body, he whispers in her ear. “You are so beautiful, Rose. Have dinner with me tonight.”

Sensing she might refuse, he says, “It’s just a dinner. Nothing more. Nothing less. You don’t have to worry about anything. I just need some company over a meal.”

“Your favourite Japanese restaurant brand has opened a branch nearby. We can have a quiet meal together in their VIP room. No one would even see you there if that might be a concern for you. What do you say? Come as a friend if you like.”

Hearing him, her anger flares up slightly. If it was anyone else, she would’ve felt bad about letting him down, but for Alec she has no mercy.

“Mr. Xander, you do not need your secretary for that. I am here to help you plan your day better, schedule your meetings, keep your files, emails in order. Take notes during meetings. Book your flight tickets. Make your hotel reservations. Being a good secretary does not mean I should actually accompany you on those reservations.”

Hearing her, he feels his heart breaking just a little bit all over again.

“If you need company over dinner, you can get anyone you want. I’m sure there will be quite a long queue outside of eager women wanting to go out with you. You really do not need me.”

Being let down, Alec feels horrible. He had actually planned something else for today. But seeing her bent over, checking out those pornographic illustrations just made him change his plans. And the moment he managed to get his arms around her, he recklessly asked her for dinner.

It wasn’t actually her interest in the erotic poses but her interest in him. She wanted to see what books he read. That made him ecstatic and quickly talk about dinner.

Wanting to make the atmosphere more normal, clearing her throat Rose says “I am fine now. You can let go. Thank you.”

Swiftly moving away from him as he lets her go, she says, “You said you wanted to talk to me about something.”

Rose was trying to make the situation less tense and Alec was burning now.

Keeping a sharp tone in his voice he orders her around, “Get me my coffee right now. This one is cold. Why do you not pay attention to these things? So much for talking about being a good secretary!”

Rose looks at him for a second and then steps out of the room.

Quickly preparing his coffee, she comes back only to be ordered again to go fetch a sandwich for him from the Deli downstairs, ordering her to be quick.

This time she takes a leisurely pace and walks to the deli. Gets an extra sandwich made for herself as well with all her favourite toppings. Screw the extra time! Fetching him sandwiches is actually not part of her duty but to flex his muscles he makes her do this.

Leaving her sandwich at her desk, she takes his sandwich to his cabin. Knocking on the door, she doesn’t hear any response from him.

She knocks again and then steps in straight away.

She sees him talking to someone on the phone. She thinks she will leave, but he gestures for her to stay.

Forced to stick around she keeps standing waiting for his call to get over only to hear him flirting and doing dirty talk with someone on the phone.

“Oh come on Vicky! Last time I let you be in control since you had been begging for it. This time it’s going to be different. Yeah, I’ll see you at 7 tonight. Not a stitch of clothing on your body.”

Disgusted at this man in front of her, she wants to just turn around and leave the room but has to wait for his orders.

Finally finishing his call, he looks at her from his desk. “Please read my today’s schedule to me. And remember to cancel anything I might have for early tomorrow morning. I’ll be in the office only by 10. Understood?”

Nodding, Rose replies, “Yes Mr. Xander. Understood. Let me bring the iPad for your updated schedule. I’ll be back. Give me a moment.”

Reaching her desk, she hears her own cell phone ringing. Looking at the caller ID makes her finally smile and she answers, “Hello Love! Finally you got time for your girlfriend?”

Chapter 2

Stepping into the subway as she gets out of the office on her way back home, Rose tries to forget about the unpleasantness at work. Alec really made her run around a lot today. Getting her to collect all documents from each department head when they could’ve easily been emailed. He insisted on ‘physical copies’ claiming everything was extremely confidential!

He later also ordered her to ‘personally’ go and get his lunch packed from a restaurant five streets over. Annoyed, she just ordered it online, peacefully had her own lunch with Sarah, and later handed over his lunch to him in his cabin once it arrived. She ensured to take some extra cash from the office account to pay a handsome tip to the delivery boy.

Her poor feet still ache in the heels that she wore to work though! Looking at his mood swings these days she contemplates wearing flats or boots to work till his temper subsides.

As the train pulls in at her station her spirits start to lift. Her boyfriend was


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