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The Billionaires Soulmate

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Elizabeth was kidnapped by Russian mafias and she was brought to sell, to rich people as a sex slave. Elizabeth was sold to a very arrogant and egoistic billionaire who has lots of contacts with mafias. ******** Jack cooper, the youngest billionaire of the city. He was a living god. He had everything to impress a girl. Charming personality, beautifully built muscular body, perfect features and on it a pair of ocean blue eyes. He bought Elizabeth to be his sex slave. *********** Jack is a pervert. Is rude and arrogant and on the top of it is egoistic. Playing with girls is his avocation. He bought Elizabeth to use it as his sex slave. When he got bored from her, he threw her out of his life. ******** After abandoning Elizabeth, Jack didn't left sleeping with other girls. But on the other side Elizabeth finds herself pregnant. ******* What will happen when Jack will get to know about Elizabeth pregnancy? What Elizabeth will do in such complications? Will Jack accept the baby or the fate has planned different things for them.

Where am i ?

Where am I, as I looked at my right and noticed a small window. I could only see a dark snowy panorama and a night sky.

I was terribly confused.

My head was dazed and my neck hurt a little and the light coming from the window was like pricking a needle inside my eyes.

I look to the other side of the room for the sake of my eyes and I saw a door which was locked from the other side. It was dark and only through the window light I was able to examine the room.

I panicked and wanted someone to let me out from this place and therefore i screamed for help.

Abruptly someone bumped inside the room unlocking the door.

Oh so you are awake ,

A voice interrupted me abruptly , ripping me back into reality.

I Turned my head to the door and I saw and unfamiliar face.

I quickly flinched and backed away as fast as possible, putting my back on the wall.

In terror I looked at his face and saw him stuffing more girls inside the room.

There was around 20 girls that he stuffed inside the room.

All the girls were hand cuffed and their mouth was covered with tape. After stuffing all of them the guy again locked the door from outside and left.

I beheld each one of them but as our mouth was covered with tape and hands were hand cuffed we couldn't talk.

After a minute the guy comes back and takes a girl with him. The countdown started and every a second the guy used to come and should take a girl with him. After few minutes it was my turn.

I was refusing to go with him but all in vain as he was stronger to drag me with him .

He took me to a room where there was a lady already waiting for me. The man forcefully pushed me inside the room and locked the door by outside. I was thrown to the ground and it injured myknees. But injured knees weren't the topic, the topic was that where was i and and who are these people who have dragged me here.

I was thinking all this when the lady lifted me up and forcefully dragged me to an another room where I saw many makeup things and things for makeover.

I asked her to let me go but she pushed me on a chair and ordered me to shut my mouth and said  that if I will abide her then she will whip me to death.

She put it some mascara and foundation and a beautiful lipstick on my face and gave me a particular dress to wear.

Before going to the changing room I ask her one last time about what she is going to do with me and this time she replied.

You are going to get sold to the highest bidder who will buy you and you have to serve him your body. If you will not serve him, he can do anything with you, even can kill you.

She explained.

The moment I heard her i was shaken up.

My eyes widened in terror and before I could faint the women yelled at me to get dressed quickly.

I held my breath and in fear of getting whip to death I went to the changing room to dress myself.

I took off all my clothes and wore the dress she ordered me to wear.

It was a lingerie. It was a revealing dress and was making me a bit uncomfortable though I wore it and came out from the changing room to show it to the lady.

I was following all her orders just because I didn't wanted to get into any trouble. I was just waiting for an opportunity to escape from the place but unfortunately there were guards more than my imagination around the place. I didn't got even a second to escape.

The guards took me to a stage like area where I was told to stand by showing my back towards the front of the stage while hiding my face.

The guard showed me the place whereI was supposed to stand and gave me a cloth to hide my face. At first I was denying but when they forced me and warned me, then unwillingly In terror I went to the place where I was supposed to stand.

The place was a stage on which many girls were standing with hiding their faces and the place had many rich people who came to buy girls to make them their sex slaves.

This was illegal and the bidding was happening illegally.

Though I was kidnapped by Russian mafia for selling to rich people who likes to keep sex slaves.

I knew that I cannot take help of police in this as even police is been assorted in this bidding.

Police are paid for not taking action regarding these kinds of illegal biddings.

One by one , people were choosing their slaves and everyone was sold when my turn came.

And a moment after, it was announced that all the girls are sold.

I was shocked and shivering and on that I didn't knew to whom I was sold. I didn't know even how he looks.

Later all the girls were taken to a room from where there buyers were coming to take them with them.

I was standing there in that uncomfortable lingerie and it was a bit cold in the surrounding that was making me shiver even more.

Abruptly a tall young man came towards me. He was wearing Italian suit and had a muscular body. For his face I couldn't had enough courage to look on his face and make an eye contact.

He covered me with his fur coat and ordered me to follow him. I did thesame and followed him.

Through following him I reached to parking area where he ordered me to sit inside.

I could have run away from him but the racket I was caught in will find me soon and then they will surely kill me. I am in Russia

And Russian mafia's are the most dangerous one and no one can ever come out once stuck in the racket.

I have a brother and I don't want to run while keeping his life on stake. The Mafia will find me from anywhere around the world and will kill both of us in return.

So like a nice kitty I sat inside the car.

The man sat beside me and the car started moving. The driver was driving the car.

I was terrorised and totally perplexed for the condition I was in. The moment he sat inside the car I felt goosebumps all over my body.

With all my courage I dared to ask him about what he is going to do with me and in return he gave me a blank expression and no reply. I asked him twice and then thrice and then the fourth time and to my goodness my luck worked this time...

I have bought you for 1 lakh dollars and I am allowed to do whatever I want to as no police or any rule or law is going to intrude between us.

He said with a freezing cold expression.

Again gaining of my courage I asked:

Why did you bought me. I have a brother and he is very young and he has no one except me. Please let me go.

I begged.

If you want to go you can but I cannot give you guarantee that you won't get caught again through the people I brought you from. They keep records of every victim that they kidnap and if they will bring you again to their place then they will sell you again and if you will get captivated by any psychopath, then you will be responsible for the consequences.

He said coldly.

I will run from the place and I will take my brother too with me. Plus I will pay you the sum which you put on me to buy me.

I said with tears in my eyes.

See it's not me who has bought you so don't ask me.

My master.

He exclaimed.

Then why you lied and why you said that you have bought me.

See I don't want much yourself soon you will get to know about who has bought you.

The man exclaimed.

If you are not the one who has bought me then who has done so.

I asked widening my eyes.

Mr Jack cooper has bought you. I work in his company and he is the CEO of the company. If you want to know more we can ask him ,may be he can help you but I feel like it has less chances.

He said.

Please help me, I don't want to be anyone slave. I have brother who is waiting for me at home and he have no one accept me. Please help me.

I said while begging to the person.

But soon I saw stopped  trying as he was not the owner of me but someone else has bought me and now I am his sex slave.I have no option but to keep myself shut as once you get caught in Russian mafia, you have no way out.

The lady who was doing my makeup too told me about this that if I will even dare to escape from these mafias , they will kill me and my entire family.

But i was having a hope that the guy who has bought me will help me.

But to my bad luck he was an extremely rude an arrogant person.

The car stopped at his mansion and the man who bought me came out to receive his order and that was off course me.

The moment he came towards us everyone and everything became still and disciplined.

No one speak a word and handing over me to the person they went.

I tried to arrange things between me and the person so that from the entrance only he'll allow me to go back home but he was very arrogant and wasn't hearing even a word. Ordered me to go inside the house and then he came hereinafter.

entire time I was finding opportunities to get rid of the things and to how I can come out and can go to my brother. He will be alone at home and there is no one to look after him.

I was very tense about him. I don't know how he would be surviving till today.

Last time I left him to Mrs hilton, she is our neighbour.

He must be tensed about me.

I was but in more tension for him.

Certainly I came out from  my thoughts bye a rude,cold voice.

The man who bought me showed me his room and before letting me go inside the room he said while giving me a paper filled with a handwriting:

These are the rule book which youhave to follow while you are living with me. And everytime you will not follow the rules you will be punished.

He said with cold expression and voice.

After giving me the paper he went inside the room and ordered me to read an understand all the rules before coming inside the room.

I stood there on the where I was standing and eyed on the paper.

There was lines which was marked by bullet.

I started reading the paper and it was written:

->you will never get pregnant. The most important rule.

-> You will always call me master.

-> you will never disobey me

->you will always be a good slave

->I can torture you I'll having sex, obviously.

->you will never go to police station as if you will do the consequences will be unbearable.

-> you will never go pregnant.

The end

The rules were disgusting. I thought that this guy needs mental attention .

But I was tied up into a grip from where escaping means death.

I thought I will get opportunity by the guy to whom I am sold but unfortunately this guy is a maniac an even more disasters and dangerous than the Russian mafias. But i am glad that I not a slave of someone who likes human flesh or likes to torture people until they die. This guy just wants me to abide the rules that he has made and to my fortune things are not that much tough as I have heard people miserably dying when they are caught by Russian mafias, I am the lucky one.


Did you read everything?

The man asked.

He was a man of merely between 25 to 30.

He was good looking but arrogant at the same time.

He yelled?

Did you read what I said?

Yes master!!!

I exclaimed.

Okay! come in, he said again in a cold and arrogant manner.

Again like a good kitty I headed inside the room, though I was shivering to the greatest extent.

The moment I came inside he locked the door after me.

I know the purpose for what he has brought me here.

Brought me here to be his sex slave. I know begging in front of him is not going to give any worth. So I gave up the idea.

I believed in my fate and unfortunately it was to become a sex slavee of this man.


He drag me towards him and then he held my waist.

Thereupon he pushed me on the bed and then crawled over me and kissed his way down my neck .

It all started in a blink and I was on the bed and he was on me.


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