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The Billionaire's Wife is an Assassin

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Three Years Ago, An Emergency Mission changed her life, Brought her both pains, Frustration and Joy. Three Years Later, Another Mission gave her a Husband. Can someone please tell her how she became the Bride of this occasion? The Unexpected wedding changed the Life Of Scarlett Blaze for the Second time in 3 years. She thought she could escape from it but then things began to tie them together. The Results of three years ago, Their feelings. When they thought they could finally accept each other but then Rift was created One is an Assassin, One is a Solider One is Wanted, One is a Hero. How could two people who are Opposites be able to be together?

Chapter 1

She stood at a place wearing the big Academic Gown while holding a flower banquet on her hand.

Everyone else seemed happy and were in a festive mood together with their Family members except her.

Standing at a spot together with the graduating class, a group photo was finally taken.

She sighed relieved and left the crowd trying to find somewhere silent.

"Scarlett Blaze!" She heard her name from the crowd.

"What is she doing here?" She turned as she could already guess who it is that came to grace this so called wonderful occasion.

"You look so Beautiful today!" Lisa Rick her best friend ran up to her and complimented.

"Thanks to your Makeup," She threw the Flowers to her and walked away.

"Hey! You should hold the flowers, I'm just here to take a picture of such a wonderful day!" Lisa followed walked past here and stood in front of her not letting her leave.

"Not Interested!"

"Are you thinking about his Birthday?" Lisa sighed and held her hand stopping her from leaving.

Scarlett stopped and raised her eyes to look at Lisa.

"I have to go home and prepare" She blurted out causing Lisa Rick to laugh out loud.

"Hahaha! You ars indeed very funny, There is still a lot of time for you to prepare" Lisa consoled her not blaming this friend of hers that is so Anxious.

Scarlett has always been the home type of person and has always hated partying, And the birthday party tonight will be the ever first that she will attend to, that's the reason she is so anxious.

"Let's Take some photos first " Lisa urged her and finally succeeded to convince her after a few more trials.

She led Scarlet Blaze to a good background and got ready to take pictures of her and them.

"Let's Start" Lisa took out her camera ready to take a photo but Scarlett's phone suddenly rang breaking the atmosphere.

Scarlet glanced at her and took out her ringing phone to answer to the call "Wait a minute" She said to Lisa and turned to the side.


~~"There is an emergency mission, The Details and precautions has been sent to Lisa" The stern voice sounded from the other side and hung up immediately after he finished speaking.

Hearing this Scarlett Blaze's mood even became worst than it already was.

She turned her head to look at Lisa who was also looking at her phone with not so good expression.

"That Old Man is too much!" Lisa squeezed her phone whilst gritting her teeth.

"What is the mission about?" Scarlett asked her as she took off her Academic Gown but Lisa stopped her immediately.

"Let's take just a photo together and we will talk about this!" Lisa pouted at her while helping her wear back the academic gown.

In the next minute, they two of them successfully took a picture together leaving Lisa staring at it with utmost satisfaction.

"What is the mission about?" Scarlet asked her again.

"To take an Antique from Tomb raiders and kill the tomb raiders if you cannot get them to safety" Lisa told her the Details of the mission with her eyes glued at the photos.

"Any other thing?"

"The Antique is a national Treasure that's why the special Military team also took the mission. They are known to be deadly and have captured so many of us" Lisa broke the bad news to her whole placing the camera into her bag.

"Destination? Map? Find ways to hack into the CCTV cameras around!" Scarlet ordered and removed the Academic Gown and threw it to Lecturer that was passing by.

Today is the day she graduated from College but she didn't expect that your adoptive father will go as far as making her go on an emergency Mission even when she has to attend his Birthday party later tonight.

He didn't even bother coming to her graduation but has the conscience to send her on a Mission.

It Hurts but she will never let him know.

"Will you be able to go to the Birthday party?" Lisa asked cautiously from the side while following behind her.

"Let's Just Complete the Mission earlier than expected" She muttered.

They got to the car that was parked outside the school and got in.

Lisa sat at the drivers seat and opened her laptop to get to work, while Scarlett changed from her dress to her Mission wear.

It was the clothes she always wore Everytime she goes on a mission, it's more like her signature dress.

After she was done changing into her Black Overalls, She glanced over at Lisa that was busy with the laptop.

"Did you find anything?" She asked Lisa.

"Yes, We are in big troubles this time!" Lisa exclaimed.

"The Special Team is the one that caught The Organization's No 1 Assassin two years ago, And we going up against them is liking going on a suicide Mission." Lisa read out that she has found.

"They are that bad?"

"They are so bad that they are already at the Destination, I hacked the Camera and accessed the surrounding, and there they are" Lisa moved the Laptop away from her laps and showed it to Scarlett.

"Their faces are covered and we can't see them" She sighed.

"This is why I hate emergency Missions, There are always unknown danger!" Lisa complained really frustrated.

"Did you find out anything about them?" Scarlett asked her.

"Nope! No Photos! No Names! They are the Nation's toppest secret" Lisa shook her head helplessly.

"Drive let's go! No matter what we have to finish this early" Scarlet Declared not wanting to waste anymore time.

But Lisa only shook her head "I can't believe you are only thinking about that Idiot's Birthday in a situation like this" She muttered and started the car.

The Drove all the way to the outskirts of the City before they located the destination sent to them.

It was an Uncompleted building that looked both Suspicious and Not suspicious at the same time.

Lisa stopped the car not so far away from the place but she made sure she avoided all the cameras.

Scarlett took a deep breath whilst she covered her face and her Hair, and also placing her weapons at every part her body.

Bust, Waist, Legs, Hair, Fingertips, No part was left untouched by her.

"Are you ready?" Lisa asked her after a long time if silence.

"Yes! Let's do this!" She Nodded confidently and Stepped out of the car.

"Scarlett!" Lisa called out before she made to leave.

"Remember, If it gets too difficult make sure to destroy everything and escape. Don't get caught!" She reminded her as Scarlett nodded and Headed away.

"Why do I have a Bad feeling about today?" Lisa shook her head with a sigh.

It is a Deadly mission but no one knows how this mission will change their life Trajectory

Chapter 2

Seeing that the Special Team car was parked right in front of the building, Scarlett had to go in from another way.

She tied the rope to her waist, and threw the remaining which has the Spike on it all the way to the Window of the Sixth floor.

And that is where the tomb raiders are hiding.

Seeing that it has hung on tightly, she held unto it and climbed all the way to the Sixth floor, Jumping in directly through the window.

The people in the room noticed the arrival of a third party and immediately pointed their guns at her.

Scarlett stood straight and walked towards them calmly.

"The Antique. I was sent by your Master" She said directly without mincing words with the four men in the room.

"How are we sure that he sent you?" They still pointed the gun at her.

"The people sent by the government are down there and are making their way to this place.

Hand it over now and find a chance to escape or you will e


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