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The billionaire's wife

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When billionaire CEO Greg wills enters into an arranged marriage with shy and reserved Shila woods, he expects a classy and modern day baddie, but he meets a docile wife who will do as she's told. The day Shila begins to assert herself and stand up to Greg's controlling ways, he finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her fiery spirit. As their marriage evolves from one of convenience to one of passion, Shila discovers that there's more to Greg than meets the eye. when a dark secret from Greg's past threatens to tear them apart, Shila must decide whether she's willing to risk her heart to save their love. In this steamy and emotional romance, two people from different worlds discover that love can bloom in even the most unlikely of places. But with outside forces working against them, they must fight to protect their bond and prove that love can conquer all

Chapter 1



His coarse voice jolts me from the bed where I'm seated, sending shivers down my spine. undress"

I look up to see him standing at the door, with droplets of water dripping from his body, and towel hung around his neck. 

I've never actually had time to access his body, but man!! he's got a nice body. 

His biceps and his packs, just exactly as it should be, with his wet hair falling on his shoulder and his cold blue eyes boring holes into my soul. 

Greg has never treated me with respect from the very day we got married. In fact this marriage is a sham to him, and he has sworn to make life miserable for me. 

My husband hates the very ground I walk upon. 

He sees me as a puppet and a tool to satisfy his lustful desires. 

Getting married to a billionaire was my worst nightmare. 

I thought I was going to live my best life, but on the contrary, I've become a shadow of myself . 

From the very night of our wedding, Greg made sure to tell me that I'm just a low life, trying to fit into a world that's not mine. 

That night, I was shattered. I cried my eyes out, but he didn't even raise a brow. 

Instead, he turned his back and slept soundly like nothing happened. 

I didn't choose this life, it choose me. If I had my way, i'd never marry a billionaire. 

I loved the simple and quiet life my family and I lived in the rural area. 

I never liked this life of restriction. I can't visit my family whenever I want to, because I'm the wife of a billionaire. 

I can't go out without a convoy because of paparazzi. I just hate it. Yet he thinks I love it. 

My knees shivered under his cold gaze. 

I knew that if he had to repeat himself, he might do something I won't like.

This is not the first. 

I take my dress off immediately.

Tossing the towel to on the chair, he takes two long strides to where I'm standing and placing his hand on the nape of my neck and pulls me closer. 

He doesn't care how I feel at all.

I contemplated running away once, but mother would be so disappointed in me.

How will she cater for the bills all by herself?

My sisters would hate me for life. Their survival depend solely on my marriage to Greg, and I have to keep holding up for them.

How long will I continue this life of misery and suffering?

I obey his every command, and where he says "sit", I sit, and where he says "stand", I stand.

Every day, I force myself to do things, hoping that someday Greg will realise how much effort I put into making the marriage work.

On the contrary, the more I try, the more he hates me. He doesn't seem to acknowledge my efforts

He moved my body in whatever direction he wanted, and I didn't hesitate because he owned the body. 

" I paid for it"

He'll always say, whenever I tried to protest

I felt nothing else. 

Greg was not even bothered. He just wanted to satisfy himself, because he had numerous women with whom he could make love to. 

I moved with his rhythm, and when he was done, he just got off me, walked straight to the bathroom to wash off, while I just sit, wandering where it all went wrong. 

One moment I was so happy to start working as a chef In the conectionary store, and the next moment Greg happened to me. 

The moment he walked in from the bathroom, he lay on his side of the bed, with his back facing me.

I grabbed my clothes immediately to cover the little shame I had left, while sniffling at intervals. 

I couldn't stop the tears from coming. 

" at least act like I'm human. I have feeling too Greg. I'm a woman. You get on top of me and off me like I'm some toy. Every single time you........ "

Before I could finish my statement, he raises his head, yet backing me to cut me off with his husky voice

" well Shila I bought you. 

Okay, I did. 

I paid real money for the services you'll render. 

I have no use for you. I despise you so much. 

In fact, you disgust me"

He responds, tearing my hear apart, and making the tears fall down my cheek even more. 

" oh no. At least you get to satisfy my urge you know, so let's say that's your use"

He let's out a loud and scornful laugh before going back this phone. 

" I have a few friends that would enjoy your services too, so you might as well extend your benevolence "

He added, laughing loudly again. 

I couldn't take it any longer, I had to talk back at him

" do you take me for a whore? What? Because I let you have me whenever you want, you think your friends should too? You disgust me Greg. You're shameless"

I spat at him

" quiet! "

He yelled, making me whimper. 

Grabbing my hand firmly, and looking at me straight in the eyes, he blurted 

" now listen to me carefully..... I bought you, so I can do whatever I want to do with you. I can invite my friends over if I so choose to. And if you can't take it anymore, you can get the fuck out of the marriage"

" oh , and one more word from you, and I swear you'll pass the night in the garage! "

His warning was stern. His eyes were blazing, they could burn. 

His firm grip was hurting me too 

I blinked, trying to stop the tears from streaming down my cheek. 

Immediately he releases my hand, I stand up immediately, rushing to the bathroom and slamming the door behind me. 

My back to the door, as I slide down gently to the ground, sobbing.

I can't even tell anyone how I feel. I'm stuck

Chapter 2

I just sat there in the bathroom bawling. 

I could see my life crumbling right in front of me. My blood is hot, my eyes are sore from crying, and my head hurts. 

I'm sitting in the bathroom crying, and my so called husband is laying comfortably in bed, ready to sleep. 

Greg has never shown me any form of affection, yet he acts all lovey dovey with every other woman out there. 

Am I that ugly? Am I smelling? Or is there something I'm doing wrongly? 

If not, why does he loathe me so much like I've been diagnosed of leprosy? 

I could remember vividly, the day his mum, Mrs Russ came to our house that Saturday morning. 

I was frying pancakes in the kitchen, when I saw a convoy drive into our compound. 

All three cars were black and had tinted glasess. 

When they came to a halt just in front of the house, the driver of the second car came down to open the rear door for a lady dressed in a shiny apparel. 

Her dress shone, and I wo


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