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The Billionaire’s Vampire Lover

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Ivy had to sacrifice her heart to the ruthless billionaire whom despised her and intentionally gave her a job at his firm to mess with her and her family for a sin her family committed unknown to her but regardless when his health was on the line and he needed a heart donor, she donated her organ to the ruthless billionaire. He fell in love with her while trying to make up for his bad behaviors especially since she saved his life and his Illusive step siblings wouldn't dare to. The problem was the CEO couldn't make it out alive and Ivy who is now a vampire couldn't let her heart be a waste and she begged her shifter to turn her CEO into a vampire but her shifter whom marked would not sit back and watch her fall and mate with the ceo.

Chapter 1

Chapter One. Christmas Party With The Generals

Ivy's POV

There was a strange and queasy feeling in my stomach as he teleported us up to the front door of a gigantic and magnanimous building.

It was decorated with Christmas lights and a very beautifully decorated Christmas tree stood at the entrance that was well carpeted in bright red, even brightening the atmosphere and making the Christmas atmosphere more pleasant.

Aiden just stared at me while I admired the scene before me. I felt like I was in a movie, just that there weren't many journalists around.

Just one man who looked to be in his late thirties with a camera at his hand, stood by the entrance and took pictures of people that came in.

He smiled and extended his arms towards me again,

"Let's go," he said with a smile engraved on his face, giving me the impression that he was enjoying himself.

I wrapped my little fingers around him allowing him to lead me into the building.

Aiden was right, all the people here seemed to be in peers or groups. I could not help but wonder if all the men there were with their wives or mistresses too. 

I didn't like that I was here as a mistress, although I was still glad I could come.

I had a feeling that this night was going to be a memorable one, even if it wasn't I'll make sure to enjoy myself and make the most of it. My life is now too long to be wasted away, besides, there's no harm in having fun.

Upon entering the hall where a big conference table stood and other smaller round tables scattered around the hall, I noticed Aiden's eyes devouring every inch of my body, boring me to the point that his glare was almost a caress.

I guess I would not be the only one enjoying myself tonight I thought, a smile crept its way to my lips as I looked at him with a warning face.

He only smiled innocently and said,

“You are so beautiful that I could not help looking at you.”

Maybe because I told myself to have fun, or that I am already warming up to him or the sincerity in his voice, I was affected, I felt butterflies in my stomach.

Just then someone approached us with a warm smile on his face. It felt creepy to see a man who should himself be a grandmaster smile so sheepishly, especially at an official gathering such as this.

Aiden must have seen my expression, he quickly told me who he was.

"His name is Vincent, he is a high Master of America, he is well known and loved by many, mostly because he is too friendly if you ask me."

I nodded, and they exchanged greetings before he proceeded to wherever he went, not that I cared.

' Does that mean at some point in time, you will have to converse with everyone in this place?'

I asked just out of curiosity when I saw another man who had a neat hairdo and the devilish tint to his eyes. approaching us accompanied by his mistress

"yes, at least all vampires"

His answer sounded quizzical.

I thought this was a vampire gathering?

"Unless a vampire is a master vampire, or has a very high rank, they don’t get invited. Except the high masters and a few selected humans were invited this time".

Humans? My brain couldn't process that, how come no one told me that vital information until now.

Yes I know today is supposed to be an end of year party and also the birthday celebration of the Highest GrandMaster and I knew part of the agenda was to find a way the humans and vampires could coexist in the Mundane world without causing more chaos and adding to the problem of humans, but I didn't think humans would be invited to the umbworld.

The umbworld is the dimension of earth that is occupied by supernatural and immortal beings such as us Vampires.

I suddenly remembered what Aiden had said,

'This gathering will be full of the big boys, on earth, not just vampires, you need to meet a certain standard; you cannot leave my side without asking permission. Follow me wherever I go, also do not initiate a conversation with anyone, speak only when you are spoken to, that doesn't mean they’ll not speak about you to me though, it's quite different.

Here's the hard one, you can not argue with anything I say or do to you.' he certainly knows me well, since I would be here as his mistress, that would be the only problem, he may decide to take advantage of the situation would I want that, certainly but he doesn't have to know. Am a lady after all.

Aiden's hand found itself on my back as he continued to lead me through the crowd. His hands left me feeling tingly.

By now, the vampires were all getting seated on the seats available,

Many heads turned and looked at us as we entered the office room, Aiden nodded at some of them as I noticed many pairs of eyes focus on the Highest Grand Master who was standing close to the door, for a little moment.

It felt nice. I thought it felt nice to be the centre of attraction until the GrandMaster approached us the second time today and all the attention that was fixed on him was transferred to Aiden and me, this time, it was Aiden who greeted him first.

The Vampire did not smile like he did when we bumped into him earlier, rather he held a straight face and looked at me.

Wait for me? Why was he looking at me, hope he is not also interested in borrowing me for a little shagging as many vampires seemed to be thinking of doing today? I began to panic but tried my very best to appear very calm and collected.

"What is your name, young lady?" He finally spoke, oh good that's a simple question I thought, I was ready to tell him the name everyone knew me with, Ivy, but Aiden was fast, sending me a mind link to call out my full name,

"Tell him Ivanka, Vampire Mistresses were always called with a full long name," he said using a mind link while squeezing my hand, a gesture that tells me he's here with me, and everything was fine.


I gave a one-word answer.

"Beautiful name," he said, "now Aiden, it seems I was too engaged that I must have failed to speak of the beauty of your new mistress, she is a good improvement from the last one.

I was grinning ear to ear when he said that, I mean, the grandmaster thinks I am beautiful.

"Yes she sure is, am lucky" answered Aiden back glancing at me before focusing back on the grandmaster.

"I know her beauty might have enchanted you that you brought her into the Inner chamber" the GrandMaster paused for a minute and I took that time to take a very good look at my surroundings and realised that I was the only lady inside the Chamber, I move closer to Aiden with reflex, he lifted his hands from my waist and held my hand,

"Excuse me then Grand Master, I'll take care of her before coming back," he said

I was disappointed by what Aiden said, take care of me? How would he do that? Hope he's not sending me home because i'm not going, and where could the other mistresses be, goodness why didn't I notice no female was there other than I.

The men seemed to be shocked too, but I think in a good way because I could swear I saw some of them swallow their saliva after looking at me, too bad though, they won't have a chance with me, I'll soon be Aiden's I know it.

Aiden's hands found their way to my waist again as he led through another door other than the one we used earlier to enter here. We were in what seems to be a VIP waiting room, it has a very nice interior.

When we entered, he kissed my forehead and told me to wait for him there emphasising I don't leave the room or go anywhere else.

I promised him I'll be waiting when he comes back, at that time I meant it, but it turns out I am a very curious person and my curiosity will get the best of me.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two. Curiosity

Ivy's POV

After he had left, I looked around me and found that there were a total of five seats in the room.

I sat on one of the seats provided there, it felt like I was an ordinary woman waiting for her boss while he attends an important meeting hoping it doesn't take long before he comes out with some good news.

This felt awfully familiar, only the difference was, I would have kept myself busy if I had a phone, but the difference is I am not an ordinary lady.

I am a vampire, a Wraith for that matter, and we are not at an office but a Christmas party and the Grand High Master's birthday party.

I did not expect to be sitting down and doing absolutely nothing while time keeps flying by if only Aiden had told me earlier.

I would have been ready for that, maybe bring a book or something. I didn't have as many powers as other vampire breeds.

And I did not fancy using phones since there are not man


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