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The Billionaire's Unwanted Wife

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The Billionaire's Unwanted Wife Blurb "I want your twin sister and not you! And you know that! But you chose to cling unto me!" He yelled frustratedly at me. "I love you Bruce, I can't help it" I mumbled pathetically. "Great, I hope you can enjoy watching me fvck your twin sister in your presence!" He spat hatefully before storming off. ** I'm Lyra Hansley, and I'm married to the man of my dreams, well, this dream of mine soon became a nightmare, but not anymore, I have someone I think I love. Is this called cheating? Maybe not, at least he cheats on me with my twin sister. But who's my new man?That.. I don't know, but I love him.

Chapter 1

Chapter 01

" Bruce! Bruce! " Lyra kept calling in tears as she ran after her husband who kept descending the stairs without listening to her.

" Bruce please. " She pleaded running after him and she finally caught him.

She blocked his front. " Please, look at me for once! I'm your wife!! " She cried but he only looked at her scornfully.

" Woman! Leave my front now! " He shouted angrily at his wife.

" Bruce, Please.. even if it's just for once, touch me.. I'm your wife " She cried pathetically, trying to touch him but he jerked his hands off.

" You're nothing.. but a shameful woman! " He spat at her face and pushed her roughy out of the way, she fell to the floor in tears. She watched as he got into his car and drove off roughly. It's always been like this.. for weeks, months and years.

Until one day, she got a strange message from an anonymous.

" Hi " It started with this.

* 2 Months Later *

Lyra stretched her hands sleepily, still lying on the bed with her eyes shut. Her hands moved to the other side of the bed, she searched for him but as usual he was gone.

Not like she was expecting him to be home anyways. She finally struggled to sit up on the bed, still yawning sleepily. Her eyes moved to the right side of the bed and truly he wasn't there.

She let out a short sigh which was replaced with a smile immediately her phone beeped, indicating she had a message.

She stretched her hands to the bedside drawer next to their bed and grabbed her phone. Her lips crept into a smile as she clicked on the text, reading the text she had received from her secret lover.

" People say that morning can't be good. I do not agree, every morning, I meet with you, is amazing. Good Morning darling!. Remember that I will always love you " She read in her head, smiling widely.

He sure had a way of putting a smile on her face. She blushed heavily and landed on the bed, hugging the pillow to herself, thinking of what to text back to him.

She sat up abruptly and began typing a reply. * You sure have a way of sending a blush to my cheeks. Thanks so much baby and Good Morning. I love you * She texted back in smiles and then dropped her phone.

It's only been two months since she found out anonymous lover, she must say those two months had been the best days of her life.

She slipped out of her night wear and made her way to the bathroom.

This is one of the reasons she had fallen so hard for her anonymous lover. He cares so much for her and say sweet things she had never imagined her husband, Bruce saying.

He sends her morning wishes, night wishes and he calls and texts her all day despite having tight schedules. But Bruce would never do any of that. He hated her so much. He had never for one day showed her affection, he's only head over heels for her twin sister, Ella.

Her head flashed back to the horrific scene she had witnessed some years back.

*** 2 years ago ***

Lyra shivered as she made her way up the stairs. She was literally shaking and trembling on her spot. She could hardly move her leg 'cause of the intense coldness she was feeling at that moment.

She had gone on a visit to her parent's house without a car. She had decided against this and she regretted it later on.

She was caught up on the way by an heavy rain and had to stop by at a cafe for shelter to hide herself from the rain. She had placed a call across to Bruce and he only picked up after several dials.

She pleaded with him to come pick her up but he ignored her and only hanged up. She had no choice but to go on in the rain which drenched her heavily.

After struggling so hard with her steps, she was in front of their ( she and Bruce ) room when she began hearing audible moans. Her ears behaved like they weren't hers at that moment. She pushed the door open and she was met with a horrific scene.

Her husband was there, on top her sister and they were having s*x right in front of her. Noticing her presence, they didn't stop still as Bruce continued with the hard thrusts while Ella moaned endlessly.

She felt life s*ck*d out of her at that moment as her handbag slipped out of her arms. She took few strides backwards and walked out of view, crying out her eyes in pain. The man she loved so much was there screwing her twin sister without mercy, something he had never done to her.

It's been a year since they got married. He had never touched her but right in front of her, he was doing the same thing she had always wished he would do to her,, to her twin sister instead.

Bruce didn't care as usual. He only came to her later in her room and dropped the divorce papers in her front. " Sign them and leave " Was all he said. But she refused, she never signed them hoping he would change but he never did.

But now, her love for him is fading gradually. She's falling for her anonymous lover.

Tho, she had never set her eyes on him, she didn't care if she fell deeply for this man, at least he cared about her and loved her too.

* Back To Now *

She walked out of the bathroom with a towel on her hand as she dried her hair with it. Her dryer was also sitting by the bedstand for use. She would dry her hair with that. She grabbed it and after switching it on, began drying her hair with it.

After being done with dressing up, she walked out of the room not without her phone. She had always been so careful about her phone. She makes sure she took it along with her, wherever she moves.

" Morning ma'am "

" Morning ma'am " Their maids kept greeting as she walked past them while she returned it by waving at them, while big smiles played on her lips.

The maids were beginning to get used to her responding to their greetings with big smiles on her face. This had being going on for up to two months now.

Normally, when her marriage with Bruce was still some months old. She would always have a sad look on and she would hardly respond to their greetings. She was always in thoughts. Her husband never treated her well so she was always bothered.

But with the look of things now, it seems she had learnt to live with it. She's a totally different person now. She now has that * I don't care * look whenever Bruce ignores her. Some of the maids thinks she's cheating on her husband while some are happy that she've decided to live with it without having that always sad look on anymore.

" Do you need anything else ma? " One of the maids who was serving Lyra's breakfast asked. She raised her head up to the maid with a smile. Her attention had actually been on her phone. " No. You can leave " She responded, still retaining that bright smile on.

The maid bowed and secretly passed her a weird glance before walking out of her sight. Lyra chuckled out loudly as she worked on her phone, her taps making loud sounds as she tapped repeatedly and fastly on her phone.

Her phone let out a ding and she smiled before dropping her phone beside one of the plates near her.

She opened the cover on the plate and dig in immediately, chewing on her food slowly. Her phone released another ding and she dropped her cutlery and turned to her phone. Picking it up, and clicking on the new message notification,, her lips spread into a wide smile. * What are you eating? * She read out in her head.

He fingers moved in a fast pace as she typed a reply. * Spaghetti Bolognese * She typed and clicked on the send button. She was almost dropping her phone but decided against it, she typed a quick reply. * You should work too. Bye, will chat you up later * She sent with a love emoji.

She dropped her phone and let out a small sigh before resuming back to eating her food.

** Night At The Ford's Mansion **

Lyra was putting on a night wear as she laid her stomach on the bed, her legs hanged up in the air as she jiggled them playfully with big smiles plastered on her pretty face. She was on her phone as usual but this time was on a call with her lover.

They don't really make video calls, they only make voice calls and then chats. He had decided to keep his identify a secret from her and she agreed with it. She doesn't care if she wouldn't see his face, at least they're both in love with each other.

" Is he back? " Her lover asked over the phone. " No, he comes home really late. But who cares! " She replied.

" You're not bothered about his safety? " He asked and she let out a scoff.

" Come on Bryan. We both know he's probably at my sister's house, probably screwing the hell outta her. He doesn't care and strangely I don't too " She said and Bryan let out a chuckle.

" You don't know how happy I am right now " He said and she raised he brows. " Why? "

" 'Cause I'm glad you're caring less for him now, this means I stand a chance with you " He said and chuckled.

" You know we're dating right?." Lyra asked and he chuckled again.

" Yeah, I know, but that doesn't guarantee that you love me as much as you loved your husband " Bryan said.

" Bryan, I... " Lyra was about replying but was disrupted by a loud bang at the door.

" Hey. He's back, bye " Lyra whispered hurriedly. " Alright bye " Bryan said and she hanged up.

" Open up the door!!, You b*tch!! " Bruce shouted from outside the door in anger.

Lyra stood up immediately, adjusting her a bit short night gown. She rushed to the door and unlocked the lock. Bruce pushed the door angrily and it hit her chest so hard that she let out a loud wince.


Chapter 2

Chapter 02

Bruce walked past her, not caring about Lyra who held her chest painfully. He walked straight into the bathroom after stripping himself off his shirt. Lyra let out a sigh as a tear dropped down her cheeks. The pain had subsided by now.

She found her way to their bed and laid quietly on it, her hands rubbing her chest rhythmically. She folded herself tightly more like squeezing herself on the bed. Her tightly folded body only occupied a small region of space while Bruce's part of the bed was widely spaced.

Bruce's phone let out a loud ring beside her and she let out a silent groan, she ignored it and shut her eyes tightly. Bruce's phone beeped again and she was forced to sit up on the bed.

She stretched her hand to the phone and took it from the drawer. He had a message notification, she clicked on it and it was a message from Ella( her twin sister).

She scoffed and clicking on it, she was a bit suprised at the content of the me

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