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The Billionaire's Unfulfilled Love

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The love that has a huge gap and like heaven and earth. That's how Hershey Mae Mendoza describes her second love, Frich Yuan Lim Guerrero, the cousin of her ex-boyfriend-Alex. Hershey's family is just an ordinary family lives in the Province of Cavite. Yuan's family comes from a well known family of Billionaire's in China, so his family strongly objected to the love between the two. For Yuan's parent, he should also stay with a rich woman which is contrary to Hershey's state of life, so it became a big obstacles for them. The story of Hershey and Yuan began when Hershey had the opportunity to study in De La Salle University-Dasmariñas, one of the most famous school in the Philippines that only the rich can afford to study. Hershey thought that Alex was his true love but she felt very sad and disappointed when she suffered a heart attack and chose to leave her and leave the country for his treatment. They separated and there She met Yuan, Alex's cousin who was disappointed with her former love, Hani. Hershey's and Yuan's path crossed unexpectedly. They leaned on each other and  their love healed her broken hearts. But the relationship that gradually developed only caused so many obstacles. Time and time again, fate made the two face the gap in their life status. When the time passed, people and tragedy test the love they hold onto. What if the love from the past suddenly return and ready to fight the present? Will they fight for their love? Will they continue to cling to a kind of love that is forbidden? Or they will just let each other have fun in the company of others?

Chapter 1

Hershey Point Of View

"Here's the amount of five billion! Leave my son alone!" Yuan's Mommy shouted loudly.

She arched her thin eyebrows and she gritted her teeth.

"I don't want to, our love for each other is priceless!" I couldn't stop crying and raising my voice in anger. She looked down on me so much that she almost slapped me with a bag of money on her delicate hands.

"Doesn't your father need a treatment? This money is too much for his dialysis!" She proudly looked at me with a death glare.. She's beautiful but not her attitude. Far away from their son.

"Don't empathize with my Papa, I know we need money. But that doesn't mean I will accept that money. That's different, you can't empathize with your personal need for true love." I said directly.

"I have no hesitation! If your love for each other is true. Stay away from my son! If you don't want me to put you through violent methods!" It's a threat. I trembled with anger. Why are there such people? My tears, which I had been holding back, began to flow. They are still not satisfied that I was expelled from De LaSalle University-Dasmariñas. They still want to show us that we are in need of money.. I gritted my teeth.

"I won't leave your son.. As long as he doesn't tell me that.. My decision won't change!" I'm stubborn. In its anger, it slapped me with great force.

My face almost tilted due to the force of the impact. Tears welled up in my eyes. It hurt so much because it slapped me with full force. Not once, my mom has never slapped me. That's why it hurts so much that the person who will do it then is another person and the mother of the man I love the most. I touched my cheek. It suddenly went numb and seemed swollen. I know that it will turn red.

"You! You really make me angry! You don't fit in with my son! Yuan is rich! You have nothing to do with it. He only fits in with his fellow rich people and has something to say about society. People like you only deserve your poor fellow!" She talks with a sarcasm and becomes straight forward. It's like I was stabbed again and again by the words it released. It is too much for my personality.

"The state in life is not a measure for true love. Money cannot buy and exchange for true love." I meaningfully reply. It grinned, a hair-raising grin.

"At the standard of living of us nobles, love is not important. The benefit of our fellow rich people is weighed. It is not the love that is short-lived. That love will not feed you!" She said in a high voice.

"To your nobility, Yuan is not like that. He accepts what and who I am. We can work hard for ourselves without relying on the wealth you have." I said.

"Ows? Do you think you can feed Yuan like the poor people's food? The cost of Yuan's food was only your father's salary when he was a Civil Engineer! There is no way to finance his treatment. He lets you study in a good school but you can't tolerate him? You know he needs to live and only the machine can keep him alive." She said. I was depressed at what she said. My father really needs treatment. But I don't want to leave Yuan. I cannot do it.

"I won't accept your money! Even if we suffer. I will make my own way for my Papa." I answered while crying.

"Just make sure, because I'm ready to torture you until you kneel right in front of me! Just to ask for this money." she said in a gentle but cold voice. I felt terrible there. She left and I was left dumbfounded. At the same time, heavy rain fell. I couldn't imagine that our love would reach this level. Everyone will be despised just to stand up for our love. How long can I keep my promise? Now, I can count the number of lives that my father will last on my fingers?

Can I still make our dreams come true? Or will my decision be up to this point? It felt like my chest was being punched and it was completely tight. I swallowed twice because my throat was also blocked. I want to shout to the whole world why this treatment is so unfair?

I lost Alex because he had a heart disease and left for treatment. Now they want me to leave Yuan, because of the heaven and earth state of our lives. How long will the state of living be an obstacle to every two hearts that truly love each other? How about my father who did everything just to get me into a good school? My father who gave me everything from the beginning, never abandoned me. I tapped my chest again and again due to the intensity of the pain. I feel like I just want to die from so many problems. I have an older brother who is in jail because he used money that wasn't his and the company's money. Above all, how is my youngest brother who is studying at Senior High? Who will pay his tuition every term when Mama is only at home and has no work. I just pulled out my head. I don't know what to do. I also started to feel cold when the dripping suddenly stopped in my seat. Two pairs of feet stopped in front of me.

"I'm sorry, if my entire clan is an obstacle to us. I will do everything for you. For our love. Even if there is a gap like we are between heaven and earth, I will never leave you." Yuan promised softly. It seemed he caress my cold heart. He leveled his body with me and hugged me tightly.

"Don't let me go, promise me." he said in a serious voice.

I ended up crying in his arms. And hugged him back. I couldn't answer what he said. I can't promise. It was as if I was stabbed by the words he uttered. Instead of thrill, what I feel is an incomparable pain. The courage I showed earlier disappeared like a bubble. "Why? Why is it so hard to love you?" I asked sadly in a tired voice.

Chapter 2

"Where am I?" That was the only word that came out of my mouth when I opened my eyes. I trembled. It's so dark here, I can't see anything. I'm also having trouble breathing, and all I can feel right now is very hot. My whole body seems to be heating up. I also felt very thirsty. I want to drink, I want to take off my clothes and most of all I want to take a shower.

It's like my body is on fire. Why is it like this? That's when I remembered what happened..


Miles and I go to the bar together, since today is Saturday and we have no classes in school. I'd rather go with her, to somehow relieve my sadness and problems.

As anyone says, drinking alcohol is one of the answers to a broken heart. Even though Yuan and I haven't separated yet, what I'm going through is already very difficult.

There wasn't a day that I didn't go to my Part Time Job just to giv


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