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About me

My name is Hershey, and my pen name is Hmaestories. I proudly say that I am now a mother, and for now, I will be a full-time housewife. Reading and writing is one of my passions because studying is my forte. I love the sound of my finger clicking while typing the scene flashing through my mind and making a wonderful story based on my imagination. As a fan of reading novels, it inspired me to make my genre and plot. I started making poems and short stories during my high school days. It is written in a notebook and passed down to my classmates as my readers, and I got a lot of good feedback from them that motivated me to write more. I have always loved to express my feelings and emotions through writing and inspiring others to read and learn a life lessons. It motivates me as a writer to share and express my feelings with the readers. Getting feedback makes me grow and have improvements in my skills in writing and correcting my stories to satisfy them and myself. I am grateful to everyone who loves to read my stories and enjoy my work. I always invest my effort in showing them my wonderful imagination. My mission is to create a extraordinary stories with life lessons and motivations that will help everyone in our daily lives through my unwavering passion for writing.


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  • 👁 408
  • 4.4

The love that has a huge gap and like heaven and earth. That's how Hershey Mae Mendoza describes her second love, Frich Yuan Lim Guerrero, the cousin of her ex-boyfriend-Alex. Hershey's family is just an ordinary family lives in the Province of Cavite. Yuan's family comes from a well known family of Billionaire's in China, so his family strongly objected to the love between the two. For Yuan's parent, he should also stay with a rich woman which is contrary to Hershey's state of life, so it became a big obstacles for them. The story of Hershey and Yuan began when Hershey had the opportunity to study in De La Salle University-Dasmariñas, one of the most famous school in the Philippines that only the rich can afford to study. Hershey thought that Alex was his true love but she felt very sad and disappointed when she suffered a heart attack and chose to leave her and leave the country for his treatment. They separated and there She met Yuan, Alex's cousin who was disappointed with her former love, Hani. Hershey's and Yuan's path crossed unexpectedly. They leaned on each other and  their love healed her broken hearts. But the relationship that gradually developed only caused so many obstacles. Time and time again, fate made the two face the gap in their life status. When the time passed, people and tragedy test the love they hold onto. What if the love from the past suddenly return and ready to fight the present? Will they fight for their love? Will they continue to cling to a kind of love that is forbidden? Or they will just let each other have fun in the company of others?


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