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The Billionaire's Temptation Game

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The Billionaire's Temptation Game finally held an audition in the Philippines. 100 couples to be chosen as contestants and will have a chance to win the tempting grand prize money that is worth 300 Billion pesos! The Battle will happen at the Lust Island in Switzerland. The game has one rule: S*x is prohibited if you're not a couple. If you're tempted, your OUT! The punishment: Automatic termination of players and a Legal Wedding, to be witnessed by the world through live coverage. The Long-time in a relationship couple, Catherine Eunice Villaflor and George Manansala joined the contest but George got tempted and was exiled from the Island. Catherine was left fighting the Battle of Temptation. How long will she survive when she met the Hot and savage Boy next door, Virgin since Birth. Vincent Hiroto Takahashi? Will she win? Or will she give in?

The Tempting Grand Prize Money

Chapter 1


We are at our favorite restaurant, currently celebrating our 5th anniversary. When suddenly the television was turned on and George saw the tempting news.

The Billionaire's Temptation Game will soon finally conquer the Philippines! Tempting Grand Prize Money awaits you that is worth 300 Billion Pesos! What are you waiting for? Join now and register at the link below!

The television announcer perfectly delivered the news that makes George's eyes go round! From that look of him. I know that he likes to join.

Frankly speaking, I don't like erotic games at all! I'm still naive about the world of Romance. George didn't force me to have s*x as he loves and values my virginity.

I know that game is full of adult and SPG activities. And I don't like it at all!

"Babe..." George call my name softly.

I know that if he speaks in a soft tune, it will mean that he wants something from me.

"Yes, Babe?" I asked.

"Can we join the contest? You know that it's a once-in-a-lifetime dream come true! I always watch it on television and now Filipino people have a chance to join at last!" He happily said.

He likes the game so much and he watches every episode of it.

"Are you serious? You know that the punishment is not a joke." I answered seriously.

I don't like the punishment at all! It will ruin all the relationships and the couple's life.

"I know, but look at the Grand Prize Money! It's unbelievably incredible. We will get rich If we win." He said excitedly while closing his eyes as if dreaming for the impossible to happen.

"What if we get tempted?" I ask again. And I'm serious about it!

"That will never happen, Babe! I got high self-control over all the people out there. Look at us, Did I force you sexually? I admit that I will always be tempted whenever we're together but I love and respect you. And you know that Babe." He answered confidently.

On the other hand, He is right. His self-control is very high enough and is capable to join. But what about me? Well, I never get tempted by any other men. I'm not attracted at all to someone's body, especially physically.

I am more on the person's attitude. I don't care about their looks.

But it's a real game! Our Future and relationship are at stake. It's not a joke at all.

"But still, I will say no Babe. I'm sorry," There is finality in my voice, and hope he understands.

A moment of silence. Nobody wants to talk again after I declined him. He looks angry right now and stops eating. If he can't understand me now, how much more if we join the game?

"Fine, you can't even give it to me for my upcoming birthday. You always wanted to do what you think is right! But what about me? You can't consider my feelings!" He said shouting a little bit.

I look around if the people heard us.

"Can you lower your voice? You want to join huh? You can't even control your temper right now, how much more at the real game?" I asked him angrily.

"So that's it! You are afraid that I will be tempted and give in to another girl. Now, you don't trust me. What else?" He asks.

We are both hot-tempered individuals. We can't reconcile! We will be wasting our time on that game. But how can I tell him? He won't listen at all!

My head is aching right now. We are both angry. We need to cool down or else our relationship will turn into nothing because of that Game.

"George, I think we need to cool down and think. The admission to join that game is until next week. Can you let me think first?" I ask calmly.

Yeah, I need to be calm. I treasure and value our relationship so much and I love him.

"Fine, You have plenty of time to think." Then for the first time being together, he walked out from me. And it's our anniversary! How could he?

I'm about to cry but I control myself. I am in the middle of many people. It will be a shame if I break down and cry.

Because of that b*llsh*t game, our happy anniversary turns into a disaster! I blame it all on that game. I will never join! Ever...

I slowly stand up and walked out, pretending that nothing happened. But I know those eyes that look at me with a questioning look that means something.

I don't care at all! They can talk all they want. It's my life anyway.

Good thing that our dinner is already paid for in advance.

I look for a taxi and thank God that I found one. I don't know where is George. I try to call him but his phone was turned off! Does he hate me?

I don't know why he's so obsessed with that Game!

I go home alone and hurt. He didn't even call me!

Is that game really important?

Lying in my bed and thinking,

What if we join? We will surely not win at all! How could we? He is ignoring me now for just a simple misunderstanding. How much more if we participate in the game? He didn't understand my point at all.

I wipe my tears and relax my mind. Crying will never help me at all. Hopefully, tomorrow when I wake up. We will both calm down and reconcile.


I wake up to the voice of my friend Monet. She is knocking at my door loudly. Wondering where's Mom and Dad? It's my day off today and I want to relax a little bit more.

"Catherine! Wake up, Girl!" She shouted again.

I slowly get up and open the door.

"What?" I ask sleepily.

"Don't you hear the news yesterday night?" She asks puzzled.

And I don't understand what she meant.

"What is it?" I ask curiously.

"George's Mom was rushed to the hospital! It's a heart attack! She's been there since yesterday. I went to the hospital this morning and I didn't see you there. George is very down and quiet. I cannot talk to him properly." She explains.

My heart beats faster upon hearing all of this. This is why he didn't text or call me at all!

I immediately change my clothes and comb my hair.

Never mind the makeup, I need to go in there immediately.

"Wait, you will not take a bath?" Monet asks jokingly.

Ah, got no time to laugh.

"Let's go, I can take a bath anytime." I grab her hand outside the door.


George is sitting in the corner watching his comatose Mom on the hospital bed. I don't know if I will approach him or will leave.

But he needs me now. So, I decided to stay. And slowly walked towards him.

"B-babe, Is everything fine?" I asked lowering my voice.

"It's not fine at all. You can see it with your own eyes." He answered without looking at me sarcastically. He is still angry!

I will not leave him no matter what. This is the time that he needed me the most.

I know that he's just tired and worried for his Mom. He didn't mean what he said!

"It's okay, I'm always here. Tita Amanda will recover soon." I said calmly.

"Yeah, she will if I have lots of money. If not, she will be forever dependent on that b*llsh*t machine!" He shouted in frustration and cried. It's the first time that I see him crying like this!

I hug him and tap his back. And he cries on my shoulder. And from this moment on, I decided to make him happy. That I will do everything for him.

I will grant his long-wish ambition. And I know that It will make him happy and will lessen the burden on his heart.

"Babe, let's join the Billionaire's Temptation Game," I said.

The Preliminary Screening

Chapter 2


We are at the Preliminary Screening. I honestly don't know what we are going to do here.

George is so familiar with the show and told me that it's a Preliminary Temptation Screening and I should be prepared for the outcome.

He promised that he will not get tempted, No matter how beautiful and sexy the women they will hire to tempt him.

His Mom flies to the US with her sister. I didn't even know that his Mom has a rich sister living outside the country!

Somewhat, I felt scammed. But I can't refuse anymore. I already gave him my support in joining this contest.

My co-workers supported me as well as our Boss. They are also a fan of this Show!

And I guess I'm the only one who doesn't like the Game Show but here I am willing to join for the sake of Love!

Isn't it funny?

I am at the last line and entered the room last. We are 10 women from


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