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The Billionaire's Surrogate

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Emily found herself in a devastating condition when her Dad fell ill. Her step mother wasn’t helpful and so was her step sister. Instead of finding a way to help her Dad, they made her life so unbearable and forced her to go raise money for the hospital bills. Emily left home in search of a job, She met a Billionaire who was so desperate to have a child but never wanted to marry. Emily agreed to be his surrogate, he paid her and she settles the hospital bills. But after she was put to bed, Emily never wanted to let go of the baby.

Finding A Job

“ Where’s Emily?”

A woman in her mid forties hurried down the stairs with a phone in her left hand. She held the tip of her night gown with the right hand as she hurried down.

“ Emily!” She shouted her name. A young lady of 19 came out from a room rubbing her eyes and yawning.

“ Tina, where’s Emily?” The woman asked her and she rolled her eyes.

“ How would I know?” She sat down on the couch stretching her arms.

“ Emily!” Her voice echoed through the house and Tina who was on the Couch covered her ears with her hands.

“ Come on Mum!”  She stamped her feet on the carpet.

“ I’m here” Said another lady coming out from the kitchen. “ Emily, are you deaf?” The woman yelled at her.

“ I’m sorry, Mum” She apologized. “ Sorry for yourself. I just got a call from the hospital asking for the bills. What are you still waiting for?” She asked showing Emily the phone in her hand.

“ I… I still haven’t find a job. I can’t find anyone, no one wants to take me even as a maid” She sighed Worriedly. “ Are you kidding me? Do you expect a job to come looking for you here?” Tina giggled.

“ Mum, I already told you to send her out of the house. She has no use” Tina rolled her eyes.

“ I think this is the right time” She turned to Emily who was looking so pitiful. “ Wait for me here” She entered the room under the stairs and within some minutes, came out with a file.

She threw the file at Emily and sat down on the couch.

“ Go out there and find a job. If you don’t pay for your Father’s hospital bill today, Don’t come home again!” She snapped her fingers and pointed to the door.

“ But Mum…” Tina interrupted her. “ Out!” She Yelled at Emily. “ My phone is in the room” She said and Tina stood up. She went into Emily’s room and came out with a bag.

“ Here, your Phone is in there. Take this and leave!”  She threw the bag at Emily and sat closer to her Mum.

Emily picked up her bag from the carpet, she removed the apron she was wearing and dropped it on the couch. She left the house feeling so sad.

Emily has lost her Mum when she was five and her step mum has turned her life in to a living hell. A day never passes by that her step mum and step sister never insulted her and called her a bastard.

Things got worse when her Dad fell ill and was admitted in the hospital. Her step mum Has refused to cater for her Dad’s hospital bill even though she has the money.

Emily ran her fingers in her black Long hair. She gasped as she stood in front of the street waiting for a taxi.

“ Do I even have Money?”  She opened the bag but only her phone and identity card was there. “ Dam nit!” She stamped her feet on the ground.

“ I exhausted the last cash I have yesterday”  She Sighed Bitterly and shook her head. “ Oh Lord, help me” She prayed and started walking.

Emily and her Family lived in an estate a little far away from the city. It took her two hours trekking before she could reach inside the city.

“ Where Should I go?” She pondered, looking at the companies ahead of her. She has already went to some of them for job but none was willing to hire her.

As she walked past the many companies, She saw another one in front of her and she increased her pace. Even she was surprised, she was walking in a hurry like she was being called for an interview.

“ I hope I get it this time” She stepped inside the company because the gate was wide open. The inside was such a sight to behold. And when Emily stepped inside the reception, The cold aromatic scent that visited her nose made her Smiled.

“ This is Good”  And for a moment, she forgot her worries. “ Are you here for the interview?” Came a voice behind her. Emily quickly turned around and a man in Black suit smiled at her.

“ Ye…yes” She lied. Maybe she would be lucky to land a job there. “ You came with your CV right?” The man asked again. “ Yes sir, I did” She said and he nodded his head.

“ Good, The Interview has already begun. You’ll see an office by your left upstairs. That’s where the interview is taking place” He said and hurried away. Everyone  looked so busy as they were all in hurry.

“ Wow! I’ll pass this” She tightened her lips and went upstairs hurriedly. Emily took the corridor on the left just as the Man in suit has directed her. But as she walked on the corridor, she didn’t see anyone or any office.

“ There should be people Here” She turned to her back contemplating if she should walk ahead or turn back. Suddenly, she heard a voice ahead of her. “ That’s a voice”

She followed the voice and after some seconds, she stood in front of a door. It was the only door there but the voice has stopped.

“ But…” Just then, she heard the voice again. This time, it was two voices. Emily moved closer, she held the door handle but their discussion made her not to turn it.

“ Are you sure you can find the right person?” Said a Soothing manly voice. Emily closed her eyes as he spoke, she felt a tingling sensation down in her heart just by hearing the voice.

“ Yes Boss. I’m sure I can find her. I know of a hospital that can provide us a surrogate” Said the other voice Emily followed.

Accidentally Met

“ A surrogate?” She covered her mouth. “ So the interview is about finding a surrogate? Maybe I should do it. I heard the pay can last for a fortune if you find the right person” She thought for a while.

“ But would my Dad likes the idea?” She Clicked her tongue. “ Why would my step mum say?” She pondered. “ I won’t even tell them. I’ll take this Job” Emily turned the handle and pushed the door open.

“ Who are you and what do you want?” The man that spoke last asked Emily who had just barged in to the office. “ I’ll take the job” She said without having another thought.

“ What Job?” The man asked her. “ Of being a surrogate” She blurted. All the time she was speaking, her eyes were on the Man that his back was turned on her. She wanted to see his face.

“ Are you kidding me? Where did you…” Emily interrupted him. “ I’m sorry for eavesdropping but I really need the job” She apologized.

“ I’m sorry but…” He was interrupte


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