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The billionaire's stripper

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Kelsey is your almost nonregular stripper who worked at the Extramood Strippers club around the neighborhood. Life is hard and even tougher with an abusive drunk father fighting for his life. But when he told her to leave, she knew she'd never be able to go back. She's determined to protect her virginity at all costs but when Blaire, a notorious stripper discovered this and rats her out, she's suddenly faced with a hard time shutting all the club men out, a dilemma of what she truly wants and why she's doing what she's doing. But her life is about to change when she's offered a job that takes her to Paris, to work as a stripper for the popular Fleur Del Mansioñé. A popular house which comprised of a huge family Casino, an astonishing first class restaurant, and a classy pub, owned by the popular family, "The Mercedes". What happens when she meets the cold, handsome, drop-dead gorgeous Billionaire who discovers her 'secret' after taking her home for a nightstand. Zane Mercedes is your regular billionaire whose life is about to spin around after meeting the strangely sexy innocent woman who worked at the famous Fleur Del Mansioñé, while having to deal with a family who only sees his reckless side and are determined to put his life together.

Chapter 1

The dance floor glowed as red and green laser beams shot out from the rotating lights in the ceiling. It was Friday night, and the club was packed with people dancing and jumping to the DJ’s throbbing music. The floor pulsed beneath my feet, and the heat radiating from the mass was inescapable. My eyes roved over the tightly packed crowd. They reminded me of penguins huddled in the cold—on crack.

The music that used to suit me so much over the past weeks felt like an ugly invasion to my ears as I pressed through the swam of bodies pushed closely against each other on the dance floor. I was straining my eyes and looking for Abby. The flashing of multicolored lights from the disco ball hanging off the ceiling hurt my eyes but I wasn't gonna give up my search for her.

As I walked along, it felt like my feet suddenly outgrew the perfectly sized black heels I've been wearing for the past five hours. God, they hurt my feet.

I maneuvered around the jam-packed people standing at the front of the door leading into the club's bedrooms. I stretched on my toes to search the faces of men and women engaged in heated kissing and romancing- littered along the narrow hallway, hoping to spot Abby but again, she wasn't anywhere in sight.

I sighed, exhausted out of my wit. The black leather skin-tight strip dress I wore wasn't helping either ,It exposed more skin than I'd willingly prefer on a different circumstance but I practically have no say on how I dress up here if wanted the money. This was my job and I knew better. Neither was the makeup I'd been forced to wear. Abby had given my face what she called "a little touch-up" at the dressing room before and my face was burning right now. God, I'm gonna kill that girl.

I turn around, slowly giving up my search. Then my eyes caught the silhouette of someone at the far corner, causing me to narrow my eyes into focus.


She sat cross-legged on a parlor lounge, her milk-colored LBD dress glittering under the dim disco lights, her vanilla-shaded hair falling across her shoulders as she laughed heartily at something the man she's currently wrapped around must've said. I watched sternly as her other hand searched the depths of the man's chest, leaning into him as she listens to him talk.

Uh. I grunted as I hurriedly started walking towards them. Not tonight. I stopped before Abby, thankful no drunk bastard grabbed me on the way for a dance, or worse, for a night with him. Thinking about that makes me wanna throw up. Wait, I do wanna throw up. I think I've had too much alcohol for the night.

I pulled Abby up to her feet, ignoring the regular hooker beside her, and yelled over the blaring music "we gotta go back!"

"Why?!" She yells back.

"I can't talk!" I replied before dragging her out.

"I'm having a headache, Abs. " I told her the instant we got into the changing room. Some of the other girls were seated at the dresser tables, getting their make ups done.

"No, I think you're running a fever" Abby confirms as she placed a hand on my burning forehead.

"I think I'm gonna take an off here, call it a night, "I said tiredly " I need to meet Donovan"

"You know Shawn will never let you leave," she said "it's Friday night and it's just.........10"

"I know....." Shawn was the boss around here and he handled almost every business happening around this club house, which included bringing strippers into this club.

"Well," she wiggled her brows at me as she clicked her tongue and I knew what was gonna come next "I think Mr hottie outside is gonna take me home for the night" she completed.

I cannot believe she feels excited about that. The douche I just saw her sitting with isn't even near 'hot'

"Speaking of hot," Blaire interrupts us, standing up from the dresser chair we had no idea she was sitting on right beside us "I'm gonna go home with this 'hottie' from CO.Brothers Companies limited " she added with a long smirk, pulling at the blue shoulder bag hanging off her left shoulder. She was dressed in an unbelievably tight blue jeans and a lacy Tube top which displayed her pale flat stomach and a belly button that was hard not to notice, due to the shiny ring hanging off a piercing on it. She has fairly noticeable makeup on and her raven black hair stood out on a tall ponytail behind her back, two strands falling over the sides of her head and down her cheeks.

"His name is Matthews Lambard," she continued as we remained mute, pride lacing every word "you two wouldn't know what that means, would you? Knowing the name of the man you'd be entertaining for the night. Don't worry, I'll make sure to tell you all about that when I'm not so busy making him breakfast tomorrow morning, in his apartment" she adds extra emphasis on the last three words.

I mentally rolled my eyes. 'men don't take prostitutes to their apartments but cheap hotels' I wanted to tell her that but I just shut up instead, as always.

"*Bon Nùit*" She added with a wave of her well-manicured hands in front of our faces before walking out with a proud elegance, my eyes following her as she went.

"Here's the thing, "Abby abruptly speaks, like Blaire didn't just do it again in front of us "you go meet Donovan and see if he'll let you slide this night. I need to catch some cruise for the night girlfriend"

I shake my head teasingly at her.

"You going to the apartment?" she asked.

"Nah, am going home"

"Okay," She slams herself into me for a quick hug "see you tomorrow"

"Kelsey!"Donovan's voice pulls us apart as he appeared through the door.

Chapter 2

Donovan was the club's manager. At 35, He'd been in the business for ten years before I came along and it's been two years for me now. Donovan was a kind and understanding man, the reason why I was always able to slip away from here whenever I wanted and avoid doing some shits that I didn't wanna do here.

"Hey, Don," Abby calls out, slipping next to him at the door "Kelsey was just looking for you!"

"Thank God, Kelsey, I need you back out now, "He said and I felt the anger rush into my face instantly.

"Okay, bye!"I barely heard Abby say before she disappeared from the door, leaving us alone.

"What? I can't come back out, I've had enough to do for the night and you know it" I told him annoyingly.

"God, Kelsey, stop making this any harder for me, please? You know many of the other girls are out for the night"

"That's The take? Okay, fine. I'll


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