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The Billionaire’s Secretary

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Can a self-made billionaire with a no-strings-attached philosophy finally settle down? Shawn has it all: money, power, and a reputation as the country's biggest playboy. But when he finds himself in a one-night stand with his secretary, Cheryl, he's forced to confront his beliefs. Cheryl has been working for Shawn for years, harboring a crush on him, but he's never taken notice of her due to his strict no-dating policy. As they navigate their unexpected situation, Shawn must choose between upholding his philosophy or taking responsibility for his actions. Will he be able to drop his playboy lifestyle and make things right with Cheryl? Find out in this steamy romance novel about what happens when two opposites are forced together by circumstance.

Chapter 1. My CEO is My Secret Crush.

Cheryl pushed open the big oak door that led into Shawn’s office. It was the largest room in the office, The CEO’s office.

“Good morning, boss.” Cheryl walked up to her boss with a big smile on her face. The one she always had every morning.

Shawn looked up from the file he was going through.

“Cheryl. Good morning.” He looked down at the file again. He was going through it frantically as if he had a deadline to meet.

Cheryl raised a brow and she bent slightly to look at what her boss was going through.

Shawn looked up at her as she quickly restrained.

“Ah..” she chuckled nervously.

“You look a little bit tensed today, boss.”

“Yeah,” Shawn replied curtly and looked away again.

“And it’s thanks to you. Now I’ll have to draft a proposal before evening for the meeting. I have limited time because I woke up late.” He closed the file and focused on her now. “You failed to call me, Cheryl.”

“I did.”

“Wow. Really?”

“Yes, boss,” Cheryl said with a frown. They were going to go through this again. Cheryl was used to it.

Shawn gave a suspicious look. She did call him, but the ringtone wasn’t loud enough to wake her up. He had a blast at the club last night, and the aftermath was this.

“You could have come over to the house.”

“I didn’t think it was necessary. Besides I told you not to go clubbing last night.”

Cheryl gave a grumpy look as she murmured the last statement.

She was angry at her boss. Was it just anger? Perhaps jealousy too.

Shawn stood up and walked up to her. As he advanced towards her, she stepped backward. Step by step. Their eyes locked with each other as Cheryl looked up at the Greek godlike man. Shawn finally stopped and observed his secretary’s features for a while. She was indeed beautiful but wasn’t his type. He prefers women that like doing things without any strings attached. But Cheryl was the total opposite. He’d be damned if he get involved with her.

He bent slightly, their faces were inches close.

“Now when do you start getting involved in my personal life, Cheryl?“ he asked softly. Every word came out of his mouth in soft sensuality.

“I don’t…” Cheryl gasped as she fought for hair. He was close. Too close for her comfort. She has always loved this man, since high school. And that love has never wavered, despite his reputation of being the country’s biggest playboy. But she never dared to tell him. She knew better. Her boss prefers flings to relationships but being close to him like this, getting to see him every day was already a blessing.

“What is it, Cheryl?” Shawn asked as he made for her left ear.

Great! Cheryl couldn’t feel her leg at that moment. She was lost in Shawn’s world as the male cologne filled her head.

“Open your eyes, Cheryl.” A voice different from the previous one broke into her thoughts as she opened it to find a frowning Shawn.

“Why did you close your eyes?” He asked with folded arms.

Jerk! Cheryl's mind screamed. He just teased her like it was nothing and he was asking!….

Cheryl cleared her throat as she tried to comport herself. Shawn chuckled. He was enjoying this.

“It’s nothing, boss. If there’s nothing else, I’ll like to….

“Go to a salon, Cheryl.” Shawn turned and walked back to his seat. “You look a mess.” He completed it after taking his seat.

“Ugh?” Cheryl asked.

“As you know, we’re meeting one of our biggest investors tonight. You and I should look our best.”

“Oh,” Cheryl said as she touched her curly brown hair.

“This doesn’t look bad, though.” She whispered to herself.

“Yes, it doesn’t. You are naturally beautiful, Cheryl.” Shawn said as he gave a s*xy smile.

“Boss!” Cheryl cried out as Shawn laughed.

“I’m sorry. I won’t tease again.”

“Better.” Cheryl snorted and walked out of the office.

She’s too feisty. He thought as he watched her leave.

That was one of the reasons he can’t get involved with her.



It was 4 pm and the night breeze in California was a gentle frenzy. Cheryl opened the car for her boss and she got into the front seat. The driver ignited the engine as he drove to “THE SAGE”, the hotel where the meeting was going to hold.

“Are the files complete?” Shawn asked Cheryl as they made their way toward the room where they would meet with the investors.

“Yea, boss.” She answered as she struggled to keep up with the pace at which Shawn was walking. He had long legs. She would be damned if she succeeded.

“Room 307,” Cheryl said when they got to the reception area.

“This way Sir. Ma’am.” A lady directed them after the receptionist confirmed them as a guest.

“You can ring the bell if you need anything.” The lady said after they’d settled in the room. It wasn’t a room. It was like a dining area. They were going to talk business after eating.

“Sure, Thank you. “Cheryl said with a smile after which she left.

Shawn looked frantically at his watch, Cheryl noticed it and turned to him.


He looked up at her. “They aren’t here. I wonder his they’ve changed their mind.”

This project was one of the biggest. And he needed this investor. Cheryl knew that. He hated the worried look her boss had. It made her uneasy too. His pain was always hers

“I’m not sure that’s the case boss, you made a proposal that was too hard to reject. I’m sure they got held up by something. I called Mr. Murphy’s secretary before leaving the office and he promised me all was well.”

“Really? That’s good then.” Shawn gave a stiff smile. “Thank you. Cheryl.” He added.

“It’s my duty.” Cheryl gave a shy smile while Shawn gave her nose a little nudge.


“Boss!” She cried.


Shawn was interrupted when the door flunked open. Mr. Murphy was standing at the doorway.

“Shawn, my boy!” Mr. Murphy walked into the room.

“Good evening, Mr. Murphy.” Shawn quickly stood up and led him to a seat.

“Come on boy, you don’t need to do that.” He laughed contentedly as Shawn smiled. “It’s fine Mr. Murphy. You look different compared to our last meeting.”

Shawn said he took his seat too.

“Are you saying I looked bad the last time we met?” Mr. Murphy asked in a feigned strict tone.

“No no no. I didn’t mean…..”

Shawn was interrupted by Mr. Murphy's contented laughter.

“You always look serious. That’s my problem with you Shawn.”

Shawn smiled nervously. Everyone knew Murphy in the business world. He was a mafia with numerous legal businesses but he is rumored that he does illegal shits behind the scenes. No one dared question him. He had the backing of some politicians so he was covered. And he had this nasty character, he was a womanizer. A chronic one at that. He never differentiates a business from pleasure.

“No who’s this….” Mr. Murphy stared at Cheryl as he tried to get her identity. He only noticed her now.

“She’s my secretary. Shawn chipped in.

“Oh.” Murphy gave a satisfied nod.

“Nice to me you. Sir.” Cheryl quickly stood up.

“It’s truly an honor to meet a beauty like you.” Mr. Murphy smiled as he stared at Cheryl as if she was some fancy meat ready to be barbecued.

Shawn knew how this was going to turn out but prayed the beast in Murphy doesn’t emerge.

Chapter 2. Our One-Night Stand.

“You always get to keep the beauties, Shawn.” Mr. Murphy turned to Shawn after Cheryl sat. She smiled but she was uncomfortable. She read about this man before this meeting. She always does this before meeting any clients and it has always given her an edge.

From her research, she got to find out that this man was the big bad wolf, like In the stories but she knew how to deal with him. Mr. Murphy was here for work, but his agenda changed immediately after he saw her.

“It’s truly not intentional,” Shawn said with a smile.

“Really?” Murphy asked with a raised brow. Shawn chuckled. He knew what this man was getting at. But he’ll continue playing dumb.

“You’re the biggest playboy in the country, so they say.” Mr. Murphy motioned to a waiter who entered a few minutes earlier to open a glass of wine.

“….but in fact, you’re just a boy. Who doesn’t know how the game works.” He completed while eyeing Shawn.

One mistake from this lad and he’ll terminate wha


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