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The Billionaire's Revenge

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A life of lies, revenge, secrets and betrayal. A Father to give the best life to his beloved daughter can go to any length as far as sending her to the son of his enemy. This is the life of a young innocent and hard-working Liz Blue whose main objective in life is to make a name for herself in the business world but when she learns of her boyfriend Henry's affairs, she feels betrayed and ends up in the arms of the city's biggest doctor. Doctor Blake Brown, son of the most feared man in the south of the city.

Chapter 1 Lies

Liz Green received an unexpected call from the police as she was driving home after a long and exhausting day of working overtime.

"The officer greeted her by saying, "Is this Ms. Green?" Liz affirmed. "Yes." "The two of your buddies, Mr. White and Mr. Frank, were detained on suspicion of seducing women.

They both adamantly maintain that they are a gay pair and desired to enliven their union. I need you to confirm that they are a couple so that I can let them leave, so could you kindly come down to the station and do so?

Liz's body became completely paralyzed as a result of the shocking information. Anything else the officer said to her was difficult for her to focus on because she was having trouble forming coherent thoughts and sentences. Unaware that she had ended the call with the policeman, she managed to take a taxi to the police station.

Being told such news was a big blow to her, and she was afraid to drive.

At the police station, she entered...

She recognized the two men sitting side by side in the hallway with just one glance. His friend Frank was seated next to him, and the man was her boyfriend Henry White. They were embracing one another and swaying back and forth like a newlywed couple, which made her almost burst out.

She could tell that their acting skills were beyond par, but there was an attraction between them.

With her fists clenched and the anger boiling in her eyes like infernal flames, Liz walked towards them. one step at a time; her feet felt like lead.

Frank's eyes were the first to catch Liz's. "Get us out of here; this is embarrassing enough," he said with his deceitful eyes, pretending to be apologetic.

Henry turned around and saw his girlfriend walking towards them. Without thinking, he spontaneously pushed Frank away and stood up in a hurry before Liz could even say anything. "Hey Liz," he greeted with a sheepish grin.

He was panic-stricken, nervously shifting his eyes away from Liz's. His body went numb as he lost the courage to face her.

"Tell her everything, Henry," Frank suggested.

"Nonsense. Stop it! Don't even joke about that." Henry glared at Frank, warning him to stop spilling anything else. He turned to Liz again. "Liz, I promise I'll explain everything to you later, but right now, I need you to tell the police that we're innocent," he requested as if it were a matter of course.

He reached out his hand, but Liz wouldn't take it. She managed to squeeze out a sentence in response: "You'd better have a good explanation for this." She stared at them in disgust.

After going through the necessary paperwork and formalities, Henry and Frank were released, and the three of them left the police station together.

"Henry, how could you do this to me?" "You jerk!" Liz yelled angrily after stepping out of the police station.

"Listen to me. Liz!" Henry frowned and pleaded, trying to hold Liz's hand as she pulled herself away.

"I don't want to hear a single word from you!" "Not after you've been caught red-handed having an affair with another man and inviting women to join," she howled at him. "How did it feel when the police officer accused you of being gay?" "If I had known what was going on, I would have never come to the station to bail you out." She wiped the tears from her reddened eyes, full of anger and disappointment.

To think they had the nerve to have the police call and ask her to bail them out made her feel sick to her stomach. Well, they got what they wanted if they were trying to disgust her!

Embarrassed by her words, Henry snapped back at her, "Yeah, I slept with him." "So what?"

After hearing those words, she felt light-headed, and her heart sank to her feet. She struggled to keep her balance. Henry approached her to ask for help, but she jerked and pushed him away as if she had touched something dirty.

"Just go!" "Stay away from me!"

Henry felt like his heart was being pierced by a thousand needles. "Lizzie," he murmured and finally changed to a softer tone, "forget about Blake; we lied because it was business we were conducting there." "You're the only one I love; my one and only."

Henry's words incited Frank's fake jealousy, but he pretended to be understanding and tried to persuade Liz in a soft voice. "He's right, Liz." You and Henry are made for each other. "I could never steal him away from you."

He said it sarcastically in a funny tone.

"Shut up!" she sternly interrupted Frank, gnashing her teeth in anger. "You have no right to say anything, you shameless man wh*r*! We're done! "We are no longer friends."

"Liz, please don't do this to me." Frank pleaded in a sad tone while his eyes were like a bad disguise, clumsily revealing his complacency and arrogance.

Hmph. If it were not for Henry, he would have never made friends with a woman like her!

A woman who can't understand simple mind games and business, now that he had accomplished what he set out to do, made the extra effort seem quite unnecessary for him.

"Liz, don't make a mountain out of a molehill," said Henry impatiently. "I've promised and explained to you that I’m a straight man, and nothing happened between us; it was just business." What else do you want?

"Make a mountain out of a molehill?" By "straight," do you mean sleeping with other men and lying to me the whole time? Sorry, but I will not stand for that kind of love any longer!"

"Is it not enough that I love only you and you alone?"

"It's not enough." Love needs loyalty. "But you are not loyal to me!"

Henry burst out laughing because he found her words to be amusing and as naive as a newborn baby. He said to her, "Liz, I'm the firstborn and only son of my father, the Master of the White Clan." I will never have a woman share my sexuality. Do you understand?

You should learn to accept that before you get married. "The sooner, the better."

"But the place of my wife will only be left for you." "Not what you are thinking; these stories will come and go, but your position will never change."

In his head, Henry imagined that he sounded romantic and charming while waiting for her to be moved by his words and jump into his arms.

"Thwack!" She served him a merciless, tight slap across his face.

His face stung as he tilted his head. Visible under the streetlamp, her hand had left a red welt on his face. His eyes were filled with shock as he staggered backward.

How dare she slap him?

Frank was stunned and motionless. He gathered his senses and feigned concern by checking his face, only to be rejected by him at once.

"Liz, what's wrong with you?" Henry howled angrily, looking at her with disbelief and fury.

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he had never been hit by anyone since he came to this world, not even his furious face.

Thinking of his cruel words and his lack of remorse, she also trembled with rage. "I never realized how deplorable and arrogant you are, until now."

Do you share a husband with other men? How could he even dream of this?

Although she was looking right at him, her eyes felt an odd sensation of strangeness, as if she had never really known him at all.

"Henry, I'm breaking up with you. We're done."

Liz was ready to leave, exhausted and lacking the strength to put up with the drama any longer. She harbored resentment in her heart but soon realized that there was no point in allowing him to extend her misery because he would turn her world upside down.

"I disagree!" he roared. Suddenly, he sensed a fear of loss, as if he were going to lose something valuable and irreplaceable to him.

Just as he was about to run after her, Frank came from behind and pulled him back.

"Henry, no need of running after a girl." Frank looked at him in the eyes, reminding him of the reason they had found themselves in this situation. Henry’s eyes looked at him, knowing very well that he was trying to persuade him: "Liz is just too angry to think right now." She didn't mean that. You should give her some time to calm down. You are such a great guy. "How could she give up on you?"

Once Henry understood what Frank had said, he eventually calmed down.

The White clan, a prestigious clan with centuries of prosperous history, was the main source of the city's political power. They could almost do whatever they wanted in this city. Henry White was his father's only son and heir, which showed his incomparable status in society. Apart from that, he was also blessed with striking good looks. How could Liz find another man like him?

It would do her good to take a few days off to cool down and reconsider their relationship. Meanwhile, Henry thought she must become aware of the fact that, even though he loved her, his patience was not without limitations. If he had been slapped by anyone other than her, the daughter of Gilbert Green Jr., he wouldn't have let her go free.

Chapter 2

Night has come, all the roads in the capital are quiet, and the Brown from the south of the city will still have a festive sound at this time.

"Master Brown, I'm so happy today! Congratulations on this huge milestone, and welcome to the north.

"Well, Mr. Brown, it's a great honor for the White family to come here to congratulate your movement in the North!" Andrew White said it with a smile on his face.

"It's getting late." "It's time for me to go back and go to court tomorrow." Andrew White said

The old man, now in his prime, doesn't remember the first time he attended an event welcoming a powerful man into his territory.

But this one is exceptional; he needs to show his face to remind the newcomer that the north is his territory and he is watching him.

"Mr. White, then I won't see you off." There are so many guests left. "I'll let my manager see you off."


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