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The Billionaire's Flash Marriage: Baby, I'm Sorry

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After her boyfriend had an affair with her sister, Lani was deeply hurt and, at the advice of her best friend, decided to marry a strange guy as revenge. She married Kane, an ordinary office worker with a handsome appearance who took care of cooking and cleaning at home while she pursued her acting career. Life with Kane was relatively peaceful, and they grew close and sweet, like a genuine couple. However, one day, Lani discovered Kane's true identity as the wealthiest billionaire in the city. Unable to accept this deception, Lani leaves without a word, accepting a role as the lead actress in a movie and moving to another city, cutting off all contact with Kane. At this point, upon realizing Lani's disappearance, Kane felt deep regret and sadness. He relentlessly searched for Lani to explain everything. When he coincidentally ran into Lani on the street, Kane slowly followed her back to the hotel, holding her hand and crying, begging Lani for forgiveness, even kneeling to express his remorse. "Baby, I'm so sorry. You can hit me or scold me if you want, but please don't leave me." Everything happened unexpectedly and was chaotic, so what decision will Lani make?

Chapter 1: Deception

On a late autumn afternoon, a gentle breeze rustled through, and lazy clouds drifted across the sky, making the city appear more peaceful. The scenery was serene, but Lani's heart was anything but calm, as it was filled with turbulent thoughts.

Her trembling hands pointed toward the two people in front of her, and her shoulders shook so much that even her voice became hoarse.

"What are you two doing here?"

As Lani uttered these words, Amory was feeding Hebe a piece of cake, their gestures warm and affectionate. Seeing Lani's sudden appearance and hearing her high-pitched voice, neither of them even blinked. Hebe finished the sweet morsel on her small spoon and then leaned gracefully against Amory's shoulder.

"Oh, who's here? My beloved sister, isn't it?"

"Don't you see? Are you blind? Amory and I are having a date at the cafe. Don't ruin our romantic date with your nonsense."

Lani struggled to take a deep breath to contain her anger in the face of Hebe's indifference and replied with a cold tone, looking at Amory sternly.

"A date? Amory, we are in a relationship. How can you and my little sister date here? Don't you find it disgusting to be in a relationship with two people simultaneously? This behavior of yours is infidelity."

Before Amory could say anything, Hebe laughed mischievously.

"Aren't you the one who said that if you were my sister, you'd share everything good you have with me? So why are you hesitating to share your boyfriend?"

"I don't mind being in a relationship with you and Amory at the same time. Didn't you voice your objections before? I just don't understand."

Every word from Hebe made Lani's face pale. She couldn't believe her eyes, seeing her boyfriend and her younger sister having an affair behind her back and acting so confidently. It felt like the world was collapsing beneath her feet.

"Sharing? Hebe, you're my sister. You used to ask for anything, and I would willingly give it to you. How can you shamelessly steal my boyfriend now?"

"And you, Amory, we've been together for three years. Now you betray me without any remorse? What about your loyalty to me?"

Lani's lips trembled, wanting to say more, but Amory impatiently interrupted.

"So what? Should I kneel and apologize, hoping for your forgiveness?"

Amory sneered, then leaned over to kiss Hebe's lips next to him in front of Lani and continued.

"If you can't accept sharing a boyfriend with your sister, then let's break up. I'm tired of you anyway."

"Always pretending to be an aloof goddess; it's annoying. We've been dating for three years, and you've never even kissed. Lani, do you think we're innocent high school students? You're trying to act so noble, but you're nothing like Hebe, who is both seductive and passionate, with sweet lips."

Amory gently caressed Hebe's full lips and added, looking at Lani with disgust. Lani forced herself to remain calm to hide her vulnerability, giving a cold laugh.

"Fine, let's break up then. I don't want to be with a man who acts like a public restroom, available to anyone. Amory, remember, I'm breaking up with you this time because of your disgusting infidelity."

After saying this, Lani turned decisively and left. She feared that staying another second would make her feel contaminated. When she got back to her car, her face was ashen, and her voice was hoarse as she instructed her driver, Alex, to drive her home to her apartment.

"Lani, what's wrong? Didn't you say you wanted to buy some cake and coffee? What happened that made you so dejected and sad?"

Lani's best friend, Aurora, sat beside her, concerned and asking. Since leaving the cafe, Lani's mood has been continuously unstable. Her lips were tightly sealed as if she were suppressing her emotions, and her face showed a hint of desperation.

Hearing Aurora's words, Lani finally looked over and hugged Aurora, bursting into tears and recounting the recent events with a tearful voice.

Aurora comforted Lani while listening attentively. After hearing the whole story, she couldn't contain her anger.

"What did you say? That scoundrel Amory is dating Hebe behind your back? That's truly disgusting."

"I told you this before, but you didn't listen. Amory is not a trustworthy man. He has you as his girlfriend, but he constantly flirts with others, pretending to be single and sophisticated."

"And Hebe, she's just a stepsister, not even your real sister. She's the daughter of your stepmother and your father, a half-sibling from a different mother. Why should you tolerate her so much?"

"From the moment Hebe was born, she's been taking everything you have, always competing with you. Now she's taken your boyfriend as well."

Aurora became increasingly angry as she spoke. Her temples throbbed, and her veins bulged on her forehead. Lani remained silent from beginning to end, only shedding tears of regret. She regretted not listening to Aurora sooner.

It's because she was blinded by love and believed in Amory's sweet words that everything ended up like this.

"So, what do you want to do now? Do you want to expose the disgusting actions of Amory and Hebe to the media? This anger can't be held back."

Hebe, Amory, and Lani were all actors, so the media always paid close attention to their personal lives. If news of Hebe and Amory's affair were to spread, it would surely cause a sensation and have a significant impact on their careers. Amory and Hebe had committed a despicable act, and Aurora was determined not to let them get away with it.

However, Lani hesitated. Even though she was deeply disappointed to see Amory and Hebe together, Hebe was still her half-sister in name. Even if she wanted to take action, her father wouldn't allow it.

Since childhood, Hebe has always been pampered and defended. Her father consistently sided with Hebe, no matter what she did, whether it was taking Lani's toys, clothes, or handbags. Her father always gently reminded Lani to be understanding and not to confront Hebe.

Hebe had always received love within their family, while Lani had faced her father's strictness and coldness since her mother had passed away.

"For now, I need some time to calm down. I need to return to my apartment."

Aurora understood that Lani was in a state of turmoil, so she didn't press further about Hebe or Amory. Instead, she quietly comforted Lani.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. During this time, I'll come to your apartment and stay with you to take better care of you. You'll be fine, and I'll always be by your side."

Moved by Aurora's support, Lani hugged her tightly and took a deep breath. What she needed to do now was quickly regain her composure and prepare for the challenges that lay ahead.

Chapter 2: Why Can't You Compromise?

Just as Lani had predicted, unfortunate events often occurred simultaneously. When Aurora had just moved into Lani's house and taken the room opposite Lani's, Lani's phone suddenly rang.

"It's my stepmother calling."

Lani glanced at Aurora, standing nearby, sighing reluctantly as she pressed to answer. A sharp, dissatisfied voice of a woman quickly resonated in the quiet space of the room.

"Lani, where are you?"

Lani replied softly that she was at home, and she could hear the cold huff from the other end.

"Come back home tonight. Your father and I have something to discuss with you."

When talking to Lani, Doris always maintained an attitude of disdain and contempt, which Lani had grown accustomed to. She replied in a mild tone and then lazily reclined on the sofa behind her.

"It seems I won't have a peaceful evening tonight."

She could vaguely anticipate the reactions of Doris and her father, Derek, once they found out about the turmoi


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