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The Billionaire's Little Bride

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❝Even angels have their demons.❞ An assistant in a billionaire company by day, waitress to a diner by evening and a masked pole dancer by night. Angelina Hemsworth is her name. A maiden with numerous personalities and a heartbreaker. Sylvester sellone, youngest billionaire in Voschester. He's your typical CEO with women falling at his feet. In one unfortunate incident he discovers his dearest assistant isn't so innocent. One thing led to another and suddenly, Dirty Angelina was her boss's exclusive dancer. But things didn't quite end there. Bad girl, bad girl, what are you gonna do when the billionaire wants you?


Ohna van Zyl

Review after half of the novel

Ot sure about this book yet. It springs alot and it gets a bit confusing where you are at. But will push through because not sure where the story will go!! I feel there needs to be more interaction between the main characters. I want more sex and more lovey docey stuff. I need to know who the bad guys is. What will the plot twist be will have to wait and see. Let make a move and see what happens

March 27, 2024

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