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The Billionaire's Little Bride

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❝Even angels have their demons.❞ An assistant in a billionaire company by day, waitress to a diner by evening and a masked pole dancer by night. Angelina Hemsworth is her name. A maiden with numerous personalities and a heartbreaker. Sylvester sellone, youngest billionaire in Voschester. He's your typical CEO with women falling at his feet. In one unfortunate incident he discovers his dearest assistant isn't so innocent. One thing led to another and suddenly, Dirty Angelina was her boss's exclusive dancer. But things didn't quite end there. Bad girl, bad girl, what are you gonna do when the billionaire wants you?

Chapter 1

Angelina had no idea why her boss hated her. Sure, she understood his original feelings of distrust towards her because according to what she heard, he was always like this But this was getting ridiculous.

And now she had started to hate her boss, All of her life she had never hated anyone, and yet, she hated him so much that she wished he never existed. Really did hate him, not even a smidge of a “like” about the man.

Every day she arrived earlier than the others and left later than them. She followed orders without fail and never complained when she felt she was getting lumbered with the less desirable tasks.

And still, he failed to acknowledge her worth!.She had wanted this job, his crazy, bullying tactics weren't going to get to her or more like, get rid of her. Right at that moment, she was sitting in front of her table which was filled with large piles of files packed up in front of her.

Some hours ago, she had just finished sorting out another pile and her hands were begining to hurt despite the fact that she was using the aid of a computer.

Her fingers had gone numb and she badly needed rest or even if it was a little atom of sleep then it will be very okay for her. Her small wrist watch began to make funny cartoonish tune showing that it was 12:00PM, great, it was time for a break.

Standing up from her chair like a bird finally free from it's cage but suddenly a warning bell began to ring loudly Inside her head, trying to remind her that her boss had ordered that she shouldn't have a break at all until the files are done with! Before she could sit down, her boss, Sylvester Stallone hills stood before her and he looked very displeased.

"Good afternoon Mr Sylvester"Angelina greeted immediately with her head bowed.

"Don't f**king call me that!, Is Mr hills!"Sylvester half-yelled.

Waoh!, She found out or should she say, she noticed that Her boss hates when someone calls him Sylvester, he flares up anytime she calls him that forgetting his endless warnings. But why?, Sylvester was indeed a very hot name, it was then the old crappy 'Mr hills' he preferred being addressed as!. Geeezzz He was indeed an a$shole!

"Am so sorry Mr hills, Your right, is Mr hills"Angelina muttered playing the innocent type, she was very good at that but this stone cold, icy boss of hers was the only man who never fell for that which was really annoying! .She hated the fact that her boss who is in front of her, alive and breathing can't fall for her charms!

"Don't you dare think of tasting even a little smidge of snacks, get that!!"Mr hills ordered and Angelina nodded wordlessly.

"I can see very well that your mouth is useless!"Mr hills added with that evil glint in his eyes which scared the f**k out of people.

"No, yes, Mr hills"Angelina muttered immediately, she didn't need anyone to tell her that she sounded like a weirdo or maybe, a psycho!.

Mr hills stared at her for a moment before walking away and immediately he did, she slumped back unto her chair before biting her lower lip hard in frustration. She knew very well that begging him was just a waist of energy because he wasn't going to give in anyways.

Sighing out loud, she continued her work till it was 12:40 which was time for all employees to get back to their work. Upon seeing that, angelina felt her heart being squeezed together and her stomach grumbled reminding her that she hasn't eaten.

Angelina stared up towards the ceiling and a frown formed on her gorgeous face, she knew it!, Ofcourse, her boss wasn't only shameless but also an as$hole!

Upon looking up, the first thing that met her gaze was the dark camera clinging towards the ceiling, its little red light exposed, showing that it was on and monitoring whatever she was doing.

Angelina worked harder than everybody else to prove her worth and to show that she was better than other assistants Mr hill ever had, Sometimes Mr hills acted like she didn't exist and on the bad days, he lashed out at her. The door clicked open and a friendly voice startled her from her day dream.

"Hey gorgeous, hope you don't mind if I come in?"Robert, the marketing director, as well as one of Angelina's friend muttered closing the door behind him and Angelina mentally rolled her eyes.

Silly!, Your already in, so why I ask for permission?.She didn't voice out her thoughts though but instead smiled kindly at him "Sure, why not?"

Robert walked deeper into the huge office which was too big for an assistant according to Angelina.

"Working overtime again?, When will Sylvester stop his way too childish ways!"Robert muttered slapping his right palm on his face before shaking his head.

Upon hearing that, Angelina stood up and quickly covered his lips with her palm before placing her index finger on her lips, giving him a sign to keep quiet.Robert raised an eyebrow confusingly and passing her a question through his eyes on why he should keep quiet.

Angelina opened her mouth to explain when suddenly the door burst open and the duo stood there frozen towards the floor immediately their eyes met Sylvester's grey eyeballs. "Good afternoon boss"Robert muttered immediately Angelina pulled her hand away from his mouth.

"I would get back to my work immediately"Robert muttered and walked out of the office as fast as his legs could carry him. And that was when Angelina noticed that she had just been dumped, D*mn!, She would get back at him for ditching her!

"When we are in the company, as my assistant, you are representing me and representing the Company in a whole. Do you understand that?"

Angelina almost muttered the word "no" but trying her best not to make him more angry, she kept quiet!

"I hope that means that you understand, throwing yourself at the marketing director which is one of my employees is not the level of professionalism we aim for here in this company."

"Sir, I…" Angelina tried to defend herself, but she was swiftly cut off.

"I don't want to hear your excuses, just don't let it happen again or else you don't want to be fired!" He gave her a piercing stern glare, before pacing away from her office.

Chapter 2

~SOME HOURS LATER~ Angelina ran into the club as fast as she could through the backdoor, normally, she supposed to be at Badara club by exact 08:00PM, but the time was 08:47PM so she was pretty late. "Rhianna!" Angelina jumped a little upon hearing her name ."tell me a good reason why you are coming so late to work!" Angelina turned swiftly and her eyeballs met her, Mrs richard, the owner of the club's sister, she had a huge frown on her face and was glaring hard at angelina. Rhianna was actually the name she used to apply for the job as a waitress in this huge club. "Am sorry Mrs richard, it wasn't intentional..... "I don't care to hear your explanation!,just get to work!"Mrs richard muttered before walking passed her.Though angelina was happy that she wasn't fired but she couldn't help but


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