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The Billionaire’s Escape Bride

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"W..who are you" She stuttered, taking backward steps towards the door, her heart pounding in her chest. "Well, I can be whoever you want me to be" he drawled, taking little steps till he had her cornered with no way out. "I can be your poison or your antidote. I can be your bane or your comfort. I can even be your nightmare or your dream" yWith each word, he traced circles on my skin, sending fire through me. "So Kitten, who do you want me to be?" Katarina Richards, a timid second generation finds her world thrown into disarray when she is suddenly informed of her betrothal to the number one business mogul in the state. She cannot fight for her freedom nor can she accept a man she never met so she decides to be brave for once and runs. She runs as far as she can hoping for a fresh start and she finds it. Or so she thinks. She will soon come to realize that she can never outrun her destiny. Or should I say, she can never outrun him? Follow Katarina as she is plunged into a world of lies, betrayal, war, lust, and power. Will she come out of it all with her dream life or will she be pushed into a nightmare?

Chapter 1


My legs quaked under the pressure of carrying me for miles. At this point, I couldn’t even feel it anymore.

I must have run at least 60 miles. The funny thing was that I was not running from a dreadful place or a creature. I was running away from my husband-to-be.

Just a couple of hours ago, I was sitting in my room getting ready for the worst day of my life, my wedding day, my mind anywhere but in the room.

“Is everything okay Miss Katarina? You look like you have a gun to your head. Do you think you can relax a bit more?

You don't want to look like the Grinch on your wedding day, now do you?"

Rhea, my makeup artist tried to put a smile on my face with her little joke-ons of several attempts, but all I could do was stare at her blankly.

I couldn't give her a response.

I glanced up at the wall clock directly opposite me and winced at what I saw. The time was dangerously getting near without remorse.

I didn't want to be here. This wasn't what I wanted but what I wanted was not an option and the realization hurt worse than the feeling of getting married to a man I didn't even know or liked.

Rhea suddenly stopped to stare at me in the mirror, this time, her frown deepening and her lips set into a thin line of disapproval.

“Please just Sit still and smile and I'll be done soon.” She forced a smile at me again triggering the anger in me that I had been doing a good job of hiding.

“Sit still and smile?! I snapped, anger coursing through my veins like waves hitting the shore.

"No, I will not sit here and smile like everything is fucking dandy! I am practically being sold to a man I don't love or know, a man that's practically the worst thing since Hitler and you want me to sit still and smile! How about you marry him instead, since you are so impressed by the monster!"

I was losing my breath from yelling, and I had no idea that I had started to tear up until I felt the cold touch of a drop of liquid on my cheeks.

As if she had been summoned, my mother walked into the room just then, her eyes immediately scrutinizing me.

“What in everything holy is taking so long?" She barked in annoyance as she got closer to me, her expression, one of irritation.

"You aren't even close to getting ready." She frowned.

"In a minute ma'am. We are just having some difficulties." Rhea was the one to speak.

"Whatever it is, fix it and be done with whatever you need to. We don't have all day. We will be leaving in less than forty-five minutes. I don't want to come back to this room and you are still not ready."

That was all she said. She left after without so much as acknowledging me.

I was crying about how I was not ready for a forced marriage and that was all she could do. It made my bones weak.

Beforehand, my father had already threatened that if I went against his wish of marrying Kylan Anderson, then he was going to disown me and now my mother was acting nonchalant.

It was all business to them! I was just a tool for the fame they sought for. I had never felt not loved in my life like I did at that moment.

Realizing that my tears were not going to help, I went back to the stool and sat down. Signaling for Rhea to continue her work.

“I apologize for my outburst earlier. I did not realize the situation. I had no right to tell you how to feel but please understand that I am trying to save my job at the same time.

Your husband, Kylan paid for my services, instructing that you look like the prettiest bride there is. In his words, “He wanted his wedding to break the internet, so he was checking on every detail which included how beautiful the woman he married is.

I am sorry, Kat.”

Kylan was wicked, and hearing this about him only made me hate him the more.

Men like him were fond of that, the people from the wealthiest families in the society. They only cared about what they put out to people outside, including having happy homes when in reality they were beasts.

Considering the family Kylan came from, the Andersons, I did not expect any better.

They were the wealthiest in the country, with Kylan being the next in line to inherit the multi-billion company. It was no hidden news, that Kylan only cared about his ego.

Raising my face to Rhea who had been waiting for my permission, I forced a smile, motioning for her to finish up.

“I am sorry for my reaction.”

I sat still while she rounded up, making me up.

“I did not have to do so much, and you look this good. You are such a beautiful bride, Kat.” She remarked.

“Thank you for finally saying it. I have been trying to make her cheer up, but she would not budge.” Johanna, my friend added.

“If only she knew how many other ladies would kill to be in her position."

That was the exact phrase my father had used when I had first refused this ridiculous proposal and it irked me that it was being used again.

I wanted to be with a man who loved me and cared about me. I wanted that place myself first before any other thing and I didn't need a priest to tell me Kylan was not the man.

But my parents chose to not see it.

“All done and oh my…

Let’s get you dressed, so I can take pictures already. I need to flaunt my beautiful bride.” Rhea excitedly said.

Johanna rushed to the bed and picked up the wedding dress.

I took off my robe to reveal my white lingerie that was meant for my husband.

I slid into the dress, knowing there was not much I could do now. This was happening. I was about to be a bride.

“Heavens, you look so amazing.” Johanna and Rhea exclaimed at almost the same time.

At their expression, I turned to the mirror to take a look at myself. Without a doubt, they had been intentional about my appearance and my happiness.

The dress alone smelt of class, with the corset perfectly accentuating my curves.

The fabrics of the gown screamed luxury, and it added elegance and sophistication to my gown. I stared at myself one more time, then turned my face away.

Would I be able to do this? Marry someone I hated with a passion?

I pondered.

My mother did it and while her marriage wasn't one to emulate, it wasn't the worst thing in the world, I mean, she wasn't happy with my father but she was happy in other ways. Like when she got to go vacationing in the Maldives or something.

The question came again, ringing in my head louder and louder with every passing second.

"Hey, it's time," Johanna said with a smile and I nodded as I pulled myself reluctantly and followed her out of the room.

The drive to the church venue felt almost like a countdown to my execution. The air was calm even though the AC was on. My breathing was irregular and my eyes were fighting against tears the closer we were to the place.

‘I can do this, I can do this.’ I began to chant to myself internally as I took deep breaths.

“Today, you have made me a proud mother.”

I raised my face to my mother, as she pecked my forehead. We were now in a room waiting for the priest to call me in.

From the doctrines, the bride arrives and stays in a room till her appearance is called for.

I scoffed at her remark, but she was no longer paying attention to me.

“I did not make you a proud mother when I graduated as the best student in college. But somehow, today is your proud Mother's Day,” I scoffed again.

As expected, my mother, Ann left the room, a wide smile still plastered on her face. Always that damn stupid mask! In all my years, I had never seen my mother show her genuine emotions and it not only pissed me off at times like these, it broke me and made me cry.

Now by myself in the room, I paced about the room waiting for the minute that I would be called.

“Why are you harassing me?” A loud cry interrupted my reverie.

I practically ran to the window where the voice was coming from to peep.

There were two men in black suits and glasses, surrounding an aged man.

“The boss gave you an order, and you dared go against it?” one of them growled as he pinned the man to the wall with just one hand around his throat.

What were they talking about? I thought, curiosity taking over.

"I didn't…" the man was about to explain when one of the men punched him directly in the face, breaking his nose.

My eyes widened and I gasped in shock as a round of blows followed the first one with zero mercy.

“Let me go please, I promise I will do as I was told." The man coughed,

"Please let me go.”

My hands balled into fists at the sight of what was going on.

I hated the maltreatment and I did not want to tolerate it. As I made to open my mouth to question the authorities that had ordered the bodied men to beat a weak aged man up, one of the men spoke.

“You are lucky today is the boss’s wedding day. That’s the only reason you will be spared.

Get out of here this moment.”

Blood left my veins at that instant, and I immediately went pale.

The boss’s wedding? It was Kylan.

I wanted to unhear everything, and just proceed with the wedding even though it was against my choice. But at this point, it was just too much.

My thoughts wandered through many things and I knew I had to take action. Without thinking twice, still fully dressed I left the room I was in and began to run to the back of the churchyard.

I was not in any way familiar with the venue, but I had to make it out of there somehow.

I saw a small fence on getting to the end, a fence free from people. Realizing that the small gate there was locked, I gave in to jumping the fence.

Shamelessly and still in my wedding dress, I carried myself over the fence.

I had no idea how many minutes were left till they noticed that I was missing. But I prayed I was out of sight before then.

Running through corners and tunnels on foot, I was firm on not marrying Kylan. I couldn't. I didn't want to spend my life wishing I had just taken a chance and run away.

Like the heavens had heard my prayers, a black-tinted Mercedes pulled up in front of me and the owner winded down.

“You need help? Get in!”

I was stunned for a moment. But because I had left my legs to think instead of my brain, I immediately hopped into the car.

Glad that I had found a Saviour away from the devil of a husband-to-be I had.

Chapter 2


I was not excited to know that a lady I had stooped low enough to consider as my wife decided to embarrass me.

Not just on any other day, but on this day that I had managed to pull top businessmen and presidents from all over the world.

Adjusting my glasses that sat on the bridge of my nose, I tried to hide my shame. Whispers had already begun to fill the hall, as the priest’s voice came again.

Facing some girl who had rushed in with the news panicking, he asked, “What did you say?”

“The bride has gone missing. I can’t find her in her room.” She stuttered.

The whisperings increased even more and it pricked my skin. I did not want to be there anymore.

At that point, I knew it was time to leave and just as I made to stand, my right-hand man held me back.

With a low voice, he said, “It won’t be good if you leave right now, Sir. The word will spread even further and it might cause issues for you.”

“It would be even more stupid


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