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In this menacingly manipulated world of a powerful billionaire, Nathaniel Caldwell, he finds himself tangled in the web of his own lies and endless obsession for wealth and control. In this epic twist of fate where tables turned and men fell. Nathaniel’s nemesis turned out to be his own flesh and blood in the person of Emily, his abandoned child. Emily realized in the worst way possible that she had wealthy blood after unconsciously eloping with her step brother, Aaron. Nathaniel is given a taste of his own medicine after many years of getting away with evil. Will he win the war or will Emily ruin him as she promised? Find out what happens next in this imagination triggering book.


“Eleanor Harrison-Caldwell” Mr. Nathaniel Caldwell called with so much pride and admiration for his wife as they walked into their new home. 


Nathaniel Caldwell, a British man,he is gifted in height and facials. Very thick and easy on the eyes. He is the CEO of the largest empire known to man in the modern age. He is, by himself, a world power. He owns ‘The Caldwell Empire’. To call him a mafia leader is safe. The old money kind of wealthy is the best kind of wealthy, according to him. He is powerful, affluent, and extremely wealthy. “I don’t take no for an answer” is his go-to reply because he really does not. And the best part, if you ask me, is that he is self-made. 


As he stood in his mighty mansion, maid servants flocked to the area, trembling in his presence. Everyone walks on eggshells and thin lines around Nathaniel Caldwell. Everyone except Eleanor. Eleanor Harrison-Caldwell, his newlywed wife.


He met Eleanor at a business event about three years ago and was instantly captivated by her mesmerizing voice and rare intelligence. She was like something he had never seen before. To him, she was a new discovery specially created for him. 


Eleanor is a very elegant woman in her early twenties. Her beauty could not be measured. Eleanor is American and grew up there. She was made with a large heart of gold. Her soft expressions made her even more appealing. She is tall and always very composed. She always looked clean and pleasant. Purposeful and focused in her steps, her brilliance is always noticed by everyone wherever she goes. If perfect was a person, it would be Eleanor. 


“Here we are, my princess. Your new home.” Nathaniel's deep voice echoed. Eleanor smiled at him. Her perfect set of white teeth beamed so radiantly, it was hard not to look. 


They complimented each other so much that their relationship was envied by all who wanted what they had. And even all who wanted them. Nathaniel and Eleanor are so good-looking, everyone wants them. 


Eleanor did not grow up rich, but she was hardworking and had already mastered the art of moving on and taking care of herself. Just like she did when her dad left that night when he thought no one was watching. She was too young to understand, but as she grew up, she watched her mother struggle to fend for a family of five because she was the first of four siblings. She promised herself that no man would ever do that to her. 


“Shall we?” Eleanor asked, looking at Nathaniel as she stretched her hand in the embrace of his large palm. 


"Yes, my princess,” he laughed in response. 


As they walked according to the directions Nathaniel was giving, Eleanor could not help but admire the entirety of her new abode. She smiled internally, very happy that Nathaniel had crossed her path. 


“It’s beautiful, I know. I designed it myself, you know?” Nathaniel smiled, looking at Eleanor, as she scanned the whole place with her large, beautiful eyes.


“You designed it? Really?” She smiled, looking at Nathaniel, like she didn’t believe him. She didn’t. 


“Your tone tells me you don’t believe me. I really did.” Nathaniel’s voice became soft, begging her to believe him. 


“It’s fine, baby; I believe you." Eleanor said, stretching to kiss Nathaniel’s hairy cheeks. 


“Thank you,” he said, very proud of himself. 


"Nathan, you really built yourself a palace.” Eleanor blurted out as they got to the master’s bedroom’s door. 


“It’s massive, isn’t it?” He smirked with evident pride. 


“You!” He suddenly shouted as a maid passed. 


“Open this door!” He firmly ordered 

The maid servant, Polly, opened the door with the last strength in her vessel and stood aside breathlessly as Nathaniel and Eleanor walked into their bedroom. 


Eleanor stopped at the doorpost, tapped Polly’s shoulder, and smiled at her in appreciation. Polly bowed and left. Eleanor became a princess over night. 


“That’s the bathroom, and that’s the bed." Nathaniel pointed out the obvious.


“Oh my bad, I didn’t notice." Eleanor laughed with loud sarcasm. 


"This is where all the magic is going to happen,” he said in a lowered tone, lifting her up and gently placing her on the bed.


“What magic?” She asked maliciously, arms and legs wrapped around Nathaniel.


He gently let go of her on the bed, got down on his knees, and placed his hands on her fleshy hips. Looking up at her, he whispered,


“Wanna find out?”


He carefully took off her shoes, and she opened her legs wider, causing her dress to fall on her face. 


“Good girl,” he whispered, slowly burying his head deep between her thighs. 


“Fuck!” she moaned, trying to control her shaking legs. 


“I love your scent, mama.”


His talking into her made her shake and stifle more loud moans than she thought. 




"Shhhhhh,” he ordered as his tongue worked its way to her clitoral area. 


“Ahhhh fuckkk”


He went from licking to nipping to harshly sucking, then thrusting in and out, then stroking. His tongue did it all. 


“You want more?” Nathan asked, lifting his head and replacing his tongue with his index finger, slowly thrusting her clitoral area. Clearly driving her insane. 


“Oh yes, yes, yes, please, yes." Eleanor was shaking with her eyes behind her head.


“Faster pleaseee… I’m so close


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