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The Billionaire's Cursed Love

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Valentino Veldiar is an elusive bachelor. His name is well-known in the Falkor City, a billionaire with so much power and wealth, and not to mention that every single person that had the luck to see him from afar swears that he looks like a god who descended to the world. But they don't know his secret. Valentino Veldiar is the last dragon shifter alive. He practically built the city. He was there from every generation there is. He had lived thousands of years, cursed from the love he can’t have. And, as he tries to live a normal life, Lucille Cales appears, the woman who has been reincarnated several times and Valentino's true love—if only they weren't cursed by fate and circumstances that make it difficult for them to be together. As Valentino tries his best to avoid Lucille, Lucille finds herself getting attracted to her elusive boss. But will fate give them a different ending?

Chapter 1

"Sir, these are the papers you must sign," Valentino's secretary, Henry Taylor, places the papers on the table's side.

It was four o'clock in the afternoon, just an hour before every employee in this company finished their shift, but as the company owner, Valentino does care so little about working late. And right now, he was just leaning back in his swivel chair, his back to his table. His eyes were shut.

Henry would think his boss was sleeping if he didn't know any better. He is well aware that the great Valentino Veldiar does not sleep. Or maybe he does sleep, but Henry had never seen him actually doing it nor does he think he was capable of sleeping at all.

He was nervous as he waited for the billionaire to open his eyes.

Valentino Veldiar is the wealthiest in Falkor City. Every living being, including the dead, is terrified of his name. He's almost a god in this place and is known as an elusive bachelor. He rarely shows himself to the public.

Every woman in Falkor City was dying to be the next Mrs. Veldiar. He has power and wealth, and everyone who has seen him from afar swears he looks like a descended god.

They are, however, unaware of his secret. Valentino Veldiar is the last remaining dragon shifter. He practically built the city. He was present in all generations.

Henry was still standing near the table. Valentino has been silent for more than five minutes. Henry realizes he should have been prepared for this. He had been trained for this since he was a child. For generations, his family had served the immortal dragon. They keep this secret religiously as if their lives depend on it.

Valentino's deep voice suddenly echoed within the office, just as Henry thought his boss would say nothing.

"Just bring me a cup of coffee and leave once your shift ends. There's no need to drive me home," Valentino said abruptly, and Henry felt his knees tremble from how intimidating the billionaire sounded.

It's only been five months since he began serving the billionaire, and he's still nervous around him. Perhaps it was because he was aware that if he made a mistake, he could die in the blink of an eye.

“Y-yes, sir…”

Valentino turned around as soon as he heard Henry's trembling voice.

As he watches his secretary, who is clearly panicking, a small smile escapes his lips. "Months have passed, Henry. When are you going to stop fidgeting in my presence? Do I still scare you?" Valentino inquires sarcastically.

Henry felt his heart rate drop as a result of his nervousness. "I apologize, sir. I know it sounds strange, but knowing who and what you are still astounds me. I can't believe our family has been serving an immortal dragon until now,"

Valentino chuckled. "Henry, you should get used to it. You'll see me for the rest of your life. I know it's difficult to believe, but the sooner you accept that fact, the easier it will be to relax and focus on your work."

Henry nodded his head. "I understand, sir. I'll do my best to be at ease with your presence,"

Valentino locked his gaze on him for a split second. Henry takes a big gulp.

Despite the fact that Valentino had always told him to treat him like a regular person, the fact that he knew what he was not something he could easily forget.

He is a freaking dragon!

Valentino chuckled and simply nodded as he motioned his secretary to leave. He can't help but shake his head when he's alone.

"He reminds me of his father. I just hope it doesn't take him a year to get used to his responsibilities," Valentino chuckled again before returning his attention to the papers Henry had given him.

He would never have imagined living a life like this a hundred years ago. Time has passed so fast that before he knew it, he is already living a modern life.

He had mastered the art of living like a normal human being. He had been used to changing his name, his persona, and everything that needed to be erased while only keeping his last name over the years. He had no choice because people would be perplexed as to why he never aged. He carefully plans everything, from creating a fake family to even faking his death so he could assume a new life.

And he was able to accomplish all of this with the assistance of Henry's family, who had served him for generations, keeping his secret and making things easier for him.

Henry returned with a coffee for Valentino, as requested. After serving it to his table, his secretary returned to his table to complete the rest of his deliverables.

The truth is that he doesn't really need to go through all of these papers. He has the option of assigning Henry to the job, and he knows that his secretary is more than capable of handling all of his businesses. But he does not do so.

He had accomplished everything in his life while living for eternity. He was prepared to die, but death does not come to him no matter how many times he wishes it would. He was begging for it.

He had tried to live a normal life for years. He hadn't shifted into his dragon form in a long time. If an actual dragon is seen in this century, it will cause chaos for which no one will ever be prepared.

Valentino had no trouble disguising himself off as a regular human. He can already control his strength and any dragon-like tendencies at this point. He can even conceal his blue aura, though he is certain that no living being can see it at this point even if he doesn’t try to hide it.

Valentino was sure he was the only one left in his skyscraper at ten o'clock in the evening.

He leans on his swivel chair and faced the glass wall behind him. Outside was the bright lights in Falkor, the city he had come to call home. That's why, even with everything that had happened in the past, he never left, despite the fact that this place holds so many painful memories for him.

A long sigh escaped his lips.

He finally stood up and grabbed his coat before walking towards the door. The lights in his office were turned off with a snap of his fingers. He rarely employs any of his abilities, but on nights like this, he simply succumbs to his power.

He quickly pressed the button for the basement parking where his car was as he rode the elevator. He wished to drive through the city to help him relax.

Driving had always come naturally to him. He was able to reach a location near his heart in no time.

The forest spot where he used to be had now been converted into a large park where people of all ages come to rest. And as Valentino stands in front of a fountain, he can't help but close his eyes as memories flash before his eyes.

A grim smile escaped his lips as he placed his hands in both pockets. "It's different now, but it still feels the same..." he said quietly.

And as a gust of wind embraced him, he was startled when a hand wrapped around his waist, forcing him to turn to his side.

Valentino had come here for centuries, always admiring it as he reflected on his past. But for some reason, this night felt different.

As he turns his gaze, his dragon heart began to beat violently inside his chest for some strange reason.

F*ck. There’s no way.

But he understood what it meant. That ferocious beating of his dragon heart could only mean one thing.

She's here.

And he was correct. Because as he turns his gaze, he became immobilized as his eyes landed on the very familiar face in front of him - the face of the same woman he had loved for centuries.

He hasn't seen that beautiful face in a hundred years. Valentino had tried everything he could, after all the heartache and obvious weakening of his heart as a result of it, to avoid her reincarnations and ensure their paths never crossed again until the wick of his immortal life finally turned to ashes.

He can't believe she's standing in front of him and that she found him first.

Her familiar doe eyes were staring at him with a fearful expression on them. It was like she was afraid of something and Valentino, despite his hesitation to see her again, can't help but feel concerned.

"I'm sorry for what I'm about to do," she said with urgency. Even the sound of her voice was so familiar. And before Valentino knew what was going on, the woman he loves leaned forward, tipping her toes until her lips collided with his.

That's when he realized, history was repeating itself.

Chapter 2

“Are you sure you can go home alone? You know it’s not very safe in the city these days. The news about people missing had been so frequent that sometimes I am also scared about going home,” Hannah stated. There was an obvious fear on the expression showing on her face as if remembering something but didn’t dwell on it any further.

Celine grimaced as another hiccup escaped her lips while Lucille was trying her best to help her stand up. They were waiting for the cab that they booked from a service app.

Lucille smiled at Hannah. “The night is still young and there are still so many people outside. I think I will be fine. Worry for this stubborn girl instead. I am pretty sure she will be whining first thing tomorrow the moment she wakes up,”

Both Lucille and Hannah chuckled as they both look at Celine who was obviously too drunk to the point of not being able to realize that she had already been the topic of the two.

“Fine, but make sure to send us a message on


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