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The CEO And His Assistant

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Angela a twenty-three-year-old, is trying to make ends meet after a rough past. She meets a stranger in a store and slapped him due to an argument not knowing he's her future boss. But when her future boss Tristan, enraged by her action, finds out about her past, he uses it as leverage to make her work for him as his personal assistant. At first, Angela resents Tristan for using her past against her, and the two clash constantly. Tristan is demanding and expects nothing but the best and perfection from Angela, who finds herself struggling to keep up with his high standards. As they work together day after day, Angela begins to see a different side to Tristan. He may be demanding and harsh but he is also kind and thoughtful, and Angela finds herself slowly falling for him, even though she knows it's a bad idea. Tristan, too, begins to see Angela in a new light. He admires her hard work and determination, and he can't help but be drawn to her fiery personality. As they spend more time together, their feelings for each other grow stronger, but Angela is still haunted by her past, and she worries that Tristan will never be able to look past it. Sure enough, her past began to resurface, threatening their relationship. In the end, Angela must decide whether to let her past define her or whether to trust Tristan and let herself be vulnerable to love. Tristan, too, must decide whether to let go of his past and embrace the future with Angela. Together, they must navigate the challenges of their pasts and the present as they discover that sometimes the person you least expect can become the love of your life.


“You’re going to work for me”

he said while looking me straight in the eyes and I gulped

“work for you? Why?”  He smirked and came closer to me, his face was so close to mine that for a while I thought he was going to kiss me but he just smirked again and I swear it was so devilish

“Because if you don’t, I’m gonna make you very sorry. That’s right, I know your little secret and I am very capable of sending you to prison.”

My heart skipped three beats at his revelation but I tried to keep my cool. There’s no way he knows, it’s not possible, nobody knows about it so how did he know.

“What secret?” I asked indifferently while taking a step back from him. He laughed maniacally and took a step closer

“You’re really going to play this game Angela? Really? Well then, since you want me to jog your memory, have a sit”

he gestured for me to sit and proceeded to sit on the opposite chair.

He stared at me for a while and I tried desperately to hide my fear. “Well? I’m waiting” I said trying to sound as relaxed and indifferent as possible.

He took out his phone and played a video then set it in front of me, blood drained from my face as I watched it. How was this possible, I could have sworn that no one saw this happening . I shut my eyes as the memory replayed in my head, the screams, the sound, the anger, the gory image, blood…. I opened my eyes suddenly

“Stop” I said in a chocked voice and he paused the video and put it back in his pocket.

He crossed his arms over his chest and smirked “appearances can be deceiving. Wouldn’t you agree, Miss Cameron?”

“What do you want from me” I asked angrily

“I already told you, I want you to work for me”

“Why? I don’t know you from anywhere and by the way I can sue you for blackmail”

“Really? Well then, go right ahead and sue me but I assure you that your time in prison would be way more than my time in prison or you may even get killed and may I remind you that you don’t have any proof, I on the other hand have proof. So please go ahead, sue me” I stared at him blankly, he was right, he has proof, video proof, I have nothing to prove that he is indeed trying to blackmail me.

“What do you want me to do?” I finally asked and he smirked

“Easy, be my assistant”

I stared at him in confusion

“Assistant?” He nodded

“Yeah, my assistant, you know, follow me around, write out my schedules, just basically everything an assistant does”

“Why assistant? With what you have on me, I was expecting like a maid or something like that” he smiled

“Don’t think it’s going to be easy Angela, I plan on making you very miserable” I sighed. There it is, I thought and I looked him squarely in the eyes

“All this for a slap Mr Perry?” I chuckled “I regret stepping foot in that goddamn mall” I mumbled

“I told you you’re gonna pay for it” he stood up “so miss Cameron, are you in or out?” I glared at him for a while before saying

“I’m in”

He tossed me a huge stack of paper “what the hell is this?” I asked

“It’s your contract, I suggest you read it first before signing it” I stared at the stack in my laps, he’s kidding right? How on earth does he expect me to read this

“No thank you Mr Perry, I don’t need to read it” he raised a brow as I signed it and handed it back to him

“When do I start?” I asked

“Tomorrow, I want you in my office by six a.m tomorrow, am I clear?”

“Six a.m? Why? Isn’t that too early?” I asked in a panicky voice and he chuckled

“If you read your contract, Miss Cameron, you would have known that it states that your boss is not to be questioned at any point in time, whatever I say, stands and you need to be here by six a.m tomorrow morning. Now, have a good day” he gestured for me to leave and I did. Maybe I should have read that contract I thought to myself as I left his office. That b*st*rd!

Chapter 1

Tristan watched the lady from his window, she hailed a cab and left. He told her he would make her pay, she had dared to hit him, in public for that matter, he’ll make sure to put her in her place. Who the hell was she, he was Tristan Perry, billionaire, son of Travis Perry, no one not even his own father had hit him in his life and this lady, a criminal, a commoner from the gutter dared to breathe the same air with him and even worse, hit him? He would make sure that this would be the first and last time she’ll ever try it.

He got his private detective do a little research on her and that’s how he was able to get his hands on the video, he has more details about her that he won’t yet reveal to her, he’ll wait for another perfect opportunity to present itself again, then he’ll use it on her. His phone rang and he picked it up. It was his detective

“Talk to me Sean”

“Sir, there’s something else you should know about miss Cameron”

“Okay? I’m listening….”


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