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The Billionaire's Annoying Ward

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“If you think I would not touch you, think again.” His breath fanned her face as he backed her into a corner. What made her think he would restrain himself? “Just because you’re William’s daughter—that means nothing to me. You could warm my bed just fine if you’re going to seduce me with your body like this. Tell me, what would you ask in return?” He bit her earlobe, and she whimpered. Melissa Franklin’s dad named his best friend in his will rather than his only daughter. She can’t have access to her inheritance until she turns 30, which is seven years away. Klyde Henderson, a man twice her age, became her legal guardian. But the man’s respect for her father did not extend to her. In his eyes, she’s a useless brat. Melissa needed to find a way to get her hands on her inheritance. That’s when the seduction games began.

Chapter 1 – Her Inheritance

People might think Melissa was heartless. When her father died, she didn’t even shed a single tear. Well, what did they expect? It’s not as if she’s close to her old man.

Since her mother died, her father was never home. She could count with her fingers the number of times they had met in the last few years. He wasn’t affectionate, and aside from the excessive financial support, there’s nothing else she received from him. She did try to get close, but he’s the one who wasn’t willing. He said it was enough that he’s providing for her material needs. She shouldn’t expect more. So she didn’t.

Right now, all she’s feeling was annoyance. Melissa was irritated because her source of funds had gone. And no, she’s not receiving anything as her inheritance. Legally, it should be hers. That was, if he hadn’t written that freaking Last Will and Testament naming his best friend as the recipient and holder of it until she turned thirty years old.

Like . . . really? Thirty? She’s only twenty-three! There’s what? Seven more years before she could spend it? It’s unbelievable.

The man was also named as her legal guardian until she satisfied the condition to receive her inheritance. It made her speechless. Her? Someone of legal age was being given a legal guardian? Was that a joke?

The lawyer explained that she could think of him as a trustee. The man, Klyde Henderson, would be managing the funds and disbursing her just enough to live a simple life. He’s not allowed to use it for his own.

As if he needed it, Melissa snorted. He’s wealthier than her father. Why would her dad even think of giving everything to him? Even the house was sold! Now, she had nowhere to go!

She always receives her monthly allowance on time. Savings wasn’t in her vocabulary. So, right now, she really had nothing. Her old man just had to die near the month-end, catching her unawares.

She did attend his funeral, though. But frankly, it was unnecessary. There’s nothing she’s supposed to do. She was just there to be gossiped about. The absentee daughter! Huh, if they only knew how much of an absentee father William was . . . But he’s already dead, and you don’t bad-mouth the dead. So, it was her who was deemed cold and heartless.

Now, the biggest problem in her mind was getting money from the mountain of gold. Getting an appointment with Klyde was much harder than getting one from William. Just what exactly was wrong with those people? Why couldn't they be normal? Were they that busy? She couldn't wait any longer. She only had a couple of hundred dollars in her wallet! That couldn't last her a day.

You have to think, though. Melissa was used to an extravagant life established by her father. She had no qualms spending his money because she knew it was hers by right. The man had the obligation to support her, and half of it was supposedly from her mother anyway. She couldn’t remember now how her lovely and wonderful mother ended up marrying such a cold man, devoid of all emotions.

She’s so close to causing a scene at Henderson’s company lobby. If she had to wait for another hour, she swore she’s going to trash all their decorative jars. She eyed a dozen of them, looking very expensive in their containers.

Thankfully, she was told to go up to the CEO’s floor. But upon arriving there, she was asked to wait as the man was still attending a meeting. Melissa huffed and asked the secretary for snacks. She spent nearly an hour reading magazines and eating unfamiliar food. Oddly, she’s not actually picky. It’s just that the people around her had certain expectations, and she lived up to them: what she buys, what she eats, where she shops, what car she drives . . . those things. But when there’s no pressure, no voice speaking in her ear, she did whatever. Right now, there’s no one to ask her why she’s eating ordinary meat buns, so she munched on them quite satisfactorily. She’s hungry, that’s why.

When the man walked into the office, she quickly stood up. She’d be damned if he told her to meet him some other time. She needed her money today.

She raised an eyebrow when he looked at her with a frown.

Chapter 2 – Her Visit

Klyde looked at the young woman waiting for him on his floor. His secretary introduced her as Melissa Franklin. Hearing her name, he seemed to recognize it. ‘Ah, William’s brat.’ She saw the moment of recognition shown on his face. It was only for a moment, then his expression returned to one of coldness. It felt as if he’s looking down on her. It made her frown and glare at him.

She didn’t greet him, so he merely gestured for her to follow him inside his office. Inside, he threw a question at her.

“To what do I owe this visit?” His tone was filled with sarcasm.

Melissa rolled her eyes at him. Was he really forty-six?

“You still have to ask? I’m sure you know.”

Klyde turned around and sat on his chair, raising an eyebrow at her.

“Do I? I don’t recall anything. I have another meeting in thirty minutes, and you’re eating up my break time. Get to the point.”

Ugh. She’s starting to feel exasperated.

“My allowance for this month? Send it to


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