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The Billionaire Psychopath

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Echoes of screams and laughter shifted her attention toward her bedroom. Rachel removed her flip-flops so she could take quiet steps. She walked silently, one foot after the other just like she was trained to walk as a model. The strange noises increased with every step she took. Luckily for her, the door was slightly open and the lights were on. She took a glance and again she froze. Clarke stood like a vicious creature stroking his d*ck into Georgia like it was his last time on earth. What will be the outcome of this discovery... Read to find out.

Chapter 1 - Made of Silk

Rachel couldn't resist the urge of looking through her window every minute, while She sat on her bed patiently, waiting for her husband to come back home to her. It was just a few hours before her birthday and her palms were already sweaty, so many messages and posts from her multiple internet fans.She couldn't stop stamping her left foot and rubbing her thighs together, It was very evident that they were more excited than she was concerning her birthday.She didn't hear the sound of her husband's car entering the garage or the sound of his footsteps when he came into their house.In a short while, Clarke walked into her room quietly. When she saw him, a shiver ran through her body. The smile she wore initially turned into a funny grimace."honey, you look tired," she said He came closer without saying a word. His silence poked holes into her elastic heart and she was mute too.He grazed her skin with his fingers, from her lips down to her chest slowly. He touched her breast gently like she was made of silk and She blinked as her eyes acclimated."you have the most beautiful eyes" Clarke admired. " thank you, my love but you look so tired, I reckon you have some shower......."She politely removed his hand with a mischievous smile."Okay, I will do just that"He entered the bathroom leaving his phone and his wristwatch on her table. Rachel enjoyed the way he did exactly what she requested him to do. It was one of his qualities that made her fall in love with him, walk the aisle with him, and even dump her former abusive partner to be with Clarke.The media and other gossip blogs did try to make it seem like she married him for his money. It was undeniably one of her boxes he ticked but what drew her closer to him was the way he made her feel important.Rachel sat on her bed waiting for her husband to join her, she scrolled through her social media before she heard Clarke's phone make a funny sound.It was a sound his phone always made whenever he got messages from his contacts.She ignored it and carried on with her browsing until the sounds turned into noise. "honey" she called but he didn't respond.The intensity of the shower prevented him from hearing her.Out of curiosity, she decided to know who could be sending her husband such a disturbing amount of messages. A new message came into his phone every minute within thirty minutes.She didn't like that she had to snitch on her husband behind his back, it was against morality but someone had to let the curious cat out of the bag.She took his phone and opened it without effort then she froze.Her heart pounded and her head spun as though invisible fingers ran through her spine. Rachel felt pain physically in her heart while she struggled to breathe in and out. A sudden wave of disappointment made its way into her mind.She stared fixedly at his screen until she heard a little creaking sound from the bathroom door.Thoughts of her abusive ex roaring with laughter clouded her mind.Rachel sat still like she was paralyzed and she watched Clarke come out from the bathroom holding the towel against his face and his manhood swinging like a temple's bell."babe, I can't find my phone" yelled Clarke She quietly pointed her finger toward her table where he kept it with his wristwatch.He picked up his phone, went through it for a few minutes, and dropped it.He acted so nonchalantly about it, he was not aware that she knew he was cheating on her and Rachel tried her best to keep calm since the next day was her birthday. It was midnight and Rachel's alarm rang.While he applied lotion, Rachel was busy replying to her birthday wishes. Her hands were shaking as she slowly typed the many thank you and I love you to her friends and fans."babe, close your eyes. I have a surprise for you"She dropped her phone like she was a robot and he was her master. Her eyes were shut and her heart was broken into many pieces. She could feel it.All she could think of was screaming, crying out, and stabbing herself with a pocket knife until she bleeds to death."Open your eyes" he requested softly"what is this?""I saw your pictures of tesla cars on our phone so I decided to get you one, these are your documents of ownership of a Tesla car at our garage.""thank you""you're welcome, I love you""love you too" she faked a smile.Before the day dawned crisp and clear, Clarke was already out for work and Rachel still lay on her bed, making a struggle to be fully woke.Gradually, she stood up from her bed reaching out for the curtains, as the rays of the sun steeped into her room.its lights shone through her clothes, creating mysterious shadows. The breeze was so cool, all she could see was the morning dew.She sat in the kitchen staring at a bottle of beer. She opened it and gulped continuously till the bottle was empty." I'm so sorry, I've been knocking for hours but I didn't get any response so I decided to come in. This is inappropriate and wrong of name is charity, and I just moved in yesterday."To Rachel four women who look alike and were wearing the same clothes stood in front of her.She holds a knife and squeezes it against her palms."you're bleeding, oh my God! I should call 911" charity yells " Am I not enough?" Rachel finally speaks with tears packed in her eyes."huh?"" Am I not sufficient?" she hits the table so hard that the bottle breaks and leaves her with so many bruises on her face."This is 911, how can we help you, ma'am"

Chapter 2 - A Knife Through The Heart

CHAPTER 2.A KNIFE THROUGH THE HEART.Clarke adjusted his neatly knotted tie situated elegantly on his neck.He had put the tie in a half Windsor knot style which was best fitting his Italian-tailored suit earlier that morning.He pressed the button to the elevator and the doors separated alluring with a ding.He briskly walks into the elevator with no other thoughts than the astounding text he had received earlier.The elevator doors were impeded from closing by a light-skinned hand, the milky nature of the wrist was illuminating.Their hands were withdrawn when the elevator opened again. “Are you leaving without me.....sir?” the voice said coquettishly.Clarke appeared very uncomfortable as he kept on adjusting his tie and avoiding eye contact with an elegantly looking lady standing beside him. “How did you get pregnant?” Clarke asked firmly while glaring defiantly a


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