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The billionaire pretend girlfriend

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Liam Jones was a self made arrogant billionaire who hated women with passion all because of his mother,who left him and his father after stealing away his father's property which resulted in his father dying of heart attack. His hatred for his mother affected his love life ,as he refused to ever have anyone in his life until he crossed paths with an orphan called Amelia latest who lost her memory and mistook him for the love of her life. He started developing feelings for her without noticing it. The second thing Liam hated the most was liars.What happens when Amelia gains her memory and acts like she didn’t?And what will Liam do when he finds out she has been lying to him? Will everything end when she comes in contact with Andrew who wanted her back in his life?



Review after half of the novel

An exciting and a romantic and a dramatic book. this book too was so hard to put down. I like to read how friendships are formed and how love between different people develops. kag gillsr how the author describes the love between people, you can feel the love through orders. I liked the unsolicited disputes that appeared. everything from death to birth. and the willpower not to give up hope. I can really really recommend this amazing book book book.

March 1, 2024

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