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The billionaire pretend girlfriend

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Liam Jones was a self made arrogant billionaire who hated women with passion all because of his mother,who left him and his father after stealing away his father's property which resulted in his father dying of heart attack. His hatred for his mother affected his love life ,as he refused to ever have anyone in his life until he crossed paths with an orphan called Amelia latest who lost her memory and mistook him for the love of her life. He started developing feelings for her without noticing it. The second thing Liam hated the most was liars.What happens when Amelia gains her memory and acts like she didn’t?And what will Liam do when he finds out she has been lying to him? Will everything end when she comes in contact with Andrew who wanted her back in his life?

Chapter 1

Thunderous sounds reverberate as water splattered against the glass, the rain showing no mercy as heavy droplets poured down violently.

Amelia Lotest stood in the middle of the road, drenched by the downpour. However, she seemed unfazed by the raging storm.

"Why me?" she finally spoke with a husky voice that hinted at an impending cold.

"Why do you keep playing games with my life?" Amelia raised her voice, but received no response except for the crackling sound of lightning.

Amelia fell to her knees and let out a heart-wrenching cry, tears streaming down her face, indistinguishable from the rainwater that washed them away. Yet, if you looked closely into her eyes, you would notice their redness and her bruised, swollen face, as if she had been beaten.

She rose to her feet, shaking her head as if experiencing convulsions. "I can't live like this anymore," she said to herself, glancing around and spotting a vehicle approaching.

"Alright, guys, I'm off," said a young, dashing man with broad shoulders and glowing, smooth skin. His bright green eyes complemented his sharp jawline.

"Come on, Liam, it's still early. Have a drink with us," a man in the corner of the bar suggested, referring to the young man named Liam.

"Nah, I've got to get back home," Liam replied, declining the offer.

"Elliot is right, stay with us and let's have a few more drinks," another guy chimed in, backing the one who had offered Liam a drink.

"Come on, a couple of drinks won't hurt," Elliot, who now held a bottle of wine, handed it to Liam, but he shook his head, refusing him.

"I'm already tipsy, and I have to drive. I don't want to get any more drunk than this," Liam stated, earning a groan from a heavily tattooed and pierced man who slowly approached him.

"Sorry, guys, but it's already 1:34 am, and I have to go..." Liam's words were interrupted by the tattooed man, who stood in front of him with a cigarette in his mouth.

"Yes?" Liam questioned why the man stood before him, as if ready to knock him down.

"You're Liam Scott, right?" the tattooed man finally spoke, taking a puff from his cigarette and blowing the smoke in Liam's face, causing him to cough slightly. The tattooed man chuckled.

"What, mama's boy can't even handle a little smoke?" the tattooed man mocked.

"I'm off!" Liam turned to leave, but the tattooed man grabbed his right shoulder, causing Elliot to become concerned. Liam turned to look at the man's hand on his shoulder.

"Get your hands off me!" Liam said calmly but with a deadly tone.

The tattooed man was about to say something when Elliot intervened. "Get your hands off him, Giovani. What's wrong with you?" Elliot said, removing Giovani's hand from Liam's shoulder.

"No need to get worked up, Scott. I was just messing with you," Giovani chuckled, his deep voice disgusting Liam.

"Bye, Elliot," Liam bid farewell to Elliot.

"Bye, dude," Elliot smiled at him.

Liam was already on his way to the exit but halted in his tracks upon hearing Giovani's words.

"Make sure to take a sl*t home to satisfy your needs," Giovani blurted out. Liam turned to look at him with disgust.

"What did you say?" Liam, already on the edge of control, asked.

"Make sure to take a sl*t home to satisfy your needs," Giovani repeated with a smirk on his face.

"You disgust me!" Liam spat out.

"Tell me, guys, did I say anything wrong?" Giovani asked his friends.

"No!" they all chanted, laughing.

"But he's too much of a virgin to do that," another guy shouted, causing everyone to burst into laughter. Liam, however, didn't find it amusing. Elliot noticed that Liam wasn't in a smiling mood.

"Alright, guys, that's enough," Elliot said, attempting to stop the laughter as Giovani flicked his cigarette butt at Elliot.

"Know your place, dude. You're not the boss of me just because I decided to have a drink with you. Doesn't mean you get to boss me around," Giovani stated.

Seeing Liam's anger brewing, Giovani smirked from the corner of his eyes.

"But come on, Scott, you're a young tycoon... Well, that's what the news says about you. How come you don't have anyone in your life?" Giovani questioned Liam, who struggled to contain his anger.

"I mean, if I had that kind of money, I'd probably have hoes around me," Giovani added, prompting Liam to yell.

"How dare you!" Liam rushed at Giovani and unleashed a flurry of punches on him.

Giovani stumbled to the ground, yelping in pain as he clutched his gut. His friends witnessed the state Giovani was in and rushed to attack Liam. A few minutes later, Liam grabbed his jacket and went to meet Elliot.

"Never invite me for a drink again if things like this are going to happen!" Liam warned Elliot, referring to Giovani and his men, who now lay on the ground with broken legs and noses.

Liam had given them a serious beating before leaving the bar, leaving Elliot astonished by what had just transpired.

"This isn't over, Scott!" Giovani yelled from the ground.

"Oh, I think it is. Peace out, motherfuckers," Liam trash-talked them before making his way out.

Liam drove home, still seething with anger at Giovani's words about not having anyone in his life.

"Gosh, I hate that b*st*rd!" Liam cursed at Giovani while driving faster.

The heavy rain made it difficult for Liam to see the road clearly, and he couldn't shake off the incident at the bar from his mind. Suddenly, a girl appeared in front of his car.

Liam's eyes widened, and he slammed on the brakes, but it was too late. The girl was sent flying, blood covering her body, causing Liam to gasp.

"Oh my God!" Liam yelled, opening his car door and rushing to the girl lying on the ground, her own blood pooling around her. He swiftly lifted her up and carried her into his car, immediately driving to the hospital.

Liam arrived at the hospital with the injured girl on his back, urgently seeking help.

A nurse approached, wondering what was wrong upon seeing the girl on Liam's back.

"How did she get hurt?" the nurse asked Liam.

"Don't ask me stupid questions! Call the doctor immediately!" he yelled at the nurse, who nodded and went to get the doctor.

A few minutes later, the nurse returned with the doctor.

"How can I help you?" the doctor asked Liam.

"For God's sake, what kind of hospital is this? Can't you see a girl on my back bleeding?" Liam screamed, drawing everyone's attention.

"Oh, what happened to her?" the doctor inquired.

"She was hit by a d*mn car! Now, will you do your job?" Liam's patience was wearing thin as someone's life hung in the balance because of him.

"Wait, you're Liam Scott, I knew you looked familiar," the doctor blurted out, causing some nurses to whisper among themselves and smile at Liam.

"Well, it's a police case, but since you're a popular tycoon and we can't let a young lady lose her life... Nurse, get this lady to the operating room now!" the doctor ordered. Immediately, they brought a table and laid the injured girl upon it before rushing her to the operating room.

"If anything happens to her, I will make sure to have this hospital shut down," Liam threatened the doctor, who stood there like a statue.

"She will be fine. Can I get your autograph?" the doctor asked sheepishly.

"Get out of here!" Liam yelled at him in disbelief.

A few minutes later, the doctor emerged from the operating room. Liam rushed towards him, hoping for good news.

"How is she, doc?" Liam impatiently asked.

"Well, she is fine, but..." the doctor started to say, but Liam interrupted him.

"But?" Liam inquired anxiously.

"Calm down, Mr. Scott. She must be really important to you," the doctor smiled.

"I asked you a question, doc," Liam said through gritted teeth, his mind on the verge of losing control.

"She is fine, but the impact of the hit was so strong that it caused her to lose some of her memory," the doctor revealed.

"Are you saying she has amnesia?" Liam asked, his confusion evident.

"Yes, I suggest you take proper care of your girlfriend and avoid stressing her," the doctor suggested.

"She's not my girlfriend. Can I see her now?" Liam clarified before requesting to visit the girl.

"Yeah, just turn to your left, and you'll find Room 208, where your girlfriend is being kept," the doctor chuckled slightly, earning a glare from Liam.

Liam made his way to Room 208, taking a deep breath before opening the door. Inside, he saw the girl sitting up on the bed with the assistance of a nurse.

"Hey, are you okay?" he asked the girl, who looked at him with a smile on her face.

"I'm fine, Andrew," she replied weakly.


Chapter 2

Liam was confused about what she meant by Andrew. He looked at the nurse who was clearing her tools on the table.

"What does she mean by that?" he asked, staring at the girl who had a strangely bright smile on her face.

The door opened, and the doctor entered the room.

"Doctor, what's going on here?" Liam questioned the doctor as he was starting to lose his patience.

"Can I talk to you outside for a minute, Mr. Scott?" the doctor gestured to the door. Liam slightly frowned but nodded before following the doctor outside.

"Go on!" Liam signaled for the doctor to explain.

"Well, you see, Mr. Scott, your girlfriend is suffering from temporary amnesia due to the impact of the hit," the doctor explained.

"What!" Liam yelled.

"Calm down, Mr. Scott. I know how you feel, but it's just temporary. Your girlfrie


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