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The Billionaire CEO's Sweet Revenge

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"You've failed me, Faith. We've been married for seven years, and you haven't given me an heir to the company. I can't continue a life with someone useless to me. I have met someone else, and she is more than willing and able to give me a child.”   Three long years had passed since Faith, now 30 years old, had laid eyes on her selfish ex-husband. Now, on the verge of confronting him face to face, this meeting promised to be different. She wasn't just his former wife and the mother of his unknown child; she had transformed into the new CEO and owner of a rival company, a force threatening to surpass his sinking business. In the shadow of his company's desperate situation, Faith understood that only her company held the key to rescuing him. The question lingered: would she choose to extend her hand in assistance, or would revenge dominate her plans?   Meanwhile, David's curiosity grew as he sought to uncover the identity of the CEO of this rival company. To his disbelief, he looked at the stunning visage of a woman introduced on television as the new leader of this formidable competition—his ex-wife. A wave of regret crashed over him as he realised his enormous mistake, treating her with disdain. Suddenly, he yearned to win her back, to make amends for his past misjudgments. But would he succeed in convincing her to give him another chance? How will he feel when he finds out he was a father all along?

Chapter 1: Shattered Dreams


Seven years earlier:

"Today is the day I marry the love of my life," Faith told herself as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She believed that despite being chosen for David Kingston, he would soon grow to love her and would be happy together.

Faith had not had the greatest of lives. Growing up in the Dale household, she was often forgotten about, more so when her adoptive parents had their own biological child, Edith. When their father passed away, Faith's adoptive mother sold her to the Kingston family. Not only were they rich and well known, but David Kingston was also a heartthrob with his curly black hair and dark brown eyes. Women would throw themselves at him. Faith knew how lucky she was to be his wife.

"You want to get married to my son looking like that," David's mother, Angela, scolded Faith as she walked down the curled staircase in her expensive dress and matching hat. Her heels clattered as she hurried towards her soon-to-be daughter-in-law. She was followed by Camila, David's best friend, who despised Faith passionately. She smirked at the sight of Faith looking all flustered and stood with her hands on her hips.

"David deserves a wife who will love him and obey his every need. Let's see how well you can accomplish such a thing." Camila scowled at Faith, who remained silent. She did not want to cause any scene. She loved David and would do anything for him. He would surely fall in love with her, too.

He was always away on work business, and on the rare occasions he was home, he would ignore Faith's existence other than to belittle her and use her for his own needs. Faith was used to being mistreated but hoped that David would change once they were bound together by marriage.

Present day (seven years later)

Faith's heart pounded in her chest as she sat in the doctor's office, her hands trembling with excitement and nerves. She had suspected something extraordinary was happening within her, and now the doctor's words confirmed it. She was pregnant. A wave of joy washed over her, envisioning the future and the happiness this news would bring.

Unable to contain her excitement, Faith blurted out, "I can't wait to surprise my husband with this news! He's been away on a business trip, but he'll be home later today."

The doctor smiled sympathetically, sharing in her excitement. "That sounds like a beautiful surprise," he replied, unaware of what was about to unfold.

With hope shining bright in her eyes, Faith left the doctor's office, clutching the ultrasound photo that held the proof of their unborn child. She couldn't wait to share this magical news with her husband, to see his joy and love radiate through his eyes.

As the hours ticked by, Faith prepared everything in their home, making it a perfect place to share their newfound joy. She decorated the living room with balloons and a banner that read, "Welcome home!" Her excitement couldn't be contained as she imagined David's reaction, the love and support he would shower upon her.

When David finally arrived, Faith's heart fluttered with anticipation. But as she looked into his eyes, she noticed a coldness, a detachment she had never witnessed before. Her excitement faltered as he spoke with an unfamiliar edge to his voice.

"Faith, we need to talk," David began, his words cutting through the air like a knife.

Confused, she nodded, her heart sinking. "Of course, what's wrong?"

David avoided her gaze, his words weighted with disappointment and resentment. "This marriage... it's not working for me. I want a divorce," he stated flatly, his words shattering Faith's world instantly.

Stunned, she tried to find her voice, her mind grappling to comprehend the words tearing her world apart. The thought of divorce had never crossed her mind, especially not when she was supposed to share the happiest news of their lives.

Before she could respond, David continued, his tone bitter. "I've been consulting with my lawyer, who has prepared the divorce papers. I need you to sign them."

"But, David. I have given you seven years of my life. Surely we can fix whatever the problem is? Please tell me what I have to do?" Faith felt her heart break, her dreams crumbling around her. The man she loved, the one she had built her life with, was abandoning her in her most vulnerable moment. The words echoed in her ears as she tried to fight back tears, the shock robbing her of the strength to respond.

"No. My mind is made up. And another thing," David added, his voice laced with venom, "you've failed me, Faith. We've been married for seven years, and you haven't given me an heir to the company. I can't continue a life with someone useless to me. I have met someone else, and she is more than willing and able to give me a child."

The words stabbed at her heart; the pain and betrayal were cutting more profound than ever before. His expectations crushed her, leaving her feeling inadequate and faulted.

"David... I"... she began, but he dismissed her words by raising his hand to stop her talking.

In a daze, Faith numbly reached for the divorce papers and a pen, her fingers trembling. She couldn't bear to look at David, seeing the man she loved turn into a stranger. The reality of their shattered marriage sank in, eclipsing her news, the secret she held within her.

"Good. At least you can do something right then." David scoffed and looked at his wife in pure disgust.

With tears streaming down her face, Faith signed the divorce papers, her hopes and dreams dissolving into thin air.

"I have a meeting to attend, so I will not be here for two days. I will expect you gone and not a mere reminder of you left within these walls when I return. Camila is moving in, and she will be traumatised by even the smallest of details that you ever existed in my home and life. Now, here is some money. Once it's gone, you are on your own. Call it payment for your time." He smirked as he readjusted his tie and threw down a bundle of cash onto the table. He grabbed the now-signed divorce papers and left Faith alone to gather her thoughts.

When she could no longer hold back her sobs, she turned and walked out of the room. Pulling out the suitcase from under the bed, she started to throw in it her belongings. David had broken her heart and tossed her aside like she was rubbish; he did not care for her, and it was apparent his heart belonged to someone else.

Faith could not bring herself to tell him of the unborn child that was growing within her. He would not want her or the child now that he had someone else on the horizon. She was now a single mother with nothing and nobody to turn to. As she picked up her phone, she decided to call an Uber. No longer could she stay in the place she had called home for the past seven years of her life

Clutching her suitcase, she walked out of the massive apartment for the last time. As soon as she stepped outside, she cursed at the rain falling heavily from the darkened sky. She was glad to see a silver car pull up.

"Where to love?" the driver asked, turning his head to greet her as she opened the door and slid into the taxi. She placed her small suitcase on the empty seat and closed the door behind her.

"Where are we off to, then?" the driver asked, smiling at her as he started the engine.

"To the airport," she replied, gazing at the window. She had no idea where she was going, but anywhere was better than here.

Chapter 2: A New Destination -New York City

Faith's heart skipped a beat as she gazed out the window, taking in the bustling airport before her. This was where her journey towards a better life would begin.

"Here we are, Miss." the driver announced as he opened the car door for her. I hope you enjoy your travels."

Taking a deep breath, Faith gathered her belongings and stepped out of the taxi. She thanked the driver, offering a warm smile, and expressed her gratitude for his role in bringing her to this pivotal moment.

Holding tightly onto her suitcase, she made her way towards the entrance of the airport, the sounds of bustling travellers and rolling suitcases filling her ears.

As she walked through the automatic doors, Faith paused for a moment.

This was the first step towards a future completely separate from David, filled with hope and self-discovery. With each step, she left behind the remnants of a broken marriage, casting aside the pain and the memories t


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