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The billionaire and his seductive rival

The billionaire and his seductive rival

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" Don't stare at me like that, " Joanna said shyly. He dropped the coffee on the table and moved to her. He squatted in front of her and asked. " Why shouldn't I stare at you? " She looked into his eyes. " I don't know. It makes me feel somehow, " she said and looked away. He cupped her jaw and made her look at him. " Are you shy? " he asked. " No, I'm not, " she said hurriedly. " Then I want to stare at you for as long as I can, " he said smiling. " You won't, " she said, looking at him but he continued to stare at her. " You are so beautiful, " he complimented. She blushed at once. " Stop it, Mason, " she drawled. " I can't stop it Joan my dear, I speak to you with sincerity, " he said with a grin. She stood up at once. " Excuse me, " she said as she made to leave but he held her hand, making her come to a sudden halt. " To where? " he asked as he moved closer to her. " I'm freezing in these swim trunks. I need to shower and change into something appropriate, " she explained slowly. He slid his hand through her waist, as he hungrily ran his eyes through her delicious curvy shape. " But what about me? I'm freezing too. Can I join you in the bathtub? " he said with a husky voice. " Naughty! You are being naughty with me Mason. You have a room in this hotel, if you want a bath go to your room, " Joanna said fiercely. " And please take your hand off my waist. " " Ah, my girl! Don't be wicked. A bath with you won't hurt any of us, will it? " he whispered behind her ear. She faced him. " Well Mr Mason, it's obvious you are just being mischievous. I can't stand it, " she said, paranoid. " Are you scared that something will happen between us? " he asked. " We are not children anymore. It's simple, if we don't want anything to happen between us, we don't let anything happen between us. " She searched his eyes and laughed. " Will we be naked? " " So what? " he asked. " Is this the first time you are seeing a naked man? " " No, " she cleared her throat. " It's just that I have never seen anyone as shameless as you are. " He bent so low to her. He felt her shiver. Her heart had begun to hammer against her throat. For the second time, she cleared her throat and opened her mouth. " I wasn't planning on kissing you my girl, " he laughed as he raised his head. She gave a sigh of relief, because she had no idea what she would have done if he kissed her. Perhaps, she would wake up the next morning only to find him in her bed. No! She turned to go. " Were you scared that I would kiss you? And shocked when I didn't? " he asked eagerly. " I have no idea what you are talking about, " she said plainly. " Let's play a game, " he offered. " I won't. I want to have my bath, " she snapped. " If you agree to play the game with me, then I won't have a bath with you again, " he proposed. " How dare you? You are in my room! " she sneered. " Don't be heartless Joanna. It just takes a simple Yes and the game will begin, " he said firmly. " Or are you scared I will beat you to my own game? " " Yes! " she exclaimed. " You're scared? " he asked with a mocking expression. " No, " she said. " I said yes to the game. " " Don't be in a hurry sweetie. I doubt you can play the game, " he said temptingly. " If I said yes, then I certainly can play whatever game you introduce. So go on, " she said, annoyed. " Okay, I'm sorry for the misconception, " he said. " It's a T or D game. " She raised her eyes to him. " What? " she was completely unaware and shocked. " You said yes already. To go back on your word means you are scared, " he snapped. " I will start, " she said quickly. " And I will end, " he said tentatively. " We will take only a dare each. One dare from you and one dare from me. " " I dare you to get out of my room, " she said arrogantly without wasting any further time. He glanced at her and raised his finger, shaking it vigorously in disagreement to her dare. " The instructions were you will start the game and I will end the game but since you want me out of your room, fine. " He made a sharp move to the door and opened it. Then he left the room. Before she could find her way to the door and lock it, he was back in the room. " Did you forget something? " she asked. " Yes, I did, " he paused. " I forgot to complete the dare game. " " I thought I dared you to get out of my room, " she wheezed. " Don't think too much sweetheart, I have done my part of the dare. I left the room and I'm back to give you my own dare, " he said. She covered her face with her hand. " This is unfair. You cheat me, " she said. " No, it's not. And I can't cheat you sweetie, " he said and smiled. " Shall I give my dare? " She stared at him speechlessly. " I take your silence as a yes, " he said with a grim smile. " It's a simple dare and you must do it. " He studied her defeated look. " I dare you to have sex with me as we take a quick shower in the bathroom. " She threw him a sharp look at once. " Yes, my girl, " he said hastily. " Where do we start from my sweet Joan? "

Chapter 1

JOANNA in pants and brassiere, laid on the couch waiting for her victim to arrive. Her eyes glowed a look that foretold of hell to pay for some poor fool. He was supposed to be here by now. What the hell was keeping him? She was checking her wristwatch every now and then.

The billionaire had booked this hotel room for his business trip and dealings. And according to Joanna's research, he was supposed to have a business meeting today in this hotel. Or had he postponed it? No! She discouraged herself from thinking negatively.

The door clicked opened distracting her reverie.

She turned to look at the person at the door.

Mason Lewiston! Finally!

She stared at him, waiting for the perfect time to scream. It was her first time meeting him face to face after ten years. He hadn't changed, was her first breathtaking observation. He still had the build of a business tycoon and a proud cut to his jaw line that warned of no weakness anywhere. His hair was still as black as midnight, his hands as big and strong as she remembered them to be.

Yet his height and his size and his deep inner reserve had somehow always made her be very gentle with him. Why was that? Joanna asked herself as she stood facing her past with the puzzled mind of maturity. It wasn't as if, he was a vulnerable giant. If anything, he had been cruel and heartless, utterly ruthless in his method of discarding her.

Her eyes took their time lifting to him. She was staring at those beautiful, almost black eyes and those wonderful high slashing cheekbones, and perfectly moulded mouth. It hurt, oh, it hurt, staring at the man she once loved ten years ago but it didn't have to. She had prepared herself for this and she wasn't going to let a once high School love come in her way. Mason had killed everything she used to feel for him. All she had to do, was to find the strength and the will to put her plans into action. But it wouldn't be easy.

He didn't even notice; he was too consumed by the blinding fury that carried his intimidating six foot four inch frame into his hotel room.

Without wasting further time and with every bit of sophistication she had acquired over the past ten years, she gave a tiny sharp scream and stood up at once. " Who the hell are you? How dare you come into my hotel, " she sneered with an icy precision.

It came as a punch to his stomach. The truth is reality. His business rival was standing here in front of him, in his hotel room half naked. No ghost, no spectre dragged up from the depths of his own bitter memory. The same glossy brown hair, the colour of polished walnut, slightly slanting gold eyes, straight nose and that sensual, irresistible mouth with luscious, dusky rose lips he found himself longing to taste. She was more beautiful in person than in pictures.

A dark suited arm shot out; a decidedly murderous finger stabbed at her. " Joanna? You? What are you doing here in my hotel room? " he remarked.

" It seems you are not just an unlucky billionaire but also a pervert, " she began to say but he interrupted her

" Pervert? You are the one in my hotel room, " he said sarcastically.

" The receptionist told me this is my room, " Joanna sneered.

" Perhaps, you didn't listen correctly, " he rasped out without any attempt to hide his contempt.

" Are you calling me dumb? " she asked, putting her hands on her waist. On her delicious waist. Her underwear skimmed her slender body like a smooth outer skin. He could see beautifully formed breasts with rose tinted areolae and perfect nipples through the transparent brassiere.

Mason was raking her sumptuous body with his eyes. Her silk smooth stomach with its perfect oval for a navel and gently rounded hips that he would love to cradle.

" If you keep on staring at me like that, I will have the securities throw you out of this hotel, " she threatened.

" The CEO is a very good friend of mine, I will like to inform you, " he snapped. " So, try throwing me out, let's see how far you can go. " He laughed. " I have gotten fed up of you, interfering in my business and now you trying to interfere into my private life. "

" Nymph, watch your mouth! The receptionist gave me this hotel room, " Joanna murmured.

" I hate to argue, I will give a call to the receptionist and find out for myself whose fault this is, " he snarled, bringing out his phone from his suit's pocket.

" What are you doing? " Joanna asked.

" You heard me earlier, " he snapped.

Oh God! This man had the ego of ten men put together. Ten years ago, he was egoistic and heartless and arrogant and devilish, and now he was even worst and barbaric. She would beat his ego and teach him to learn to behave with woman one day.

Fortunately for Joanna, he didn't recognize her.

It was not the same Joanna. The way she styled her hair didn't match. The old Joanna had worn jeans and battered old trainers, not handmade leather shoes with spindles for heels and a slender shirt. Her hair used to stream around her face and shoulders, freely and simply like a child's, though then she had only been a sixteen years old teenager.

She watched Mason speak on the phone as she began to force herself into her trouser and T-shirt.

He slid his phone back into his pocket just as she was buttoning her shirt.

" Get out, " he incised.

She laughed and slumped on the chair.

Now there was a difference. The younger Joanna had listened to everything he commanded her to do; this older version was made of stronger stuff. " Why? " she asked.

" Because, this is my apartment, " he snapped. " The receptionist made a mistake and on behalf of her, I apologise. "

Joanna stood. " The next time you talk me, try sounding polite, I'm not your puppet or slave, " she said and began to go.

" I'm sorry, " he said slowly. " Joanna? " he called.

" I'm listening, " she snapped.

" Outside business, can we be friends? " he asked.

She turned to him. This was what she wanted. " Why? " she asked.

" I think we will be good friends, " he blabbed.

" And if I decline? " she retorted.

" Please? " he begged.

" No. I decline, " she snapped and walked to the door.

" How about you coming over for dinner this evening? " he asked.

" You are funny, " she blurted.

" Is that a yes? " he asked.

" No, " she paused. " I will think about it, since you insist, " she said and left the room.

Chapter 2

JOANNA rang the doorbell again waiting for a response.

Mason quickly opened the door.

He paused at the doorway, his appreciative gaze locked on her. The woman was stunning just as the first time, he laid his eyes on her, after finding out she was his new rival. His senses whirled and his heart thudded. Tense, she stood by the door, folding her arms across her chest, even white teeth worrying the sensual curve of her lower lip. His breath caught, her face was captivating, her smooth complexion olive toned, the bare minimum of make up enhancing her natural beauty. He stared down at her straight nose and her small, soft kiss needy mouth.

" Are you gonna stand there and just watch me? " she asked grittily.

" I am so sorry for the delay. I was actually making dinner before you arrived and now, I find out I'm so drowned in your beauty, " he said.

" Sounds enticing. You are pretty good at flattering, " she said, walking in. &


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