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The Billionaire Accidental Baby

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She came to drop some files at my penthouse, I was drunk to stupor, I wasn't thinking straight and we had a one night stand. He's Collins Walter, a cold-hearted Billionaire, popular around the world. A business freak, who doesn't seem to care about love and marriage, talks less of babies. She's Piper Walker, a kind-hearted young lady, in search of a job, but got one at Walter Empire. She's an accountant working for the whole Walter Empire, But what happened when she had a one night stand with her boss in an unimaginable situation, that led to pregnancy. .

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

[A Rough Day]

The dazzling summer shine brightly on her shattered body, the way she was dragging her leg on the ground is enough to explain how tired and exhausted she was. She held her torn bag tightly to herself as she walked alone by the road side. 

She looks unpresentable to people. 

"Piper! Piper!!"Someone called her name to get her attention.

She holt and turned around

"What did you want Riley ?"she asked.

"Why did you leave hurriedly?"Riley scolded.

"Give me a tangible reason why I should stay there"She yelled, looking away.

"You should have waited a few more minutes at the company, you would have gotten the job"Riley muttered.

"Cleaning job with high credentials, are you okay Riley? Are you really sure you are complete upstairs? ``she yelled.

"For heaven's sake am just trying to help, Piper, it's just for time being, ''her best friend said.

"Did you just say just for the time being, I wash clothes for people, I do things for people which is not right, those people aren't my type, my class. Spending years in school isn't fun. And now I am wandering around looking for a job"She cried shamelessly.

"Don't cry here Piper, we are outside, by the roadside, Try to control yourself"Riley uttered softly, pulling her into a tight hug.

"Let me take you home,"Riley uttered.

"Going home isn't the situation, I will try my best and see any vacancy company." She sniffled.

"Am coming with you"Riley uttered, adjusting her foot wear.

"I don't have any money with me, take note of that"Piper uttered.

"I'm going to trek with you,"Riley replied.

They both sighed deeply before continuing their conversation

"I didn't regret having you as my best friend, going to college together was fun in some aspects and it was fun in another aspect. I can't just wonder why those company officials especially those CEO can't do without f*ck*ng their staffs."Riley scoffed.

"I can't tender my body because of money, why would I do such a thing? Just because things are hard doesn't mean I should do the worst. Am going to use my credentials to feed. And dad isn't helping, he's always after debt from one business owner to another, he's a drunkard and he beats my mom. 

Whenever I tried to separate him from her, he beat me, even my younger sister and brother. I just wished I was a boy"Piper cried silently sniffing her nose.

"It's okay Piper, everything will be fine. By the time you start working in a big company, perhaps an industry, you will move your Mom and your siblings away from his clutches. "Riley uttered softly, arranging her hair.

"I'm just thankful my mom is assisting Raiden and Kailani. I can't afford to see my younger sister and brother sitting at home doing nothing."She stuttered.

"We just have to keep trying, I feel like I am a burden to your family"Riley uttered, walking slowly.

Piper frown immediately she uttered such statement

"You aren't a burden okay, I can't leave you alone on the street. It's not easy to be an orphan. Don't worry we will make it together"Piper uttered, locking her hand with hers.

"We must make it"They screamed, running down the slippery united road.

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

Walter Empire

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

Good Morning sir, his staff greeted but as usual, he ignored them all and kept his face up while his staff kept their face down, no one was ready to get sacked. 

"Owen"He called his male assistant immediately they got into the elevator.

"Mr Walter" He answered with a bow.

"Where's Mrs Sharon?"He asked, still having his attention on his phone.

"She's not around sir,"He replied.

"Tell her not to come back to my company again"He uttered coldly.

"Ahh, Sir she just gave birth yesterday,"Owen stuttered.

"Are you nuts?,,, "He insulted, moving his attention on him this time.

"Am Sorry Sir, actually she just gave birth to a baby yesterday night. I was about to inform you about her successful delivery"Owen said with a soft smile. 

"And so f*ck*ng what, can't she come to work today. Just because she gave birth yesterday doesn't stop her from coming to work today. You even have the guts to smile"Collins muttered furiously.

"Am sorry sir"Owen apologized.

"Immediately this elevator opens, I want out of this company for a week"He uttered. Few seconds after his statement the elevator chimes. 

"Am sorry sir"Owen apologized sincerely.

"You know I don't like repeating myself, just do as you were told to. Otherwise I wouldn't accept you back"He muttered and walked away..

"What type of problem is this?"Owen uttered, running his hand through his hair.

"Not minding your business problem" A female staff member said behind him.

"To be sincere Mr Walter is really cold towards people, how can he do such to that woman. She just gave birth yesterday and he expects her to be at work today. Can you imagine? "Owen uttered with a disgusting facial expression.

"You should have known him by now Owen. He's always like that, always changing his female assistant as if they are pieces of cloth."She muttered.

"But his actions are not fair towards Mrs Sharon despite how hardworking she is. I don't think I have seen someone as hardworking as her before. She's even punctual at all times"Owen uttered with a sad face.

The female staff pulled a long face and hissed.

"So I am not hardworking, Why are you even hyping her as if she's someone important to you?"She scoffed.

"Don't tell me you are jealous Nova"Owen said.

"I'm jealous, how could you be saying something so sweet and interesting about a married woman."She pouted.

"This is a problem Owen"He thought, rubbing his face in a frustrating way.

"What's wrong??"Nova asked.

"Nothing,"he replied.

"It's great to see romantic staff in my company,"Mr Walter muttered, putting his hands in his pocket.

Nova stuttered all through her apologies.

"Am sorry sir"She stuttered.

"Sorry for being romantic or what?"he asked.

"I was only worried about Owen "She stuttered.

"Oh! Okay, you can leave and go back to your office"He commanded.

"Okay sir"She replied and bowed before turning around.

"What are you still doing here Owen?" He asked, scanning his eyes through his dressing.

"I will leave now"He stuttered.

"Better"He scoffed and turned around.

Owen sighed deeply looking at his back view.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

(The Vacancy)

Mr Walter sat on his office chair with a mug of tea, he's been accounting how his business expenses and transportation have been going for a month. He wasn't sure of what to do, he sighed deeply staring at the files on his table with a frown. 

"I need to get an accountant before things get out of hand, I can't afford to go bankrupt again"He thought, flipping to the next page of the file.

He dropped the mug angrily, and checked the files from each company, Walter Properties, Walter Sushi and Fruit Restaurant, Walter Water Cooperation and Juice, Walter Peanuts and Flakes Industry. Walter Memorial High School, Walter Beauty and Cosmetics, Walter Pharmaceutical Industry and so on. He dropped his pen with full tiredness, he breathed out staring at the remaining files still un touch. 

"I need an accountant for fifteen companies"He thought.

"Can the person do this all?"He's conscie


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