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The biilionaire's secret love

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Love and hate are two sides of the same coin but at the end of the battle, it is always LOVE that wins. Yet when there is a faint peek of revenge added, would there still be a victory of passion in the tussle? Augustus Martin is a billionaire heartthrob, cold-hearted business tycoon, and CEO of Sunrise Industries. A teasing snigger on my lips. "Angelica Evans, I give you two days to hammer out the deal and save your neck from further destruction. Else you know I play the game of destruction quite well."Angelica Evans is a simple and sweet girl who believes in herself and works hard to attain her goals."Love to hate you, Augustus Martin. I may be the person falling on my knees at the moment but in the peroration, you will pray to God for a release. "Welcome to the world of hell.



My world seems to be crashing that I am in front of this *ssh*l* dealing terms. I hate to see his face. I loathe his guts of challenging me. He is a devil under the pretext of an archangel. A teasing smile on his perfectly carved features "so are you ready to sign the deal Angel?"

I grunt my teeth and scream looking at him in disdain "don't call me that". I point to him with my fierce persona. He doesn't seem to be phased a least bit as he shakes his head running a hand on his thoroughly gelled hair. Getting up from his comfortable leather seat he circles the table and stands a few inches away from me. I could smell his completely masculine musk and lemon cologne which was awakening the amative thoughts, I thought never existed in my personality. Putting a check on every nerve within me I counter him with my red blazing eyes "What do you want?"

He gives me his signature smirk which eventually converts into a deride. "You already know what for are you here Angel." My anger keeps increasing with every passing second at his way of addressing me.

I stand in front of him with scornful eyes. "I am not going to work for you, Augustus Martin. So stop dreaming that I will fall at your feet for mercy. I am ready to work as a stripper at a night club if that is the last chance I get to repay you off the debt of my father but I will never work for you." I declare with my head held high.

He moves forward and looks at me with dreamy eyes. Tucking a strand behind my ear he gazes at me with a look I couldn't fathom and whispers "Fiesty. If only you knew my Angel..." I step aback avoiding his touch with my bitter eyes aiming his. Poking his chest with my forefinger I face him bluntly and mark "you will be the last person on the globe that I would approach if the earth ever falls empty of humans."

His mocking smile was back on his lips. "Let us see if you could succeed in escaping me Angel." He looks down to me standing erect with his hands inside his pant pockets.?The nerve of this Adonis. Wait Angelica, control your emotions. You are again falling for the devil.?My sanity tries to teach me. "Try all you want, I will make sure nobody employs you except me." He speaks to me emanating his dominating yet electrifying demeanor.

Why do l always fall for his charms??I shriek inwardly with my hands in fists and stomp away from his irksome but tantalizing presence not before gazing at him for one last time.

Looking back was a blunder I made. I did not miss the dejection in his optics which

instantly arose a pang to my chest. Ignoring my grieving heart I face him straight and firm. "I accept your challenge Mr. Augustus Martin. If ever I accept your job, I will sign the deal. I will work for you for the next two consecutive years without a hitch but in the peroration you will be the person landing on your knees begging me for repose." I dare him equally.


Dear Readers,

The next few chapters are not the continuations of this chapter but it's flashbacks.

This story is a suspense drama thriller with an underlying subtle Romance.

Through out the work of this story l have tried my level best to maintain these basic genres.

I hope you enjoy this novel too of mine like you did for the other ones.?




I got up from the bed with the intruding rays of sunlight peeping through the old window curtains. The beige color on the passé walls of the bedroom was scraping out leaving the screens lifeless. I open the closet adjacent to the window which never fails to give me a screeching sound while unlocked reminding me of the absolute poverty we are living in.

I rub my orbs to rid the sleep out my optics and pull out my frayed uniform from the closet. Last night I noticed it lost a few of its buttons because of over use. Getting a new one is beyond my mom's financial capacity. I will have to pull on with the present one for a few more months until I get my merit cum means scholarship.

Looking at the vintage clock hung on one of the fading walls, I realize I was going to be late to school if I don't do my chores faster. I don't wish to invoke the black eye of my principal. My hands work in a hurry as I take a needle and thread to start stitching my


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