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The Accidental Bride

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She goes to attend a wedding but ends up being the bride. Priya, a sweet and beautiful girl, has a massive crush on Rahul Kapoor in spite of the fact that he is oblivious to her existence, but she still has eyes only for him. Her heart gets shattered into a thousand pieces when she learns that Rahul is getting married to his girlfriend. But she still goes to attend his wedding. But things don't turn out the way one would expect them to. What happens there, changes Priya's life forever. What was so unusual about this wedding? Let us find out.

Chapter 1

Priya's POV

"Priya, get ready fast or we will be late. What are you doing?" My mom yelled at me from outside my bedroom door.

"Yes, mom, just ten minutes more. " I replied, but I was not sure whether I wanted to go to this wedding or not..... How can I see him getting married to someone else....... I think it was a bad idea. I think I should not go as I will not be able to be normal........ But at the same time, I wanted to see him just one more time before he got married.

Moreover, I wanted to show my stubborn mind that he was really getting married.

I had this huge crush on him for the last five years... though it seemed that he was totally oblivious to me...

I can't even blame him, he didn't even know about my feelings........

Anyways it was too late now. I took out a beautiful Saari and started getting ready.

"Priya, do you want to come with us or not?" My mom asked me, entering my room as she was getting impatient now. But as soon as she looked at me her expression changed.

"Oh my god! you are looking so lovely, dear. I am amazed that you are wearing a sari. You are looking extremely beautiful." Mom said.

"Chill mom, you know I love this one." I didn't want her to know how I was feeling right now. I wore Jhumkies and my bracelet and applied just a little makeup.

We came downstairs and as soon as my father saw me, his eyes lit up with love. He hugged me and placed a kiss on my forehead.

We all drove to the wedding venue which was the best five-star hotel in the city. My heart was beating like anything. We entered the hall which was decorated very tastefully.

Oh god, why have I come here? My heart started to sink, my feet refused to move and wanted to go away but could not.

He was there with his friends..... Looking very happy he just got out of his car which was decorated beautifully with flowers. His parents and brother were also there. My parents started going towards them and my mom tugged me along with her.

As soon as Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor, (Rahul's parents) saw us, they came to greet us. Mr. Ram Kapoor is my father's best friend. He is a jolly good fellow, always good to talk to. He is a very successful businessman, he has textiles and garment factories and they export clothes all over the world. His wife Mrs. Sunita Kapoor is also a very loving and caring woman.

"Congratulations!! " My mom greeted Sunita aunty and she smiled hugging mom.

After they all greeted each other, Ram Uncle looked at me and said in a surprised tone "Awwww!! Who is this young and pretty girl? Have we met earlier, dear?"

"Uncle please stop teasing me."

"My God, what happened to you sweetheart, it seems you have grown overnight. You are looking so beautiful..."

I just blushed at his comments and my parents were looking at me adoringly.

Uncle said to dad, " Kabir, I think we should start looking for a suitable match for this young lady."

"Yes, it seems so she is twenty-two." My father replied

"Oh please, dad and Uncle, just stop this." My mom and aunty were also enjoying at my expense.

It is better if I ignore them. So I said, "I am going to get something to drink."

I started going towards a snack bar and grabbed a glass of juice.

My eyes started searching for Rahul again and I saw that he was looking at me. I smiled at him but he kept on looking at me very intensely. I wanted to know what he was thinking as I could not understand the expression in his eyes.

Just then someone tapped on my shoulder. As I turned, Rahul's younger brother,

Rohit was standing there. He was two years older than me and was quite friendly and excessively frank.

"So, someone is dressed to impress all. You are looking so beautiful. You know how many people are looking at you. Where were you all the time?"

"Rohit please stop this, I am getting irritated now, everyone is teasing me. I should not have worn a saree."

"Oh no, I am not teasing you. You are looking like an angel, in fact, I am enjoying the fact that I am talking to the prettiest girl here and all the men are glaring at me, and my friends there are asking me to introduce them to you."

"Please don't do it, I am not interested in anyone."

"I know......" Said Rohit, very seriously and I was about to ask him, that what did he mean by that. But just then, someone called him and he excused himself and went away.

I again looked at Rahul and still, he was looking at me which made me happy and sad at the same time.

I started drinking the juice slowly and my throat felt dry.

Rahul was four years older than me, but I always had a huge crush on him. I was generally shy in his presence and he used to avoid me. I used to get hurt that he was avoiding me but my feelings remained intact.

It was just last week when Rahul's parents came to our place and told us that Rahul wants to get married to his girlfriend Leena within a week. Uncle was not very happy with the decision. I felt miserable after I heard the news.

I went to my room and cried for a very long time......and today I was here to attend his wedding. I wanted to see with my own eyes that he is happy with someone so that I could forget about him and move on in my life.

Though all my friends knew about my crush on him, my parents had no idea about it.

I was still lost in my thoughts, when I heard that someone was shouting, there was some kind of tension in the air. All of a sudden everyone seemed tense. I could not understand what was going on.

Rahul seemed to be very angry and was looking like a wounded lion. Uncle and aunty were very tense and my parents were trying to calm them.

All of a sudden Uncle started sweating profusely and my father shouted for Rohit and Rahul. They came running and they all took Ram Uncle to a room. Rohit called for the doctor, and their family doctor rushed to examine Uncle. Aunty was crying and Rahul was looking very sad and

Guilty. I didn't even know what was going on but I was feeling really bad.

The doctor said that Uncle had an anxiety attack and as he had already had one heart attack last year, it was not good for him to be anxious.

My father, Rahul, and Rohit went inside. There was so much tension everywhere.

I asked my mom, " Mom, what happened to Uncle? He was so happy, as always. Why is he so anxious?"

Before mom could say anything my father came out of the room and called my mom and they talked privately for five minutes. They seemed to be in tension and were discussing something very seriously.

What is going on? Would someone tell me, please?

My mom came and she held my hand in hers and led me toward my father. My father said that my Uncle was not well, but he needed to talk to me. I didn't know what to say. I was so confused.

My father hugged me and asked me to come with him... I followed him and my mom and aunty also entered the room in which Uncle was resting. I looked at him and he asked me to come near him.

" Beta, I don't know how to say this, but can I ask you something?"

"Of course Uncle, you can ask me anything. But you must take a rest, you are looking very weak."

"I will take a rest after I talk to you. Please forgive me for asking this but I need you to do something for me… us..." Said Uncle looking at me with some hope in his eyes.

"Uncle please, you can ask me to do anything, anytime. You are just like my father. I respect and love you a lot. I will surely do anything to make you happy. "

He held my hand and asked me, " Will you please be my daughter?"

I got very confused and was trying to get what he meant by that just then he said, " I want you to marry my son Rahul......"

Chapter 2

Priya's POV

"I want you to marry my son Rahul… "


My heart just stopped and I could not react.

Why was he asking that? Am I going insane? Am I imagining things?

I kept looking at him.

Was he kidding? .... was he serious?? Did he know about my feelings for Rahul?

I don't know, how much time I stood there without saying anything.  My mind went blank…

My father came to me and asked me to say something. I looked at him and came to the conclusion that it was not my imagination but Uncle has really asked me to marry Rahul.

OMG !!!! But does he wants to get married to me?? I didn't know what to say. What happened all of a sudden???

"But he was getting married today ?" I asked.

"Yes, but she eloped, leaving a letter that she had to go for an audition for an upcoming movie. So she could not attend her own marriage.&quo


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