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Taming the Ruthless Billionaire

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Milgrace Avery Delos Santos is a confident woman. Despite her naughty personality, she is serious about her dreams. She always does her best in everything that she commits. Cairus Mael Villaverde has been a favorite of hers since she was a child, although he is uninterested in her. She is constantly making a way for the guy to notice her. For years, she's taming the ruthless guy. However, all of us come to the point where we feel exhausted, that we're tired of trying to fit in someone's life. She will then realize her worth. She doesn't deserve to feel like she's not loved. What if in her process of moving on, Cairus will be the one chasing her? Would she be chased or she would rather reject the guy who made her feel worthless?

Chapter 1: After Six Years

The wind breeze hugged my skin when I opened the door of my balcony. I was enthralled by the glow of the city lights and the glint of the stars twinkling in the night sky. Even if this is my view every night, I just can't help but fall in love with it deeper as I look at it. This is what I have seen for the past six years and I don't know if I can leave this life already.I miss the Philippines but I became used to life here in New York. Living here taught me to be independent— that, I, as a woman should know how to live alone.I sighed. Am I ready to go home?My thoughts faded away when my phone rang. Someone is calling on the messenger and even if I haven't seen who it is, I already know who's calling.I immediately went to my bed and sat on it. I answered the call of my Mom, her close-up face yet still looking gorgeous greeted me on the screen."Darling, I'm glad you answered quickly," she said.She moved the cellphone away from her face but I noticed that she was not at home because what I could see in the back was not her and Daddy's room."Where are you?" I asked."Guess what." She laughed so I quickly frowned. "Your Daddy and I are having dinner with our family friend."Family friend? Is she talking about the Villaverde family?"Yes, love. We're with them," she told me like she knows what I am thinking."Then drop the call, Ma. I think it's kinda rude that you're eating with them and you're talking to me over the phone," I said."No, they told me to call you, and besides, we are going to say something." She adjusted her arm and moved her phone to Aunt Meryll's side.To this day, I can't help but be amazed every time I see her because her beauty is so unique. Cai got his beautiful eyes from her."Hi, daughter," she greeted. "How are you? You're getting better, huh."I tried to smile without looking awkward. "I'm fine . . . Aunt," I answered. I'm still ashamed because I used to call her Mommy. I wanted her eldest son to be my husband."Why Aunt? I prefer Mommy." She then laughed. "Isn't that what you call me?"I feel my cheeks heat up because of what she said. I bit my lower lip."Y-yes, Aunt, but that was a long time ago."I heard laughter on the other line. Men's laughter was even more dominant. I closed my eyes because of that. As I can guess, it's her sons."Can you just... tell me why you called so I can drop this already? I still need to fix some files," I said.I'm embarrassed, I can't imagine Cai might be listening to me. I still haven't forgotten everything I did for him.I even courted him and shouted in front of many people that I want him as my husband."When will you go home?" Mom asked. "Less than a month, right? We forgot to tell you that our house is under renovation. Just last month, we didn't tell you immediately because you didn't answer our calls. Your Dad and I are currently living in our condo but it's far from your business' location so... I think you can't be with us.""And then? Do I need to look for another condo? Do you have a vacancy there? It's okay if it's far away, I can manage.""There is no more vacant!" she answered quickly, still shocked."Hija," Aunt Meryll interfered. "I offered your parents that you can temporarily live with us. I heard your company was built a few kilometers from here. Maybe it's better for you to stay with us first so you don't get in trouble and then—"She was interrupted when I heard someone call him from the brothers."Aunt?"She then looked at me again when I called her. "And Cai misses you already."Mom moved her phone again, revealing Cairus. He stopped eating and threw a glance at the phone, directly seeing me.His dark brooding eyes told me that what his Mom said isn't true. It's the first time I saw him again after six years... even though it was just a video call, I felt so nervous. His eyes were looking directly at me as if they were burning me.I used to stalk him on his Facebook account but he's a very private person. He rarely posts his pictures, and when he does, it's a candid one. Whether it was his side profile or his back profile.Tagged photos of him were blurry. I can't even spot a clear one to stare at. I don't know who I should stalk just so I can see his face clearly.His lips twitched. "Go home... wife."I heard coughs from the other line. Mouth agape, I stared at him intently. He just gave me a smirk before removing his sight from me.Wife?He doesn't really talk often, he utters every word in a deadpan way. Once he said something, it would amuse you. You will hear that over and over again in your mind as if you are being teased but on the other hand, it makes you feel strange.Only Cairus Mael Villaverde had that effect on me."You will live with them for a while, Mil." Mommy returned the camera to her. "Is that fine with you?"I immediately nodded. I can't get rid of the thought that I might get watered if I live with the Villaverdes.I have loved Cairus for years, I even lost count. I didn't get tired of chasing him because that's how I love him.Even though I look like a fool, it's okay because it was him. It was him that I am taming. Maybe if I didn't leave, I would still be chasing him. I would definitely follow him wherever he goes, I might have even applied to be his secretary.Does he have a girlfriend? I hope he doesn't have any. If there is, I am ready to break the relationship.Kidding.I never dreamed of being a mistress. If he ever has a girlfriend, I would be happy for him.But that would be unfair because I didn't get into a relationship because of him. After all, I want him as my first.If we're not meant for each other, I'll force it.I will tame him... even if he's a ruthless guy.

Chapter 2: She's back!

Wandering my eyes around the airport with excitement and nervousness is making my hand tremble and feel cold. I bit my lower lip and puffed an air right after. I couldn't see my pickup even after a few turns and they were still hidden from my sight. But I am happy because the air pollution of the Philippines greeted me. I missed the pollution in the Philippines, so bad! I will come back to this. First breathe in the air, I cough immediately! "Mil!" A woman shouted from afar. I turned to the right because that's where the voice came from, and I tried to keep my eyes on the woman waving from afar. It's my Mom! I was so happy that I ran even though I was wearing heels. I left my stuff there which looks like the bodyguards who are meeting me now will take it. "Mommy!" I shouted. "I missed you!" I hugged her tightly. It's been a year since the last t


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