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Taming The Cruel Mafia Billionaire

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Excerpt from the story He towered over her as she laid on a hospital bed, head wrapped up in gauze, struggling to keep her eyes open. "You ran me over, didn't you?" She exhaled shakily, her bright eyes pinned on him, tears threatening to fall. The man who was roughly 6'5 inches, had an ominous cheekbone which drew back into a taunting smile, his eyes gleamed with hatred as he said, "As your husband, it's your duty to be submissive to me. And the next time you ever think of running, I'll do much worse." He's a billionaire with a heart as cold as ice and a sadistic streak that sends shivers down the spine of anyone who crosses his path. His one and only desire? To torture Taylor Fairchild in every way possible. What's his reason for such cruelty? His deep seated hatred for Taylor's father, an event Taylor knew nothing of. What happens when he realizes he had fallen for her unconsciously and there's no longer any likeness for him in her heart? In fact, she'd rather die than be with him! In this steamy and suspenseful romance novel, you'll be left on the edge of your seat, wondering what fate has in store for Taylor Fairchild and Andrew Radford.

Chapter 1

"So what do you think?" A drunk girl giggled, leaning in to kiss the blonde haired man underneath her.

The man grinned, grabbing her gently by her waist. "I think it's a very good idea. It's been long we had a beach party."

"I know, right?" She mused with a smile, her lips meeting his.

They had their tongues in each other's mouth for a while until the sound of a ringing phone broke them off.

"It's coming from my private phone." She whined when he refused to let her go as he continued ravishing her with kisses.

"I know, but it won't hurt to let it ring a little while longer." The man sighed, pushing back her hair as he s*ck*d on her neck, giving her a hickey.

His words seemed to indulge her as she allowed the phone to stop ringing. However when it began ringing again, the redhead pushed her boyfriend away and sauntered towards the direction of her phone.

The influence of the alcohol quickly left her eyes when she saw the name sprawled across her screen.

She shivered and answered, "Dad?"

"I want you in California in the next ten hours!" Came the cold response then the line went dead.

The man made his way to her and snaked his hands across her body.

However, he stopped realizing she wants responding to his touches like before.

"Is there a problem?" He asked, holding her hand reassuringly.

"I don't know." She exhaled, "But my Dad wants me in California in the next ten hours. I'm afraid I have to leave immediately."

The man's grip on her tightened, his brows knitting tightly, "You think there's problem, Taylor?"

“I don't think there's a problem, Daniel. I know there's a problem. But I promise to contact you as soon as I get there, alright?" She sighed, rubbing his cheeks.

The man smiled and engulfed her in a hug. Afterward, she left to get ready. Daniel hesitantly took out something from his pocket.

He held up the glittering round object for a while before slipping it back into his pocket.

Ten hours later, California, the Fairchild ResidenceThe hurried sound of footsteps couldn't be missed by anyone in the quiet mansion as Taylor hurried into the living room.

The helmsman of the family, Dante Fairchild, a middle-aged man whom Taylor got her redhead from, sat in the living room, absentmindedly changing the TV stations.

He was clad in his usual Italian tuxedo but had his jacket off at the moment. When he saw Taylor, a conflicted look came upon his face, but it was gone the next second.

His daughter had grown to be a very beautiful woman. Everyone in California knew she took after his hair colour and his blue eyes. But the pale and delicate skin, the beautiful oval face and the pointed nose all came from her mother.

Almost immediately, Ava Fairchild walked out of the kitchen, her face lighting up as soon as she saw her daughter.

"I haven't seen you physically in three years, sweetie. You seem to have gotten a lot thinner." Ava complained, looking her daughter over.

Feeling the need for someone to back her up, she turned to her husband, "Or don't you think so, honey?"

However, Dante had something else to say. "I don't think we should prolong this discussion any further, Ava."

Ava's smile slowly faded before she cleared her throat. "She just returned, she should at least eat first."

Taylor glanced at her parents suspiciously before asking, "What is going on?"


“You're getting married."

The two responses came at once, but only the second one caught Taylor's attention.

"I'm getting married?" Taylor chuckled in amusement, "Dad, Daniel isn't ready to settle down yet and I'm perfectly fine with it since I intend to advance my career either way..."

"I'm not talking about your celebrity boyfriend, Taylor. I'm talking about your marriage with Andrew Radford." Dante revealed, his gaze burning into Taylor's eyes.

"Mom, Dad, is this a joke? The last time I checked, this isn't the month of April. It isn't even close!" Taylor laughed, slumping on a couch, then quickly closed her eyes.

Deep within her, she knew her parents won't joke with such a sensitive subject. But still, she really wished it was one of their expensive pranks.

“I can't marry Andrew Radford. I already have a boyfriend." Taylor swallowed, biting back her tears.

Dante took his eyes off her as he said firmly, "I don't have a choice, Taylor. I might've made a dangerous bargain that puts the company in jeopardy. And to get out of it, you must marry him."

Taylor's phone chose to ring in that moment and she took it up to see it was a call from Daniel. Her chest tightened in pain as she silenced the call and looked up at the ceiling. Andrew Radford.

Even though she was hundred of miles away from California, she heard all about him and how ruthless he was.

People said he was a sadistic b*st*rd who enjoyed watching people harm themselves to entertain him. It was even rumored he killed his father and step mother with his bare hands but he wasn't detained as there was nothing to back those claims.

No one even knew what his house looked like or who his staffs. Anyone who decides to go to the police claiming to have something against Andrew mysteriously dies shortly before any sort of court trial began.

Taylor had even heard a while back that her father and his father knew themselves to a certain extent and for some reason, Andrew harboured great resentment towards her father.

And now she was to marry her father's enemy?Taylor suddenly sprang up from the couch and rushed out with her car keys. At this point, death was a better option.

"Taylor..?" Ava called out worriedly, almost going after her but was held back by Dante.

"Let her go. She needs to clear her head." Dante said mirthlessly.

Ava wiped away her tears as she lashed out at him. "This is all your fault, Dante! And because of that, Andrew Radford, that sadistic little b*st*rd, will take out his anger on our daughter. He'll torture her mentally, physically and emotionally until he's satisfied!"

Chapter 2

As Taylor drove out of her parents' residence, her phone which was in her pocket couldn't stop vibrating. She couldn't count how many times Daniel had called in the span of ten minutes.

"I can't marry him. I'll never marry that demon! I know what I'll do. I'll run. I'll run so fast they can't find me. I'll run back to Daniel and we'll go to the farthest of the earth to start a family!"

She kept mumbling those words over and over again like someone who had lost her mind.

She had no idea how long she drove within California aimlessly, but the next time she looked at the time, it was already six in the evening.

Her phone also had over a hundred missed calls, a dozen from Daniel and a dozen from her mother. She didn't bother to confirm her words as she stopped the car on a bridge.

Her eyes were blank as she overlooked the waters. Something in it looked so serene and wonderful and for a moment, she contemplated diving


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