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Taming the Beast in Him

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Amidst this delicate dance, Tatiana, known as "Aphrodite" for her allure and intellect, relies on her beauty to navigate a world that values appearances over substance. However, a single misstep alters her course, propelling her into the realm of Jax Montgomery, a heartless CEO whose icy exterior belies a fiery passion within. Together, they unravel the intoxicating joy of love, only to discover that their entangled hearts come at a high price. In this forbidden affair, choices made in the throes of desire may shatter their lives, jeopardizing not only their families but their very souls.

Body & Soul

I observed everyone's gaze as I stepped onto the mini-stage. As usual, each table was filled with men, some holding prominent names in various industries, while others seemed like casual passersby.

I reluctantly adjusted my lingerie upon hearing the emcee speak.

"Please welcome, the Aphrodite of Black Feathers!"

Applause erupted, and the varied lights turned a sudden shade of red. A slow, enticing song played as the crowd fell silent, focusing their attention on me.

I love attention, always have, but not like this. If I had a choice, I wouldn't be doing this.

I started to sway, one hand gripping a pole in the center. I felt the rhythm and moved with each beat. Raising both hands, I closed my eyes, slowly descending while my hips gyrated to the music.

If I had a choice, I wouldn't be doing this.

"You're so d*mn hot!" an elderly man near the stage exclaimed. I also heard others swearing in the background.

I continued dancing, and when I momentarily opened my eyes, they met with a man at the end of the bar. He sat alone, smoking, and the way he looked at me sent a heated sensation through my soul.

It felt like he wanted to approach and undress me, or perhaps he was already doing so in his imagination.

I grinned, holding his gaze. I bit my lower lip, and I could see his stare deepening. He took a sip of his drink without averting his eyes.

The tingling sensation intensified as he removed his coat, revealing a solid physique in a white shirt – clearly just off work. I've often seen him watching from afar, but he always disappears quickly.

I don't know why, but I desperately want to make out with him. He's incredibly attractive, and his strong s*x appeal resonates within me.

I danced for nearly half an hour in front of everyone, and before I could finish, the man had disappeared again. Only then did I notice the cooling sweat and a feeling like I might collapse.

"Tatiana, someone's waiting for you outside. You went down quickly. Looks like you got a strong hit," Mamita greeted me.

I didn't look at her, my head pounding intensely. It seems I can't handle it right now.

"For how much?" I asked hesitantly, quickly sitting down and grabbing some clothes because I was shivering. Mamita looked at me with a furrowed brow.

"What's happening to you? You look pale!" she exclaimed, almost startling me.

I cursed. Checking my neck, I winced at the intense warmth there. D*mn! Why do I have to get sick now?!

"I-I don't know. My head suddenly started hurting. I don't think I can handle it tonight," I replied weakly.

"Sh*t! There's someone waiting for you outside. I saw him carrying a bag full of money!" Luna tried to entice me, making me grimace.

D*mn, such wrong timing!

"If you want, you can take my place," I said absentmindedly, looking at her. She just rolled her eyes at me.

"Seems like everyone who comes here wants you. Do you really think that guy would agree to me taking your place? Besides, I'm fully booked," she said with a laugh, winking at me, and I could only shake my head.

What's happening to me? I was feeling fine a while ago.

"I'll just return this. Go home and rest so you can recover tomorrow. Almost everything you earn here goes to your family. Nothing's left for you, that's why you're frequently getting sick!" Mamita lectured me, making me smirk.

"I love you too, Mamita," I teased her. She just cursed at me and disappeared from my sight.

I looked at myself in front of the vanity mirror. Indeed, I looked very pale, and my body felt extremely heavy. What is happening? Such a waste of my night! D*mn it!!

I quickly changed and left the bar disappointed. I overheard earlier that many were upset because I suddenly became unavailable.

I can't blame them. Every man in this bar wants a night with me. Some even become regulars. I don't know what's special about me, but I often hear it's because of my natural beauty. Innocent yet wild.

The heck. That's why I also have enemies, as some envy me. I earn almost triple what they make, not to mention my salary from the bar. Is it my fault for being born beautiful? Tss.

I was nearing the jeepney stop when I noticed a black car on the side of the road. A man stood there, leaning against his car's hood, smoking, exuding a dark aura. I was about to get nervous until I recognized him.

It's him. He's still here.

"You might scare people standing there like that," I remarked.

He lifted his gaze, and I caught a brief moment of surprise in his eyes, quickly replaced by a blank expression. He's so cold, yet the warmth I feel seems to double.

"Just killing some time," he replied, his voice deep and raspy.

I cursed inwardly. I scrutinized him from head to toe.

There's nothing particularly special about him. He's dressed simply—black pants, a white polo with sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Clean cut, perfectly sculpted jawline, and effortlessly cool. I've never felt like this before.

Who is he?

"Oh, I thought you were waiting for me," I teased. "I always noticed you watching me from that part of the bar. I wanted to approach you a few times, but you always vanished. Are you scared of me?"

I heard him grunt. I bit my lower lip to steady myself. Suddenly, it felt like the headache I had been feeling just subsided.

"Why should I? It's not like you're scaring me," he replied coldly, finally looking straight at me.

I furrowed my brow as I stared into his eyes. Why do I feel like he's calling me?

"Not really. I just thought—"

Before I could continue, he quickly pulled me towards him. My body collided with his firm chest, and I felt his hand on my waist, holding me tightly. He seemed almost impatient. I looked up to meet his gaze.

"Now you're scaring me. You could have just said you want to..."

I was about to speak when he abruptly leaned down. Our lips were about to touch, but he stopped, teasing me. D*mn.

"Looking at you like this makes me want to rip your clothes off," he uttered in his hoarse voice.

I nearly fainted. I could feel his hot breath on my face. I was about to say something when I felt something in my lower abdomen. His bulge. He's that turned on!

His grip tightened, and I felt the pressure against me. I clung to his shirt, my knees trembling. Soon, I couldn't resist anymore and leaned in to kiss him passionately.

Our lips met, and the kiss was intense and deep. His kiss was slowly weakening me. I could hear his heavy breath and moan.

The kiss deepened, and I felt like I couldn't take it anymore. But my anger erupted when he suddenly pulled away. I even chased his lips, craving for more. F*ck!

"Slow down. Breathe..." he said, smiling at me.

"But... I can-"

"I don't want to do it while you're sick. I might hurt you," he calmly stated and stepped back, leaving me cursing. I noticed the bulge in his pants. It's huge!

"D*mn it! I'm not sick-"

"Go home. Your body and soul... should be ready the next time we meet," he said, quickly getting into his car.

I held my head for a moment as he left. The heat I felt intensified, and it felt like I was about to collapse.

Who is he? Why was he like that? His kiss... It was f*ck*ng addicting.

I watched the road where he disappeared, touched my lips, and smiled. I felt excitement as I recalled his last words. My body and soul, huh.

Different person

My heart pounded when I saw the two red lines on the stick. I stared at it closely, hoping I was just hallucinating, but no. This is real.

I'm pregnant. Fuck!

I bit my lower lip as I called Astrid, my only best friend. When she answered, I felt even more nervous.

"Tatiana! Hello! What's up? Is there a result-"

"Positive, Trid." I interrupted her. I heard her swearing on the other end.

"Fuck you! Who's the father? How? Didn't you use a condom?"

I felt more confused. I sat down on the bed, thinking about who I was with recently. After a moment, I stood up suddenly, remembering that guy.

"H-he's not a customer, Trid. I just encountered him at the bar. Just-"

"If not a customer, then what? Who? Don't tell me you had a one-night stand . . ."

Damn it. That guy…

"Do you know him? When did it happen? Of course, it's been a long time since you&


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