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Taming His Dramatic Little Wife

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Jonathan Gonzalez is a successful, driven man who has always put his career first. At 24 years old, he has no time for love and is content to focus on his work. Stefani Hernandez is a fiery, independent 18-year-old heiress who refuses to be tamed. When Jonathan and Stefani are suddenly engaged, they are anything but pleased. Stefani hates Jonathan and makes no effort to hide it, while Jonathan sees the arrangement as nothing more than a business deal. But as Jonathan gets to know the real Stefani, he finds himself falling for her despite her hot temper. As he goes above and beyond to protect and care for Stefani, Jonathan becomes determined to win her heart and tame his feisty bride-to-be. Will their love conquer their differences, or will their stubborn personalities tear them apart?

Chapter 1 - Puppy vs. Monkey

Stefani angrily stomped and stormed inside the Chief Executive's Office, walking past some employees wearing horrified faces.

"DAD!!!" she shouted as soon as she entered and noticed the questioning looks of at least ten people inside the room. They all gave a bow as a greeting to Stefani then to the CEO, which was Stefani's father, then quickly headed out as words were not needed to be spoken anymore.

"Stefani, what happened?" Her father asked though he had already somewhat predicted this happening.

"How could you decide things like that by yourself? I'm 18 years old! I'm still young for that!!" Stefani gritted her teeth as she glared at her father, eyes widening in anger, her long black hair waving like a storm. When one saw this scene, one would think that there was a weird drama shooting happening in the area. They would even conclude that the drama was all about a faceoff between wolves. Only, because of her small height and adorable face, Stefani looked like a small puppy glaring at the leader of the pack.

The door suddenly opened, letting in a handsome guy in a suit, his hair fixed in the most presentable way Stefani couldn't guess how many hours the guy had spent on it. The navy blue suit paired with a striped dark magenta tie was absolutely perfect too. His black leather shoes shone brightly on the ground that even the sun would feel ashamed for rising above. The man just practically screamed one word - perfection.

And Stefani hated it. Stefani hated it very, very much.

"To add more, with this guy of all people, Dad! Why did you choose this monkey?!" Stefani's finger started pointing at Jonathan Gonzalez, the 24-year-old most trusted employee of Mr. Hernandez. 

Mr. Hernandez sighed and then opened his mouth. "Stefani, it's just an engage-"

"No!! I'm not going to be engaged with this monkey! I'm not going to marry him!! I hate you so much, Dad!! I hate you!!" Stefani blared out her fangs and puffed out raging breaths as she turned around and began heading outside, but of course, did not forget to give a death glare at Jonathan before completely doing so.

However, Jonathan just uninterestedly stared at her as if she was nothing but air, which only annoyed Stefani more.

She repeatedly shouted a series of curses before she finally exited the office of her father.

"Ah, that brat really," Stefani's father shook his head in a rather unusual way. Yes, he was already used to his daughter's behavior, with all of the sudden barging inside his office, shouting and glaring, and everything in between. For most people in this building, this was actually a common occurrence. 

The truth was, Mr. Hernandez only wanted Stefani to be happy. After all, she was his only child, his only family, his precious. Jonathan has been good, obedient, and always ready to help, and his performances in the company were unsurprisingly excellent. He was also good-looking and had a kind heart. Mr. Hernandez knew Jonathan was the right person for Stefani. Even though Stefani probably didn't deserve Jonathan, Mr. Hernandez still believed Jonathan could, in a way, influence Stefani to be a better person.

"It's okay, Sir. I'm used to it anyway," Jonathan said with a smile. Of course, Jonathan was also used to the treatment Stefani was giving him every time she saw him. It was as if Stefani hated him so much that even just staying in the same room irritates the younger. Well, Jonathan had already gotten used to it. Stefani could really be a brat sometimes... or always.

"By the way, about the engagement..." Jonathan started though was lost for the next word for a moment. Ever since Mr. Hernandez offered the idea of engagement with Stefani to him, Jonathan couldn't think straight. He was always calm and was good at organizing his thoughts no matter the situation, but he could not deny the fact that this current issue was making his head ache a lot the past few days. 

"Jonathan, I know you're thinking Stefani is such a brat and that your life would probably be hell if you become her husband." 

Jonathan couldn't help but cringe at the word 'husband'. Just imagining being with the little brat in the same room - bedroom - made Jonathan want to bang his head on the wall. It gave an uncomfortable feeling just trying to think he'd be in the same house with the younger for a week.. or even years. After all, all he had ever received from that sassy teenager were death glares and verbal insults. Could he really take that person, especially her extraordinary attitude, to him and his peaceful life?

"But can you at least give it a try? Stefani is still young, yes. She is naive, immature, and has a sharp tongue. But I don't think I could entrust her to anyone just yet. For now, you're the perfect guy I know I could trust about my daughter." 

Jonathan was touched by the words the President just uttered. He trusted Jonathan this much. Jonathan felt really grateful. Mr. Hernandez was the one who helped him and his sister when their parents died in a car accident when they were still kids. Although Mr. Hernandez didn't adopt them as his children, he was the one who sent them to school and gave them shelter, food, education, and everything the two pitiful orphans needed. For Jonathan, Mr. Hernandez was like his second father. He was family. 

But was getting engaged with his second father's bratty daughter the way to repay the kindness he gave him and his sister?

"I understand, Sir," he responded after thinking for a while. 

Maybe it was. Although Jonathan still hated the idea of having to deal with the little devil Stefani, he still had lots of respect, gratitude, and concern toward Mr. Hernandez. 

Sighing silently, Jonathan therefore concluded, he would agree to be engaged and marry Stefani. 

Chapter 2 - Good Day vs. Bad Day

"I can't believe it either! I hate them so much!" Stefani cried to her group of friends, Christina, Dianne, Bridget, and Ivy.

 It was a lively Sunday morning and Stefani woke up in a bad mood, all due to the sudden call from her dad stating what he proposed to be "good news". Despite being pampered by her father, Stefani wasn't someone who could easily say the words "I hate you" to anyone. The only exception was that guy named Jonathan Gonzalez. Every time Stefani would come across this person, she couldn't help but hate him more and more. 

So for whatever reason her father suddenly announced this engagement, Stefani was fuming with anger upon hearing it for the first time. She couldn't understand why her father chose the person she hated so much to the core, out of all people.

The four girls sighed all at the same time while looking at their friend. They had known Stefani for a long time to accept how dramatic this


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