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Sweet Revenge: Jace & Emerald

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Emerald thought that she and Jace Higginson were divorced. After five years, she returns to the country to collaborate with his company and eventually takes her revenge. What will she do when she sees a different Jace, making her uneasy whenever they meet? What would she do when her supposed ex-husband was still her husband because he didn't file the divorce? Will Emerald give Jace his rights to their son whom she conceived before she left?


“Prepare dinner. My brother and parents will be here. I am going to introduce them to you,” Jace said, making Emerald's eyes widen in disbelief. Her luggage was ready, and she was only waiting for her husband to leave for work before she left their mansion for good. She couldn’t utter a word until he was out of her sight.

With that, Emerald felt happy, thought Jace had a change of heart, and was ready to accept her. She started moving and planning for the menu she would cook for later. She wanted to impress Jace’s family so they could also accept her. For a year, she thought she would never have a chance to meet her husband’s family, and kept asking herself whether they knew about her.

Feeling elated, Emerald cleaned everything before she started cooking and made sure to finish earlier to have time to make herself beautiful. She wanted Jace to see her as a beautiful woman and not what Emerose had told her she was.

“Finally, I'm done!” Emerald exclaimed after she prepared the table. She was so happy as if she was floating in the air. “I have to get ready, too.” She said, talking to herself.

Young Morgan went to her bedroom, started cleaning up, and took a bath. “Oh my gosh! What am I going to wear?” Her eyes landed on the dress Jace had given her when he brought her to a party. Although she felt sad about what had happened back then, she had no choice but to wear it since she had no other decent clothes.

She applied lipstick and baby powder to her face, and when she liked what she saw in the mirror, she smiled. “Jace has finally realized that I am his wife. I had to be beautiful for him.” Emerald's eyes landed on her luggage sitting beside her bed. She smiled and thought, ‘Should I unpack now?’ She shook her head and added, ‘No. I'll do it later. They might come soon, and I didn't want them to wait for me.’

After Emerald was done with herself, she descended the stairs and planned to wait for her husband in the living room. But as soon as she was on the last step, she saw Jace get into the house and close the door.

“Jace,” she said, making him look at her. She welcomed him with a sweet smile. Young Higginson liked what he saw, making him feel uncomfortable.

‘Fuck! She's really beautiful.’ He thought and shook his head to shake off the thoughts that started to enter his mind.

But Emerald approached him and initiated the kiss, hoping he would not push her away.

Jace was stunned, but after feeling how soft his wife's lips were, he responded to her kisses, pulling her closer until they became more intimate.

Young Higginson had wanted Emerald and made her his. Now that his wife had initiated it, he would never let the chance go. He lifted young Morgan and brought her to his bedroom, where he took his wife repeatedly.

For a moment, Jace forgot who Emerald was and what he thought she did to his brother. All he thinks about is how much he likes and wants his wife.

“Emerald…” He moans every time he reaches his climax, and at the same time, young Morgan moans his name as well.

Emerald felt loved. Jace had been gentle with her, so she thought he knew he was the only man in her life. She also felt desired, as her husband took her passionately.

As the heat subsides, Emerald and Jace stay lying on his bed. Young Morgan feels like she is in heaven despite feeling sore even though she doesn't know how she will face her husband out of shyness.

Jace, on the other hand, was thinking about whether he would talk about the divorce. He liked what happened, and he thought it was the best thing that happened to him. But anger took over him, and before Emerald could say a thing, he got up from his bed, opened the drawer in the bedside table, and took the divorce paper before handing it to Emerald.

Emerald took it, confused. “D-divorce?” She asked with teary eyes after reading the content.

“Yes. I want a divorce.” He replied with a stoic face. “Sign them and leave,” he added.

“But I thought–”

“You thought wrong. What happened to us means nothing to me. You’re just like any other woman I bedded. But still, thank you for giving me your first time.” Jace said, cutting off Emerald’s words while he got dressed. His parents and brother will be arriving soon, and he wants to see how his wife reacts after she sees his brother.

Unknown to him, Emerald was so broken that she thought she would die. She couldn’t breathe as she tried to hold her tears. But didn’t want Jace to see her at her worst, so she hardened her heart and got up from the bed and dressed.

Jace watched Emerald as she signed the papers with trembling hands. He thought he had successfully taken his revenge, seeing how Emerald looked. “You won’t be able to get anything from this marriage since you’ve signed a prenuptial agreement.” Emerald looked at him, confused. “There’s a clause on the marriage certificate that if we divorce, you won't get anything,” he added.

“What makes you think I need your money?” she asked. She didn't want to say anything but thinking Jace thought she wanted his money, angered her.

“Isn’t that what you are? Looking for a wealthy man you can use to get rich?” Jace asked mockingly.

“I don’t need to marry a man to get rich, and I will prove to you that I would be successful without you in my life.” Emerald replied in pain, letting her tears flow freely. “I will make sure that you will regret this and that I will never forgive you in this lifetime. I hate you, Jace Higginson, and I will bury my love for you at the bottom of the Mariana Trench so that I would have to die before I feel that way towards you again.” Those were the last words she said before she left the room to go to her bedroom and grabbed her luggage.

Emerald walked down the stairs. Just as she was at the entrance door, she met a couple and a man whom she thought were Jace's parents and brother, looking at her curiously. She bowed respectfully before walking out of the mansion and out of Jace’s life.

Chapter 1

"Please prepare Emerald for next week's wedding." Jace Higginson said that shocks the Morgan family. They never thought he would choose the younger daughter over the sophisticated-looking elder daughter.

In her baggy clothes, Emerald looks at the most dashing and handsome man she has ever seen. She, too, can't believe that the man who entered their mansion earlier would choose her.

"Are you sure, Mr. Higginson?" Emerald's father, Emerson Morgan, asked in disbelief.

"Our eldest daughter will suit you more. She's educated, beautiful, and very charming. I'm sure that you will be able to present her to any of your business associates." Merly Morgan added.

Emerald couldn't understand why her parents were saying those words. It was as if she was so worthless and unworthy to get married to someone like Jace Higginson. She couldn't do anything but let her head down out of shame while trying to stop her tears from falling.

"My decisio


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