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Sweet Revenge

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Alexander, an immensely attractive and powerful man, decides to take revenge on the man responsible for the death of his father, but also on the woman he thinks hurt his younger sister, who by fate is the daughter of the former, he thinks that from such a man, could only come out a bad seed, not knowing that in reality she was an angel, an angel in captivity who suffers at the hands of the one who calls himself her father. In his quest for revenge Alexander will begin to develop feelings for the innocent Isabella and she for him, giving birth to a beautiful love, that although the two love each other madly, they can not avoid hiding secrets, which will risk one of the two to a tragic end. An attraction that could prove fatal, in which if you make a mistake you will regret it forever. Who will be at risk of death? Will they be able to leave the past behind to be happy? Will Isabella be able to give Alexander another chance after learning that he only approached her for revenge?



I drove as fast as I could to Isabella's house and when I arrived I knocked on the door but nobody answered me and I knocked harder but there was still no answer, I didn't like this at all, I felt that something was wrong, so I started to kick the door to open it, then I would deal with the consequences for breaking into a private property, at this moment the only thing that interested me was to see that she was well.

But when I managed to open the door the shock flooded me, I was not prepared for this scene, I could never imagine that I would find her this way.

It was the most terrifying thing I had ever experienced, I had never felt so afraid of anything as seeing her unconscious and bleeding, and I was terrified to see her like that and imagine that I could lose her.

And at that moment I knew that I could not live without her and even worse, I did not want to, I could not bear to live in a world where her precious eyes would not shine anymore, without seeing her smile that illuminated my life. I have the certainty that I don't want a life without her and I don't know how I could survive after knowing her and losing her, after knowing what true happiness is and how wonderful life is if I live it with her.

I walked towards her with my whole body shaking, praying to any higher power that would listen to me that she was ok, that she was alive and when I got to where she was lying I looked for her pulse touching her with the delicacy of a feather for fear of hurting her more and when I could see that her heart was still beating, I called an ambulance and Jackson to investigate what happened, I wanted to take her as fast as possible to the hospital in my car but I was afraid of hurting her even more.

"My angel hold on please" I whispered as I took her hand. "Who did this to you?" I asked still having a hypothesis in my head that I didn't like at all and as I looked across the room it gained more strength as I saw our picture on the floor next to a broken bottle.

But, would that b*st*rd be capable of doing this to his own daughter? What monster could do this to his daughter? I wanted to tear him apart, to end his life even if I was sentenced to years in prison, whoever did this to Isabella would pay for it.

I watched her as my insides burned to see her like this, bruises on her beautiful little face, so hurt, her head bleeding, I was afraid to even move her.

"You have to be okay" I said leaving a soft kiss on the back of her hand, which became wet with my tears, I hadn't realized she was crying until I saw her soft little hand wet.

The last time I had cried was when my dad left home and my grandfather when he saw me crying scolded me and told me that it was not worth crying for things that could not be changed and after that I never cried again, not even at my father's funeral, but this pain that I am feeling seeing Isabella like this is consuming me and I can not help it.

Soon the ambulance arrived and I rode with her to accompany her while the paramedics attended her and I silently prayed for her to be well without taking my eyes off her.

I was walking back and forth in the emergency room where everything looked so monotonous and empty, with that particular smell of disinfectant that hospitals always have that only caused me despair while I was waiting for news of Isabella, so sorry for everything, because even though it wasn't me who spread the photo with that shitty text and sent it to Isabella's father, it was my sister and I am responsible for that, I am responsible for falling into her deceptions and hurting the person I love, I should never have come here in search of a revenge that wasn't mine and for which there was nothing to take revenge for.

All because of Emma's unhealthy obsession, I ended up in mortal danger of the most innocent person, the one who didn't deserve any of this.

"Do you know where she is?" I asked answering the phone.

"No, but we checked the cameras in the house and no one else got in." she paused before adding. "He ran off with a suitcase an hour before you arrived, it could only have been him."

"Weren't they supposed to have him under surveillance?" I asked angrily. "How could they not know where he is now?"

"We didn't expect him to do something like this, that's why we weren't watching his house, he was still supposed to be looking to get away with it, we're looking for him."

This was the truth still he didn't know he would end up in prison and it wasn't the time to run away, he had to look to do many things to not lose everything, besides who could imagine that he was a psychopath capable of hurting his own daughter? That he would do something like that to the person he was supposed to love and protect.

"Jackson you have to find him fast, I want him to pay."

"I will."

Hearing this I hung up, I was in no mood to continue this conversation, I am so furious, I want him to pay, I want him to pay for everything and when some images start to hover in my mind, I start to understand everything, why Isabella couldn't go out when he was there, why he simply couldn't talk to her about me and why she flinched that day I hugged her as if it hurt her, it was because it hurt her, who knows how long this monster has been beating his daughter and I can only reproach myself for not having noticed and not being able to protect her in time.

Not being able to be there when I needed it most, that she didn't feel confident to tell me and be the trigger of this that happened to her, this was killing me, I would give everything to give back the time and be able to protect her from everything, from her dad, from my sister and even from myself.

"Relatives of Isabella Alarcon" pronounced the doctor as he came out of the operating room.

Chapter 1


I was just starting my second semester of my career in psychology, arriving at the university, stealing glances around me as always, determined and pretending that I had the world at my feet, a mask I had created to hide a very shameful and sad reality that none of the people who look at me envying me, wanting me or even hating me could imagine thanks to the perfect image of coldness and distance that I have created over the years.

I was walking to head towards my first class of the day, when I saw him, the only man who stole my attention just by looking at him, he transmitted an aura of having everything under his control, an incredible security and with a beauty and body that complemented everything else, who could ignore him? Definitely if there was a person that was not me, nor anyone else in this university, since all the women around watched him with the desire to devour him and the men looked at him with some suspicion, and how to blame them? He looked li


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