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A Sugar Baby For The Ceo

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"I love your skirt." He whispered into her ear, his hands enclosing her on both sides of the wall. "Thank you." She said and suddenly jerked the moment he squeezed her butt. "You didn't even need to try but I love that you did." He kept whispering at the same time nuzzling her and toturing her with attempted kisses. "Don't you think you crossed the line today?" "I'm not sure I ...." Before she could deny knowing what he meant he pressed his lips against hers earning him the sweetest moan from her. He pulled away and peered deep into her amber eyes while she got lost in his honey looking ones. --- Matilda a 26 year old lady is at the verge of giving up on her career as a sugar baby, one night she locks eyes with a handsome stranger who turns out to be Andre, the youngest billionaire in the city. She is in need of money and he is in need of a new sugar baby. with iresistable attraction what could possibly go wrong except for little side threats waiting for the right time to strike. The obsession of an ex-lover? A connection in the past that could tear them apart ? Or the long lustful desire of a stepbrother who would stop at nothing to get under her skirts when the opportunity raises it's head.

Chapter 19

She had no answers to her questions, so she surprised her self even further as she went in again for a deeper and longer kiss. The moment her soft lips locked with his succulent ones. Her entire body was ignited and before she could take another slide Andre had pulled her away. She couldn't believe it, he had just pulled away from her kiss. She felt really embarrassed not being able to decipher his expression so she ran. The only way she could escape from such embarrassing situation.

what are you doing standing there? You should go after her. The voice in his head spoke. She probably felt bad thinking he didn't want the kiss but in reality, he had only pulled away to stop himself from doing something she wasn't ready for. She already saw him as a lustful person. He didn't want to prove her right especially not today.

"Mati!" He called as he went after her.

"Please don't come after me... Please don't." She muttered still climbing the stairs in a haste. How was she going to face him when he clearly proved that he didn't want her a minute ago.

"Mati wait...please." He was just right behind her. She swore under her breath at how slow she was or rather how fast he was. She winced as she tripped, hitting her toe against the edge of the stairs. She couldn't move with ease anymore, so she sat on the stairs, her hands pressed tightly on her toes as she tried to take in all the pain.

Andre had stopped his chase the moment he saw her. He took slow steps towards her while she hid her face from him, he sat beneath her and took her legs in his hand, bringing her feet closer to his mouth.

"You shouldn't have ran."

"What was I supposed to do? Stare at you when I was completely embarrassed?"

Andre remained silent and simply caressed her foot gently before faning her toe with his breath. Matilda couldn't help but stare down at his dark hair, his breath on her seemed to relieve the pain. He was just like an antidote to her at this point of her life.

"How is it?" He asked as he dropped her foot gently.

"Better." She simply said. She made an attempt to stand but he held her down with his arms creating a wall beside her. She gasped at his sudden proximity and held her breath for as long as she could.

"If you kiss me like that Mati..." He paused, his gaze unwavering from her and leaving his words hanging.

"Like how?" Matilda asked, she was curious to know what he had to say. He drew his face up and bit his lips as he stared hungrily at her lips which made her breath seize again with the feeling his simple act caused.

"I can't promise to be a good guy next time." His gaze was dark and piercing that she almost felt naked under his watch. "Sincerely, I won't stop even if you want me too." She felt sensual heat run through her body as the words fell off his mouth. Her body throbbed as her senses were now clouded with erotic imaginations. She felt scared, sensually scared of how he intended to handle her.

She held unto his shoulder and he lifted her from the ground. He began walking to her apartment, his hands firmly holding her tugged to him. Once they got to her door, he placed her down, she grabbed her keys from her pocket and began unlocking it. The moment the door opened, the sounds of barking dogs made her to act on impulse by jumping on Andre. Within the time she spent with Andre she had forgotten about the existence of the dogs.

Andre chuckled amused by her act. "Did you just throw yourself at me? I warned you Matilda." His voice was seductively cold. Her eyes blinked as she stared at him assimilating what he just said. She quickly let herself down adjusting her clothes.

"T-that was unintentional. My dogs s-suprised me." She stuttered in a low tone. His threat seemed very serious. Andre looked over her to catch a glimpse of the dogs. His eyes bearing questions.

"Since when did you have dogs?" She shrugged her shoulders instead of replying.

"I guess they are hungry. I did not plan on staying out this long. She said as she shuffled back in but Andre followed suit as expected. She rubbed the back of her neck nervously not knowing how to explain if he inquired more about them. They were not just rare but very expensive species. She could start a new life with the money she'd get from selling them. If only she wasn't in debt.

"Do you even know what specie they are?" Andre asked as he squat before them.

" A Russian tiger...."

"A Russian Didar." He corrected.

" A slip of tongue." She lied. Mr. Graham had always made the pronunciation sound like a tiger and she never bothered to confirm through the net what the original pronunciation was.

"They are very rare, almost extinct. You must know much about dogs to know them." The huge dogs seemed to turn friendly with Andre already. Didar's were hard to handle, Mr Graham had even made her to take lessons about them before she could handle them. How was Andre able to do it with so much ease?

"Good girl." He said rubbing both sides of Matilda. The dogs sat obediently before him even without him saying a word. He was really good with them.

"So... Back to what's important. I'm curious," he said moving closer to Matilda, who could tell he was quite suspicious. "How are you able to afford such rare and tremendously expensive creatures if you only work as a bar girl or decorative assistant?"

She knew better than to lie about buying them. " I received them as a gift." She said even though it was a lame attempt at convincing him.

Andre's eyes turned dark. Who could possibly gift her something so expensive.

"I-it was given to me by a rich relative after he passed on, a week ago." She finally said. There was no way she would mention Mr. Graham's name or the fact that she was a sugar baby. Even though it was more like an unrealistic wish to her. She'd rather have Andre see her as a bar girl than a sugar baby.

Andre's gaze returned to normal, he seemed to have bought her lie. "Can you take care of them?" He asked genuinely concerned which she could tell.

"No." She said."I'm going to sell them."

Andre simply nodded, he expected the answer from her or she'd be running into debt in order to take care of them.

"Then sell them."

Matilda was taken aback by his response. If she had inherited them from a relative why would he encourage her to sell such rare specie.


"Yes... To me."

She sighed having not thought of that. He obviously picked interest the moment he saw them, and seeing he was good with them. It wouldn't cause much worry to hand them over to someone who had experience with them already.

"I was going to sell them off tomorrow but if you are serious, shouldn't you make payment before then?" She tried not to sound desperate but she was indeed very desperate, Tyler was going to be on her neck by tomorrow.

"Fine. Put your price and account details down and I'll inform my assistant to send the money at once, but I must see the receipts and every documents that comes with the dogs first.

"At once then." She hurried off to pen her details, gathered the documents as Edward gave them to her, handing everything to him. Luckily, Mr. Graham had transfered ownership to her before he died, so the documents contained nothing that could trace back to him. It was as if Matilda had purchased them with her money. Andre didn't question it knowing that the state only recognized owners who had the animals documents solely in their name and a change of ownership must be done if a new owner was to be given to them.

"I'll have James process the change of ownership documents tomorrow. Your presence and signature would be needed."

As expected he didn't question the price she was selling it for. He was rich enough to buy hundreds of them if he wished. He took pictures of the documents and sent her details to James immediately.

She wondered what he might have said to James but her phone rang with alert notification, her jaw dropping as soon as she saw the amount. He had payed twice the worth of the dogs.

Chapter 20

She stared down at her phone even though Andre had left her with a parting kiss on her cheek. He had said it was a sweet token but she still couldn't believe it.

By the time she snapped out of her shock to dwell in the reality that he had actually doubled the amount, she fell back to her bed excitement blooming all over her. She sat up releasing air through her mouth. Everything was going to go into debt paying but it didn't matter at all. At least the dogs were useful even though she felt bad about selling them, they were in good hands and she'd probably see them again.

A message popped in and it read, "My driver will pick you up tomorrow for the change of ownership." Andre was really particular about this process. Was it that he didn't trust her to show up? She waved the thought aside and went into the shower to freshen up.

Once she was out, the first thing her eyes caught up with was her laptop. The images of how many time


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