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Still Loving You

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Kobe couldn't believe that in an instant, he would suddenly get married.  He is currently enjoying freedom because he has just graduated from the course he took.  And he has no intention of forcing himself into the job his father gives him. He will marry an unknown woman, whom he has never met.  He also can't remember the bride who became his wife.  Anger filled his heart and mind for the woman especially when he knew her lies.  To get revenge, he will hurt her very much. The revenge that he think is failure because of his feeling for Camilla.

Chapter 1

AN: I'm sorry there are a lot of fixes, I hope you like it. Love lots!






"What the hell! Mo'm? I don't know her, how can she get pregnant?" My complaint was loud because of this woman who was in my Dad's office.

"Kobe! I'm tired of the obscenities you're behavior. You'll marry that woman!" Dad scolded me.

It was as if they had washed me with cold water or it would have been better if they had just killed me. I was so shaken that I got up from my seat and glared at the woman I had never seen in my whole life.

"Son, this is no longer right. Because how many women have come here to say that you got them pregnant? And I'm so guilty of aborting those you got pregnant with." Mama, who used to be my ally.

Meet the eyebrow that I just looked at Mama, because it looks like she really decided to marry me to this woman. And I don't even know which continent it came from just to make such a big lie. I noticed that she seemed to be crying but I ignored it.

How can I like f*ck or even taste something like her? What province did she come from? And she also looks like a member of the church because of the white faded dress she is wearing. Looks like I haven't taken a bath yet.

"I'm not getting married, especially to that woman." I said sarcastically and I looked at this wicked woman, I turned around and walked to the door.

"When you walk out that door, expect it. I don't have a son anymore and I don't care if I don't have an heir. Because there are a lot of foundations that I can put everyone in, just in case we get lost." Papa's voice was serious.

I was stunned to turn the lock because of what Dad said.

My flesh trembled at the words it uttered, as if wanting to destroy this door in anger.


I didn't do what they followed and until now my mind was floating because of what suddenly happened in my life.

I was quiet after our private wedding with this woman and I am currently at the reception with my family and some select relatives of my parents. They like it so all the guests with them, I don't know if my two friends will come.

"Are you happy now? You ruin my my f*ck*ng life." I said with eager here to the woman next to me.

"S-Sorry," she replied with a bow.

I laughed out loud at her behavior.

"You know, I really don't know where in the world you came from and you suddenly appeared in front of me just to mess up my life. If all you need is money I'll give you, you don't have to ruin my life. " I uttered weakly mixed with anger, because I really don't want to get lost here. I want to kick the table full of food and wine.

"Sorry." She answered again in a weeping voice.

"F*ck! Don't you have anything else to say but sorry? I don't remember that I had s*x with you. How can you be pregnant?" my voice was rising and some of our guests here at the hotel also owned by my parents took care of me.

I noticed Mama approaching here where this woman and I were sitting. I don't want to mention her name ever again.

"Kobe, what happened? Can you son. Don't argue here? It's embarrassing for our guests." Mama's said to me.

"I'm sorry," the person next to me replied politely.

I stood up because earlier I really wanted to bleed in anger. And one more time I also saw my two friends who had already entered the entrance.

"Kobe, where are you going? You're leaving your wife here. What are you?" Mama calls me.

I ignored her and just kept walking closer to my smiling friends. Nicko and Adrian.

"Brad, congrats especially on being your dad already." Nicko smiled.

"Yes and of course what else? We're your godfather to your baby soon. Because you didn't even take one of us to be your bestman." Adrian laughed.

"F*ck you! It's a useless wedding, so you're not fit to be a part of it. But thank you for taking care of me here," I said smiling.

They both tapped me on the shoulder and at the same time we sat in an empty chair with a long table, to have a drink. I noticed that Mama took the woman with her friends and she really introduced her to everyone. I loosened the neck tie I was wearing because I had been disgusted before.

"Is that your wife?" Nicko sniffed at the woman with Mama who was wearing a simple wedding dress.

But the amount was not simple because it was almost half a million that Mama had made by one of her well -known designers.

"Yeah," I answered reluctantly.

"It's not bad, but she's just tin. Feed her food so that she'll be more s*xy." Adrian said softly and Nicko laughed.

I saw my monster father, he was now approaching our place. I looked at the two I said without a loud look.

"Kobe, don't embarrass us here." it opened up to me as soon as we arrived at our place.

I smiled sarcasm. "Well, don't you even greet your son? Your introduction to me is a sermon right away?" smiling I promise. I could see the movement of his muscles in his face because I knew he was angry and I didn't care.

Before it turned away he left me with a threatening look. I just ran away because I didn't care if he got angry because they had already done what they wanted. All I want now 'is to enjoy my bad day now.

"What happened? We were just shocked by the news that came. That Kobe Bryant is already married," Nicko asked with a laugh. He was even called to my favorite basketball player.

"I don't know, all I know is that I don't know that woman. And one more thing, I don't even remember that I f*ck her." I said eager.

"How did that happen? Maybe you just forgot because of the number of women you f*ck." Adrian laughed.

"Stupid! Even though I'm drunk sometimes I remember the women I'm with. Look at her, is that how I'm going to f*ck her?" I said annoyingly while looking at where they were Mama with that woman.

It was right in front of me so our eyes met. I immediately avoided because every time I see her face my blood really rises to my head.

"But she's beautiful, even if she's simple. And her body is shapely, so it's not bad anymore." Nicko said

seriously while looking at the woman.

I felt like Nicko was attracted to that woman.

"Let's just have a drink and have fun." I said seriously and gulped down the wine that was brought to us.

Time passed gradually as the guests left as well as the two. Adrian and Nicko, I was left alone here at the table.

"K-Kobe, let's go home." this woman is stuttering to me.

"Ohh, you. My wonderful wife, who are you again? Wait ... Have we met?" I asked her angrily.

"You're drunk, come on." it came to me again as if unaffected by what I said.

I took her arm and approached me, I noticed her afraid but I ignored.

"Let me, I'll make you happy tonight. To make the most of the deception you did to me," I said seriously with a mixed tone.

I noticed the rolling of her eyes when I let him go. I stood up and walked over to her. We almost fell because I suddenly hugged her.

"Kobe, be careful. Your wife is pregnant, you might forget." Mama's sermon who is here near us with my father always frowning.

"Yeah, I will Ma. Of course, she's my wife and I'll take care of her with my love." I laugh.

"Come on, let's go home." Father's said seriously as he started to walk.

I led my wife out while Mama followed behind us. Arriving outside I immediately pulled this woman here in my car and forcibly rode inside.

"Kobe. Let Mr. Tonyo, drive you home. Maybe you can get on the road," Mama begged us.

"I can drive, Ma. So don't worry about us I'm not that drunk yet." p*ss*d I replied and got in my car.

Mama knocked on the window one after another but I didn't open it. I have already started the car, I will take it to my condo unit because here I will inflict my punishment on this woman.

To Be Continued ......

Chapter 2





I'm feeling so nervous now because he might find out right away what I'm hiding, And that's what I don't want to happen at first but how? What would I do if he was so mad at me? I don't blame him.

After Kobe parked his car, he dragged me inside the condo building where people who could see us were looking at us. I just crouched down as he pulled me into the elevator.

Until we stopped at a door I didn't know what floor we were on, because I didn't see what he was pressing. After he pressed the side of the door is automatically opened.

"Wait, Kobe. I'm already hurting." I was afraid and dared to sit down with him. He just gave me a deadly look and pulled me back into the room itself.

He pushed me suddenly on the bed but I got up, but he quickly pushed me. As he removed his clothes one by one, I was alarmed by his intention. I


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