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Spoiling The Billionaire's Good Son

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"I've... I've never touched a girl. I've never gotten this close to them. Please... Please stay away from me" "Don't worry," She whispers into his ears, sending sizzles down his spine. "I'm going to teach you everything. I'm going to f*ck*ng ruin you and I will spoil you In so many dirty ways." Her hand reaches upwards towards his inner thigh and he stiffens once it touches his crotch through his fabric. With clenched teeth, he shuts his eyes and tries so hard to hold back the groan that threatens to escape from his throat. •~•~• Shane Dalton is the second son of a powerful billionaire. He's got good looks and charms that make everyone fall for him and Renee, the new girl in town isn't an exception. But what she can't believe is how extremely good he is. The rich and handsome guys she knew were either bad boys or rude jerks but Shane is nothing like that. He is a well trained good boy who is not ready to break all his rules and fall for a bad girl overnight. His life is turned upside down when he decides to stay away from home to avoid his brother who bullies him nonstop. He moves in to stay with his best friend's family only to realize that this new, beautiful but crazy girl now lives there too. As long as they stay under the same roof, Renee swears to spoil him completely till he's fully damaged beyond repair. Will she succeed? He must either resist her charms and attraction or completely fall into her trap.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Renee's POV

" I think her driver is here to pick you up, Renee " Dad called out behind his shoulders. He was standing beside the window and peering through it.

" Not her driver this time " I murmured with an eye roll so dad would not hear me. If he did, I would have to answer tons of questions about whoever the person was.

" I've gotta go, dad. See you tomorrow " I carried my bag from the dining table and went over to peck him. After I did, I peered out of the window to see the person he had seen.

" Such handsome lad "

" Hmmm " I hummed in response and scrutinized the driver who was now leaning on the red car. He was tall with a dangerously handsome face and muscles. He wore a designer t-shirt and trousers over a face cap.

" Do you know him? " Dad asked and immediately, I tore my eyes away from the window. Yeah, I knew him. He wasn't just a driver but my mother's boyfriend.

" Yeah. He's... He's Noah "

" Hmmm... Your mum has always got eyes for good-looking guys. "

Yeah, right. That's why I'm always envious of her. She's always taking the most handsome and hot guys in the world. Guys who are five to seven years younger than her. Sadly, she and dad broke off a long time ago. Two years after I was born.

A little introduction here.

I'm Renee and I'm eighteen years old. I'm a senior in high school and I'm so nasty too. With my angelic face and calm features, one wouldn't believe that easily until they try getting closer to me. You're gonna find out more about me soon enough.

" I should... Um, go. I don't have to keep him waiting "

I bid dad goodbye and walked out of the house to meet Noah who had been staring into his phone. He cocked one of his brows once he looked up and smiled. Urgh, that smile.

" Hey, baby! " He called and I rolled my eyes.

" Don't call me that " I snapped and walked over to get into the car.

I liked when he called me baby with his deep and husky voice. I loved the sound of it from his lips but whenever I remember that he was my mum's boyfriend, I totally hated it.

" Took you long enough to drive down here, huh? " I asked and shot him a glare while he chuckled. What's funny? Why does he always have to laugh at whatever I say?

"I... "

" Forget it " I snapped and got into the car. As expected, he chuckled and got in too.

But why did he come to pick me up? It's always Jake, mum's driver. He's also tall and handsome but not more handsome than this jerk seated here.

Soon, we were out on the driveway and I had to keep my face stuck out of the window to avoid looking at how his veined hands gripped the steering wheel. Or how his legs were apart, giving me these nasty thoughts on how big he was down there.

Gosh, what's even wrong with me? He's my mother's f*ck*ng boyfriend for crying out loud. Not that he's the first or the second or third, it's just that he's so d*mn hot and young. Too young for my mum.

" Jake was supposed to pick me up. "

" Yeah, but he had to run a few errands for your mum " He answered and I forcefully swallowed a snort. My mum, his girlfriend.

" And you had to come late, again "

Counting down, this was the third time he was coming late to pick me up. The first was after school. Mum had told me not to return home and that Noah was going to pick me up. I ended up staying In school until evening. What were his excuses again?

The second time was when he had to pick me up at home. Dad had gone out and I had to wait for two f*ck*ng hours before he came to pick me up. And now, this.

" I'm sorry, baby " He started and I felt him turn to look at me " I know you're upset but I had pretty important stuff to do. It took most of the time and I'm sorry for it"

His voice was low and raspy, it was dangerously seductive and I kinda loved the way it sounded in my ears. He placed his right hand on my thigh and I stiffened before turning to look at him, then down at his hand.

" Baby, I'm sorry! "

His hand on my thigh made my skin tingle and I gulped hard. Even with the cool air, blowing from the air conditioners in the car, I still felt pretty hot like I was in a burning furnace.

" Baby... " He called out calmly and squeezed my thigh. I felt waves of pleasure shooting to my clits. F*ck! What is he doing?

" Don't call me baby. It's only my mum that is permitted to call me that "

" Oh, really? I guess you've told me that a thousand times, have you not? " He asked with a smirk and I rolled my eyes. I slapped his hand off my thigh and heard him chuckle. Handsome jerk!


The rest of the ride back home was quiet as I avoided every conversation that Noah tried to start up. When he noticed how uninterested I was, he remained quiet and kept driving.

We finally arrived at my mother's house which was a two-story building. There were six different cars parked in the garage plus this one which made it seven. I'm sure Jake had taken one of them to run errands.

I got out of the car and headed into the house. It was extremely big with expensive furniture and artifacts. Sometimes I felt lost here cause it was much more different from our house back there.

Dad and I live in an apartment with tiny rooms. Our sitting room back there is the size of mum's bathroom here. But even with everything, I prefer being with dad to living in luxury with mum.

" Your mum isn't home. She left for the SPA. "

I ignored him and walked into the kitchen to grab a drink. I felt so d*mn hot and thirsty and I needed something cool to calm my nerves.

I picked my favorite drink from the fridge and uncapped it immediately. Without grabbing a glass or whatever, I drank from the bottle with my eyes closed. D*mn, I loved this drink. I moaned as I drank more of it till the bottle was almost empty.

When I was satisfied with the drink, I belched quietly and covered up the bottle. It was my favorite drink but I didn't get the chance to drink it all the time. A bottle was quite expensive and I couldn't waste money on it when I knew that the money could afford breakfast for me and dad.

I only drank as much as I pleased here in mum's house cause it was her favorite too and she never ran out of it. I closed the fridge but the figure standing beside it made me flinch. The f*ck!

" You f*ck*ng scared me. " I snapped and walked away from him, taking deep breaths to calm my frantic heart.

" You made a sound. Had to check out what was making you moan " He said and I gasped. Did he... Wait, what?

He chuckled and I rolled my eyes " I didn't do anything "

" You sure did " He responded and tucked his hands inside his trouser pocket. When he did that, I noticed the veins on his arms.

Instantly, I imagined him gripping me, choking me, clawing me... D*mn, just the thought of it made me f*ck*ng wet down there. What the hell is wrong with me?

" I didn't moan, Noah " I retorted and looked away from him. " I was having a drink and you saw that "

" D*mn, can you do it again? " He asked and came closer to me from behind " Can you do it this time and say my name? F*ck, it's gonna sound so good "

I shivered as he got closer to me. I let out a harsh breath and gulped hard. What the heck is he doing? Was he trying to tempt me cause this sure looked like it.

" Noah... " I didn't know when that escaped my lips but I covered my mouth with my palms afterward. Jeez, did I just moan his name?

He chuckled lightly and placed both of his hands on the kitchen slab in front of me, caging me. " You know, you're not gonna call me that forever, baby, you're gonna be calling me daddy soon "

My head snapped and I tilted it back to look at him. His eyes dimmed and a smile quirked up at the corner of his lips. His lips... They were so adorable. A month ago, I watched him kiss mum and that ignited this fire in me. I wanted him to kiss me too, I wanted to have a taste of him.

" W... What do you mean? " I managed to ask once I had gotten back to my senses.

" When I get married to your mum... " He started and leaned closer. My heart skipped under my breast " You're gonna have to call me daddy with that s*xy voice of yours "

Wait, what???

Was he planning to get married to my mum? What the f*ck?

I pushed him off immediately and walked to the other side of the room. How can he think of marrying my mother? She's older than him, he's much younger than her. Someone else seeing them together might think they were mother and son.

" Are you crazy? Why would you marry my mum? What do you want from her? "

" Oh, it's simple, baby " He started and I gritted my teeth. That name again! " I love your mother and I want a life with her. With you, baby "

I scoffed and folded my arms " You're a terrible liar, Noah. You're just using her. "

" You think so? " He asked and started again " Look, baby... "

" Don't call me that. Only my mum is permitted to call me that, not you! " I reminded him for the umpteenth time.

He sighed and started walking toward me. My heart gave a mighty thud with each step that he took and blood boiled in my veins. He got closer and the feel of him made my n*ppl*s harden under my dress. F*ck!

" I don't know why you hate me, Renee but I know that behind those hard glares and snaps, there's something else. Something interesting I can't figure out."

With that said, he touched my arm and walked out of the kitchen.


I got into my room and fell on my bed, thinking about what Noah said some minutes ago. He was right. I only put on the glares and snap at him because I wanted him. I didn't want him to be with my mum. I felt jealous that they were together.

Mum said that he made her happy and also made her feel young. That, as she often said was what dad would never have been able to give to her. He only gave her love and to her, it wasn't enough.

I sighed and sat up on the bed. Staying inside felt so boring and my mind wandered to Noah. What was he even doing? I didn't hear him drive out so he must still be in the house.

I bit my lips, remembering how close we had been to each other. How his hot breath had fanned the back of my neck, sending sparks of pleasure, shooting to my clits. F*ck, I hated the fact that he affected me so d*mn much.

All I wanted was to have a taste of him, that's all. I wanted to know if he'd feel so big In my mouth and choke the hell out of me.

" Baby? " Someone called outside the door, jerking me out of my thoughts. " Hey, can I come in? "

It was Noah and I wondered what he wanted. As much as I wanted to yell at him to get the hell out of my door, I also wanted him to come in and stay with me.

But it's not right. He's my mother's boyfriend and I shouldn't be having such thoughts about him, I shouldn't even be fantasizing about us doing anything with each other. I should tell him to leave and shut him out but...

" Yeah, come on in, " I answered, not knowing how it slipped out of my mouth.

Chapter 2

Renee's POV

" What do you want? " I asked once he got into the room. He closed the door behind him and walked over to sit on the bed.

" It's boring. I just thought we could bond a little or maybe play a game "

Okay, I know I wanted to go all hard on him but come on, this could be great. Besides, we've never really bonded well. I was always moving away from him before he even got the chance to get closer.

" Okay, so what game? " I asked and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. He watched me do that and didn't take his eyes off me even when I was done.

" Noah? "

" Yeah " He answered and finally looked away " Sorry, what were you saying again? "

I scoffed and rolled my eyes " Sorry, what were you looking at the whole time? "

" I was admiring your hair. And your hand " He answered.

I held myself from bursting into laughter because wh


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