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Soul: a forbidden feeling

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Ira is a successful business tycoon, 23 years old attractive girl with a humble nature. She is finding someone special who will be the place where she will be an open book. Though she knows that her feelings are forbidden by her society, still she hopes to get that person who will heal her wounds. The pain she got from the world will fade away when that person comes into her life. Her soul. Whereas Aayana is a 25 years old ambitious and talented girl with a sweet and caring nature. She has a secret crush on Ira. She finds her soul in Ira. But she can't reach her because of her status. And she also knows that her family won't accept her reality. Still, she is in the hope that one day she will get her love. The love of her life. Her Soul. So, let's see how these girls go through the ups and downs of their life. How will the circumstances lead to their future? What will be the destiny of their set by the universe? And will their souls be able to be together? Or something else is waiting for them.

CHAPTER 1 - Hope


You are my SOUL


Love, You are my light of hope and rays of blessing.

Baby, You are my morning glory and evening bliss.

There is no word enough existed to express my feelings,

I've found my paradise, underneath the breath of yours.

To experience the pain behind your sorrow, the reason for your sighs... is the journey I wish to take.

Your embrace is the safest place of mine, I am at the top of the mountain enlightened by the shaft of your light.

You are not only the mere luminaire in my unlit world but a rare blue moon that adds essence to my life.

You are the only planet in my universe, I long to breathe the air that gives me the courage to scour the sky.

Hope to get a resemblance of mine on those irises, to have reminisced in those beautiful dark eyes.

Fruition to listen to my name in your throbs, Enhance me with the honor of being your wishes.

My home is in your arms, yearning to be surrounded by the ocean of your fragrance.

I'm sailing into the abyss of eternal love, lost in the warmth of your tenderness.

Contemplate of mine, Sleepless nights; I crave for reality to be just as pleasant as a tranquil let up with you in my heart.

For the rest of the world, it might be disallowed and forbidden, but true love is divine for the one that lives in its path.

You are my sunshine, my destiny, my eternal love, my reality...

You are my aspiration, my devotion, my life, my every emotion.....

.......................You are my SOUL........................


The moment of falling in love


It was the first time I felt the divine feelings,

How a person can get the feeling of heaven on earth.

It was the first time I pleaded for permission,

How a person can be devoted to God by bowing down.

It was the first time I realized how important oxygen,

How a person emits oxygen as the same trees do that for others.

It was the first time I was flying, though my legs were on the sphere,

How a person became my everything without letting me know.

It was the first time I felt someone else owns me,

How a person became my owner whereas I was breathing.

It was the first time I was pretty sure I have to live,

How a person turned to the reason for my existence.

It was the first moment I got the sight of my possessor,

How I became an ascetic the moment when I fell in love with her.


The first meet moment


Here you are, I am summer and yearning for a drop of your rain.

Yes my love, now I am acquiring the precipitation of moonshine.

Uff my blossom, I have the consent to be swamped with endearment.

Oh my beloved, now I can trust that admiration is not a mirage.

Thanks for giving me the sight of God's most beautiful creation.

Which retainer needs to attend a crusade if they get your accommodation.

My colorless life is now fully colored, more than the rainbow.

The meaningless soul is expected to be this divine soul's shadow.

After being feast on those eyes, my existence is triumphant now.

Realm of beauty, I want to present myself to you as a bestow.

Ira's pov -

Oh Sh*t! Why does this morning come after the night! I want to sleep more but this alarm won't. Actually, I also can't sleep more. But I need to get up because I have an office which is the result of my struggle. So, get up Ira. Let's freshen up.

After freshening up, it's already 8:30 am. D*mn..... I will be late, which I don't like at all. So, I rush to the kitchen and start searching for easy food. I take a glass of juice and 2 pieces of bread, run to my room again. I start eating, besides also collecting my files then run towards the door.

After opening the door I get my guard there. "What happened uncle? you are here!" I am surprised by getting him here as he always stays at the gate.

"I have to go to my village, my child. Your aunt is not well. My son just called me. So, I need a few days off." Uncle replied. He is so worried and tense.

"Of course, uncle. You don't need to ask, just go and bring aunty here as there won't be good medical services." I told my uncle. As I want aunty to be fine soon.

"But here the medical expenses are huge. You know I won't be able to pay that." Uncle replied in a sad expression.

"I know uncle. You don't need to worry about that. I will take care of that. You just bring her as soon as possible. As I know your village is not so far from here, right?" I asked. I am waiting for his answer.

Uncle replied, "Yeah. It's one and half hours for me to reach there."

"So, do one thing please ask your son to bring aunty here and directly take her to the hospital you also go there. You take a few days off until aunty gets well. Just call me about the condition of my aunt and expenses also; for now, I am giving you some money to start the treatment, you need to pay the hospital. And yeah please keep them in the staff area when everything is done, if aunty needs to stay in the hospital, your son needs to reside here. You don't need to hire another place that will be easy for you. Is that okay?" Then I realize I am continuously speaking and my uncle is stunned. I indicate with my eyes what happened?

Then he replied, "May God bless you, my child." and started crying.

So, I just hugged him and said, "Please don't worry about the security uncle; I will take care of myself. Whatever you need I am just a call away. Please don't hesitate about anything. You can consider me as your daughter. Am I clear or not?" Now I am being bossy.

Uncle replied, "Thanks a lot". Then he took his phone and started calling.

I also come to my car to reach my destination, my office.

And as expected I am late. It's already 9 am. So, I rushed to my office.




Arif's pov -

It's already 9:25 am and Ira is still not at the office. She never does this, so I am tense and hope she is okay. And at this time, I can see she is at the gate of the office so I relaxed. She is so perfect in everything. Though never be bossy at anyone. I love her sweetness the most. I am just looking at her.

When she was walking, looking like a princess to me and as expected she started asking everyone about their health and others.

This girl is really sweet though she is the owner of TREND but never behaves like that. She is always so caring about all. But, alas! She has no one who will care for her.

In this thought of mine, she reaches to me and smiles, "What's up, buddy?" "Nothing special as always. Tell me about you." I asked.

"Please call uncle Salim and ask him about his necessities as Aunty is not well." She replied. So I replied to her, "Okay ma’am".

She got mad at me, "Please stop calling me ma’am".

So I laughed and said, "ok Ira. By the way, when you're going to find someone who will do this taking care of things for you."

"You know what, I am also searching for my soul but my soul is far away from me. Actually, my soul is playing hide and seek with me." she smiled and started her way towards the lift.

I hope you find your love so soon Ira. I will always pray for your happiness to God. You deserve all the happiness on this planet. You will get your love so soon, then you will also have someone who will ask about your health, who will be worried for you, who will love you unconditionally. You will get the feel of flying in the sky. I am waiting for that day to see the shine in your eyes.




Salim's pov -

This girl is really a soft-hearted person. I am just her new staff and she is so concerned for my family. At 10:45 am my son called me and asked for the hospital name so I told him to take Salma to Green Life Hospital. And I also rushed there.

At this time an unknown number is flashing on my mobile screen then I accept the call.

Salim: Hello! Who's there?

Arif: Hello! Salim uncle? It's Arif, Ira's expense manager. She told me to ask you about Aunty's health and other needs. So, Please call me whenever you need something. Okay, uncle?

Salim: Thanks a lot, my child. Your Aunt is on the way to the hospital. I will inform you about the condition after she gets admitted.

Arif: Ok uncle and you don't need to thank me; I am just doing my job. Now you might be on the way as I am getting the sound of a car whistle.

Salim: Yes, my child. I am on the way to Green Life Hospital.

Arif: Then you go uncle and lemme know about all please; I won't disturb you more. And you also take care of yourself; don't worry aunty will be fine. Bye for now uncle.

Salim: Bye. You also take care.

I hung up the call. Ira is really sweet. May God give her all the happiness she deserves. I will pray to God always that she gets what she wants.

CHAPTER 2 - Secret Crush

Ira's pov -

Everyone is just asking me about the love of my life. Even the media also asks the same question in interviews. I am fed up. I am just 23 then why is everyone busy with my love life? I don't get it. It's not that I also don't want someone in my life with whom I can share my sorrow and happiness.

But I also can't trust anyone randomly as I experienced bitter things in my past life. But whom I explain; because it's a secret of mine. I can't share with others that I am not interested in boys. And in this society, it's not possible to bring this kind of reality. So, I prefer to zip-lock my lips. And I almost left the hope to get someone.

But I hope someday someone will be with me who will know me and also understand me. But I know it won't be easier as our society won't accept it. That's why I avoid hanging out with anyone without Arif. He is my buddy and I can trust him. That's why I appointed him to my expense area because I know he will keep my trust.


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