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Sold to the Ruthless Billionaire

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"Didn't I tell you not to meet that man!?"He screamed. I smiled as I looked up at him with a chuckle in my eyes. I said sarcastically, "I'm sorry, mister. You're not the boss of me. I moved to walk away from him, but just as I was about to, he grabbed my wrist to stop me. I shrieked. He was about to lose his cool, but I held onto my handbag firmly and maintained my composure. "I own you, Alia. You are f*ck*ng mine. Only mine," he said emphatically. *** Ever since Alia's innocence was stripped away by life, her abusive father has been selling her as a slave. Her entire life had been one of being mistreated, misplaced, and violated. But not before she developed the strength to stand up for herself and discover how to defend herself. After being sold to Aciel Evans, the CEO of high-end hotels, she is given a significant sum of money to put in her head. With revenge burning in her heart, Alia concocts a plan to deceive the billionaire, strategizing every move in her mind. She wanted to leave, she wanted to be free, and all she wanted in return was for those who treated her badly to suffer. However, none of these things will fit into her plan. How will the billionaire change her life?

Chapter 1 Prologue

I once believed the world to be very overwhelming. Since it is so large, I am unable to see the stars or the sky, though I can see them all with my eyes alone. Everything I think seems to be impossibly difficult, it seems as though nothing is within one's power or mind to accomplish.

I observed the tall skyscrapers as they climbed to the sky. Although the city is well-lit, my heart is still trapped in this abyss.

"Ms. Hampton."

When my driver called, I put my thoughts on hold. He was staring at me in the rearview mirror as I was looking at him. Is he talking to me? I feel like I temporarily lost myself.


"Mr. Evans called, he's asking for you, he's waiting for you for dinner."

I took a deep breath and gritted my teeth as I heard that name. It's been months, but I'm still full of rage and disgust. If he wasn't one of his men, I would have said something derogatory about him right now.

I just said, "Tell him I'm on my way home."

"Shall I let him know where you went today as well?" the driver inquired.

I saw him glance at me again, my brows furrowed, my heart thumping in chaos, but I made sure he wouldn't notice that.

"Sure. You don't need my approval, Sibal." I muttered in a monotone, "He's your boss."

He only gave a slight nod. Of course, I wouldn't just give him the easy ride. He was aware of everything about me, including my day-to-day whereabouts. Therefore, I am certain that he is aware of my meeting with Angelo today.

That's why when the elevator doors opened, I saw his irritated face right away. I kept my stoned expression while my heels clanked down the hallway of his apartment. As he stopped in front of me, fire almost came out of his nose.

"What have you been doing?" he asked with restraint.

"Didn't Sibal tell you? It's impossible for you to not know." I smirked.

"I'm waiting for you here for this goddamn dinner, which I told you this fucking morning! Only for me to find out that you're out with that mother f*cker!? " He had his hands clasped at his sides. While he was doing that, veins protruded in his arms. It's so fun seeing him this upset.

He screamed, "Didn't I tell you not to meet that man!?"

I smiled as I looked up at him with a chuckle in my eyes.

I said sarcastically, "I'm sorry, mister. You're not the boss of me."

I moved to walk away from him, but just as I was about to, he grabbed my wrist to stop me. I shrieked. He was about to lose his cool, but I held onto my handbag firmly and maintained my composure.

"I own you, Alia. You are fucking mine. Only mine," he said emphatically.

His whiskey-scented warm breath hits my face and causes it to become colder. I shifted my position and touched his rough jaw with my palm, feeling the spikes in his beard.

I leaned in and kissed the side of his lips, whispering, "You own my body, not me Aciel."

I lost hold of him because he seemed to be weakening, but he recovered quickly.

"Ahh!" I exclaimed as soon as I felt the cold, hard concrete on my back. He pushed his body into mine and pinned me there. I could feel the warmth of his body right away, and the smell of his manly scent covered my whole being.

"What about what happened to us last night, huh? This morning? I assumed everything was fine, huh? " He tightened his hold, and I sighed.

"Oh! Aciel, stop acting like a p*ssy! We just f*cked! Why are you making a big deal out of this, huh? "

He turned and stared at me intently. "Just f*ck!?" he yelled and released me, "Bullsh*t!" his voice roared. I could see his breathing becoming so heavy, a sign of concealed anger.

I quickly breathed as I stared at his shoulder, which was jerkily rising and falling as he let go of his hold on me. He proceeded to palm his face in bewilderment as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"After everything that I told you last night!? That is a complete bullsh*t, Alia!"

I smirked and did not bother to fix my skirt. That smirk soon developed into a chuckle and a trembling laugh. He gave me a puzzle-like look as if he was trying to figure out what's happening to me.

I laughed, "You are such a fool, Aciel."

He arched his brows. I could see how he's so confused with what he heard. A mixture of anger, hurt, and confusion can be seen from his face. I moved forward to get back in his vicinity.

I continued laughing modestly, and he was just there, standing in front of me as if he's blazing with fire. As soon as I recovered from laughing, I licked my lips and looked at him in the eye.

I said without mercy, "On the sixteenth day of September, the day that I made my plan... I told you I'll make you pay for this."

He blinked in an attempt to comprehend what I said.

"I'm not sold on you, mister. But you called for a war in exchange for those millions. " I again explained.

Unsure of what I said, he questioned, "What?"

I reached inside my bag for some papers, which I then threw in his direction. All he could do was watch as the papers fell to the cold pad floor as they flew everywhere.

"You think you brought me? I suppose you have to pay now." I grinned.

Men in uniform entered the elevator to retrieve him. He gave me a confused, hurt look as he turned to face me. This game is over now. Fooling the billionaire is a success plan.

Chapter 2 Helpless

"Alia!" My father called me.

His palm pressed against my cheeks, immediately giving me headache. I sat down, completely exhausted. My foster father has been beating me for a few minutes now, so it's no surprise that I'm feeling this way.

I collapsed to the floor, depressed, and immediately felt the blood flowing in my nose. I don't get why I needed to suffer just because I chose to buy a cake for my foster mother who's ill.

"You stole my stash!"

"Father, n-no- " I wasn't able to continue because he slapped me once again. I'm for sure that my lips cracked from the strong impact of his hands..

Not that I've recovered from his last blow, he already grabbed my hair to make me face him. Tears welled up as I looked at his face. He smells like cigarettes as always. His eyes were bulging from taking up some illegal substances, looking so dangerous and evil.

"Where is the money?" He asked again.

"I don't k-know," I answered.

"Then where the hel


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