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Sold To My Ruthless Master

Sold To My Ruthless Master

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She was sold as a sex slave by her mother on her 16th birthday, and bought by a mysterious wealthy man at the auction. 'You are mine, but I don't love you, and you don't need to love me. What you need to do is to obey, obey all the orders that I give.' That's what her master said to her in their first conversation. He took her virginity, and sent her to a BDSM club to be trained as a good sex slave. She thought that's what he bought her for ---- to fulfill his sexual needs only. But later, she discovered a secret and noticed it was all under a vast conspiracy...

Chapter 1

Jade always knows that she would be sold by her mother one day, but she doesn't expect this day would come this early. On her 16th birthday, a few strangers showed up in her house, took her away, and left with a contract. Jade didn't have time to read the contract, but she knew that after she was sold, her mother's debt was finally paid off.

To those men's surprise, Jade let them take her without any screen or cry. She let them cover her eyes and tie her arms, and left with them peacefully as if she has already known what they would do to her. Those men pushed her in a truck, and her journey to hell began.

Jade was a daughter of a drug addict. Her mother got herself into prison, she tried her best to seduce the jailers and guards in the prison, hoping to get pregnant one day and got out early for this. She got raped for several months by different guys, with cums from different men in her pussy every day. Finally, she got pregnant one day, got special care for nine months, and gave birth to Jade.

Jade grew up in an orphanage before the age of 14. She was then taken out by her mother after her mother got out of jail. Having no other skills to keep a living, her mother began to work as a hooker, which suits her well. Every few days, Jade would see a stranger come into their shabby little house. She would hear them moaning next room, sometimes with sounds of slaps, and all the smut words. One time she even heard a bastard complaining about how loose her mother's pussy is. Jade still remembers the way that guy looked at her that day after he got out of her mother's room, as if she was her next prey.

'She's not for you'. Her mother said behind him in a cold voice.

'Oh really, she will be just like you someday'.

And that was when she new that her mother would sold her some day.

Jade fall asleep in the truck, dreaming of beaten by her mother just as what her mother always did. After she woke up, the truck has already stopped, it seemed like they've already reached their destination. She can smell the fishy smell, it seemed like they were at the seaside, where she has never been before. How ironically it is, she always hope that her mother would take her to the seaside someday, now she's finally here because of her mother, but in a totally different way...

Those men took off her blinder, and a cruise was in front of her eyes. Those guys took her aboard, pushed her into a dark little room, and get her loosened.

'Take off all your cloth'. One of them said coldly.

That's the first word they have ever said to her. Being afraid of them, she took off her shirt and skirt slowly, trembling with fear. Now she was standing in front of two strangers, barely naked, wearing only a panties and a bra. Her breasts also trembled with her body, making her cleavage more obvious. But the two men wasn't attracted by that at all, as if what was standing in front of them wasn't a sexy girl but a snotty animal.

'I said all of your clothes.' said impatiently.


Jade tried to resist the order, but all she got for an answer was a slap.

‘You have no rights to talk unless we told you to. Do as what I’ve said, or you will regret it.’

Seeing Jade was hesitant, the other man came near to her and ripped off her bra and panties directly by himself. That was the first time she was touched by a man, although she resisted it, her nipples appeared to be firm all of a sudden. She backed away instinctively, but there was no way to go. All she could do is to curl up, attempting to keep her last bit of self-esteem. The man dragged her forward, put a collar around her neck without even looking at her naked body.


Learning from how they treated her before, she dared not to resist their orders anymore. She knelt slowly, thinking herself as a pet dog.

‘That’s a good girl.’

The man tied one side of a chain on her collar, with the other side on his hand, and talked to his intercom, ‘She’s ready.’

Later, a medical staff walked inside the room. He grabbed her arm crustily and began to inject an unknown fluid into her vein. Jade had no idea what was inside the injector, but she was too afraid to ask.

Now, it seemed that everything is ready. One of the men handcuffed her, and dragged her to the lower deck. As she stepped in, Jade couldn’t believe what she just seen...

There was only one window in this room. Through the dim light, she vaguely saw dozens of square cages in this room, each with a girl at her age in it. They were of different shapes of bodies and outlooks, but the same was that they were all naked, with a collar around their necks. Some have been sobbing, but dared not to cry out loud, as guards were walking around the cages. One of the guards pushed Jade to an empty cage, tucked her in, and locked her cage without saying anything.

Jade lay on the ground for a while, but felt something wrong when she was just about to stand up. Her whole body began to heat up, she could feel the rapid heat of her body as if electricity had flowed through her. She could feel that her private part was getting itchier and itchier. She wanted to touch it with her hands, but failed, since her hands were handcuffed. Her pussy was getting wet, she can even felt a viscous liquid slowly flew out of her pussy. She was dying for something to plug in her private part. Her consciousness began to blur, she became too dizzy to notice that there was a pair of eyes gazing at her from the only window of the room, clapping eyes on her every move.

After her eyes got used to the dim light, she began to look around at the other girls in the cages. It seemed like they were all feeling the same as she did. Some of them began to moan, others even try to rub the floor with their private parts.

She was injected with an aphrodisiac.

They were all injected with an aphrodisiac.

Chapter 2

Stephen’s POV

I refused to go to the auction from the very first place when the host, Antonio first invited me. Antonio was actually my most trustful business partner for years, as we’ve been through so many crises together. He is more like a brother to me, and he knows my type. I know that he always held auctions on his personal cruise, as many of his creditors would choose to sell their daughters to him, just to keep their family’s lives. It sounds crucial I know, but that is just business for people like us. But this time, he insisted me to go, as according to him, I won’t regret it this time. I had no idea what he meant, but as I was not busy those days, I decided to give myself a break and give it a go. Whether or no, what am I gonna loose?

It was quite late in the night when I finally arrived at the seaside. I’ve seen his cruise from really far away. I’ve always known that he got a beautiful cruise, but I didn’t expect it to be this big. I mean, what on earth in th


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