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Sold to Him

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"Do I want a taste?" his voice deeper than he had ever spoken. His eyes pinned on me like I was the only thing that fascinated him. "What do I do? I thought to myself as he moved closer to me, I wanted to run away, to resist him but I was pinned to the wall by him. "Gosh I hate this man so much" his scent, his body, his beautiful green eyes, he was driving me crazy. I know this is wrong, he has a fiancee and all but that makes me want him even mo re. "Get on the bed and spread your legs" his cold voice woke m e up and then I remembered I was just a maid to him. "Yes master".

Chapter 1

Author's POV

19years old Sarah lied on her bed,as she flip through her family's photo album,they had just concluded her parents burial, and all she wanted was to be left alone.

"I miss you guys, i wish you were here with me"she muttered as she stared with teary eyes at her parents photo.

Then, a man opened the door and walked into the room.

"Miss"he called.

She gasped

"Who the hell are you?"she asked, as she stared the man figure , standing in front of her, he was wearing a black shirt tucked in a black jeans, with thick black boots.

She spotted the gun inserted, in a hostler at the back of his pants,he took a step closer to her and she glared .

"Come with me"he commanded and signaled her to follow him.

The last time she time, she'd seen a person this guy in her house,was when her uncle, Delvin visited ten years ago.

This could only mean one thing,"uncle Delvin was around"she thought to herself,she stood up and followed him, to the sitting room.

Just as she thought, Delvin was sitting in the dinning with his wife Maria, along side with Alba;her guardian.

She bulged.

Her gaze met Maria's, immediately she smirked, Sarah shuddered and tried not to have an eye contact with her,she had always been scared of Maria,to her she was more devious than the devil,she turned and looked at Alba who was staring at her, with her face all covered with pity.

"Sit down, Sarah; let's talk"Delvin said breaking the silence.

Her gaze was still on Alba, who was in the verge of tears.

Still standing,and wondering what was going on, Maria repeated;

"Take your seat child"she grimace her tone stern.

Sarah's bone stiffened

But she did seat, with her gaze still fixed on Alba,she knew something was up.

Delvin shrugged and cleared his throat.

"I know you are wondering what's going on,"he huffed,"My late brother, was good to me"he paused and looked up

Sighed and continued.

"Now, that's he's gone,"he sits upstraight, I've decided to take you with me,it's the least i could do for him".

"What!"she blurted.

She stood from her seat,and turned to Alba who was already weeping.

Still standing,as she wondered if she heard him well, Maria added;

"You're coming with us,and you have no choice."

"No,she cuts"I don't want to, Alba please"she winced biting back her tears.

"Go and pack your things Sarah,we leave in an hour"Delvin said and leaves the dinning to take a call,with Maria following him from behind.

"Please Alba, don't let them take me"she begged.

Alba held her hands,"I wish I could, but he's your uncle."

Who cares if he's my uncle

"He has every right"

"No i want to stay with you"she begged on her kneels,she knew living with Delvin,was just like living in hell.

"I know,but it's going to be alright"Alba assured her, even though she knew Sarah was going to be mistreated by his family, especially Maria,the innocent girl had no chance against her empty conscience.

"She's gonna make me suffer"Sarah cried

"Don't worry, I'll pray for you"Alba said and knelt down to her,she hugged her and pecked her cheeks.

She knew she was never going to see her again.

"The boss is waiting in the car"Delvin's guard,Pedro said interrupting the emotional moment.

"Damn you"she muttered and stood up, and went in to pack her things.

She returned with her luggages and Pedro carried them off to the car.

Sarah's POV

I watched Pedro carry my luggages to the car,in the verge of tears, I turned to Alba and hugged her tight.

"It's alright _chica_"she said as we said our last goobyes.

"Please help me, don't let them take me"I begged,but she turned inside with tears.

I followed him to the car,it was a black SUV,I entered and he started the car,I said my last goodbyes to my house before we drove off.

2hours later.....

We arrived their house, it looked more like a ranch to me, immediately a girlish figure ran to Delvin and hugged him affectionately.

"Welcome daddy"she said.

"Sweetheart, how was your day?"

"Good"she said and turned to me.

"Hey Sarah"she said with a smirk.

It was Kyla, my childhood rival,we never seem to get along in any way, she was always on the competitive side,even though she was a year older than me.

"Pedro"Maria called.

_Capo_ "boss"

"Take her to her room"she ordered and immediately, Pedro carried my luggages and signaled me to follow him.

I followed him into the house,he took me to a room upstairs, while her dropped my things,I stood by the door and took a full glance round the room,"it was nothing my own room back home"I thought to myself.

He dropped my things and leaves the room, i sighed and drifted into the room, stifling my son,then I heard a knock on the door.

"Who's there"I asked and immediately a lady opened the door, by the way she was dressed I could tell she was the maid.

"Miss, hello"she said and walked in.


She paused as she noticed the tears in my eyes."What you want me to do for you?"she asked with a thick spanish ascent.

"Nothing, thanks"I shrugged and turned to the window.

"Okay,Miss"she said and leaves.

I stood by the window in a verge of tears, I tried to hold them back from dropping.

Then, Klya entered the room.

"Hey Sarah"she called and leaned on a table

Holding my tears


Chuckles"Dad calls for you".


"He didn't tell me,but there's dinner,he wants you to join us for dinner.

Author's POV

Sarah looked at her and glared, she had, had a rough day the last thing she wanted was a clash with Kyla.

"Well I'm not hungry"she shrugged.

"That's your deal, dad's at the table, we're all waiting for you"Kyla prodded.

"I'll be there in a minute"she sighed.

"Be fast about it"Kyla said and walked away"you wouldn't want to keep Mom waiting, when she was at the exit, she added in a mocking tone"Don't forget to take your bath, Sarah, you stink".

As she watched her cousin leave the room,she shivered within her as she thought about having dinner with them an shrugged.

She sniffed her pit to confirm if she really stinked, devilish Kyla she thought.

Being the only child of Delvin Castello,Kyla had always been treated and pampered by her parents.

Filthy rich,and not only that,a prominent man in the city central,she was given whatever she asked,this, Sarah thought led to her being a spoiled brat.

She got into the bathroom and took a quick shower,then made do with a light pink gown.

She drifted to the dinning where they all say waiting for her.

Chapter 2

Author's POV

"NO, I'm not leaving with you", Sarah said and sat on the bed.

Delvin looked at her with a scowl on his face and turned to leave the room.

"I'll be waiting in the car"he said and leaves the room.

"I don't have time to waste with you girlie"Pedro said and grabbed her wrist.

"Ahh"she winced as his grip were tight on her wrist, immediately she stands on her feet.

"Don't drag her, leave her alone"the nures said in Sarah's defence, then Pedro gave her a stern look, causing her to shudder.

"Okay!"Sarah said in defeat, "let me go, I don't need to be dragged".

"Good, now move it!"Pedro commanded and immediately she leaves the room in a drift, with Pedro following her behind.

They got outside the hospital to where the car was parked_it was a black SUV with tinted windows, Delvin was already seated in the passenger seat, waiting, with his phone in his hand. Pedro opened the back door for her and she sluggishly entered in the c


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