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Sold For Debt

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I was beginning to shed tears, couldn't wait any longer. "All the time I cry just because of you, and it doesn't touch you, you don't love me!" I said wiping off my tears with my hands. He took a sip from his glass cup. "You're mine, so it's your body. Why do you resist? Until then, a man has needs" He said confidently. "Because…" I was going to let it all out, tell him what a jerk he is, but I couldn't, he wasn't one to be messed with. Matt hated being disrespected or intimidated in anyway. "You know what… " I sobbed, Cleared my face "I would rather give another man my body!" "I would kill any man that touches you" he said with a light smile. "You wouldn't give me happiness, and you don't want me to get happiness from somewhere else, what kind of a man are you?" "No, Arianne, don't you dare question my authority." I ignored his words. "I'm a woman, I have needs too." "Come live with me, but you won't. I will make you a queen, give you all you want and—" "You mean make me your s*x slave?" .... .... Arianne Hobbs is sold to Matt Jones, an arrogant billionaire and a womanizer, but when the opportunity presents itself, she flees, but Hell upon hell it was for her, until she decides to be the villain in everyone's story

Chapter 1: My Life In A Nutshell

The sitting room was empty, and the two big curtains covering the windows flapped freely, their direction undefined. The only sound that could be heard was the hushing wind, and the faint glow in the room came from a dying blue bulb. The cushion chairs were old and tattered, desperately in need of replacement. However, no one seemed inclined to take that responsibility, and I found myself sitting on one of them. The occasional crackles from the ceiling sent chills down my spine, making me alert in case it decided to give way.The squeaky door that led to the passage and other rooms leaned to one side, and the cracked floor warned with every step, making the room a hazard to inhabit. The only appreciation the living room received came from two separate portraits of my late father hanging on the wall. I reached for a glass of water on the table beside me and emptied it in a single gulp. The room's temperature was far from accommodating, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Reluctantly, I stood up from the chair and took a few steps forward, finding myself facing the standing fan. I turned the control knob to the highest setting, but instead of fulfilling its purpose, it created more noise. Frustrated, I sighed and slumped back into my seat, gazing at the ceiling, until my moment of tranquility was disrupted by the intrusion of a woman.She stood about six feet tall, with slender shoulders, unkempt hair, and long, strong legs that interrupted the room's fragile peace. "Why are you still here?" she asked in a deep, threatening voice."Because I'm not leaving," I hastily replied, choosing my words carefully."Get up and go to work," she retorted, her voice laden with warning."You didn't even ask me why I'm not going. I have college to attend to, Mom. I said I'm not going," I protested, presenting a logical backup to my decision.She threw me a mean and threatening look, and reluctantly, I got out of the chair. "Fine," I exclaimed, throwing my hands up in frustration. "I couldn't care less about your studies. I provide you with food, I do my best for you, and you want to repay me by staying at home? What have I not done for you?""What have I done wrong now? You always say things like this! All the d*mn time! I'm leaving your house, have a great day," I snarled, storming out and forcefully slamming the innocent surviving door behind me.Things hadn't been going well between my mom and me ever since my dad passed away. We were burdened with a debt from my dad's company, a debt we couldn't repay. It was as if something that connected us had been irreparably broken. I despised it when she made me feel like I was being mistreated or when she played the victim card. That day, I didn't even want to go to work. I didn't want to see the man who called himself my husband. My husband, my foot! I wouldn't be in this mess if my dad hadn't struck a deal to sell me to him if the money wasn't paid in time. How could he?Angry and in pain, I knew it would take a while before I could calm down. All I wished for was for the contract to be over so that I could finally be free from that womanizer.I walked out of the neighborhood onto the street and put on my jacket. The road was quiet, as the usual hustle and bustle of workers heading to their jobs usually made it lively. It was already 11 a.m., and most people had already started their day. An old couple was walking through the pedestrian corner with their little dog, which had a white leather collar around its neck. They had it chained to them. Suddenly, a motorcycle rider accidentally bumped into the corner, startling the couple. They nearly ran away in fear. No matter how much the motorcycle rider pleaded with the seniors to forgive him, they continued cursing, effortlessly letting the curse words flow from their mouths.I shook my head at the incident, finding a bit of cheer in it. It was the only thing that uplifted my spirits. Lost in thought, I didn't realize when I crossed South Street. When I turned onto a busy road, I reached into my pocket and was relieved to find enough money to take a cab to work. I didn't have the strength to walk all the way to the firm.I hailed a taxi along the way. "...Jones and Sons," I said, waiting for the driver to open his door so I could enter. However, he stared at me for a moment, a look on his face that seemed to say, "I can't have a child like this." Perhaps he thought I wasn't serious about my life or wondered why I was heading to work at that time."Are you taking me there or not?" I wasn't in the mood to take it lightly, and I didn't care what he thought of me at that moment.Finally, the taxi door clicked open, and I stretched my hand to open it. Unknowingly, I closed the door with a hard bang, instantly irking the driver. "Hey, watch it! You'll have to pay if anything happens to that door," he yelled.I wanted to apologize, but there were far more pressing concerns on my mind. As the taxi came to a stop, I handed the driver a bill and hastily exited without bothering to take the change.I stealthily made my way past the front desk receptionist's office, making sure no one from the company saw me. I had arrived very late, and being spotted could lead to my dismissal. I chuckled inwardly, knowing that my husband owned the company.I hurriedly climbed the stairs. Although it was a classic skyscraper, my office was situated on a middle floor, right next to the CEO's office. It was an unusual placement for a college intern, but it had to appear legitimate. Jones made sure I was close to him, even though he knew we didn't get along.All Jones cared about was s*x; there was no love between us. I couldn't bring myself to love him either. However, I had decided to give our relationship a chance, starting that day. I was willing to submit to him fully and endure, even though it wouldn't be easy.How could it be easy when he had numerous mistresses?As I approached the office door, I checked the hallway to ensure no one was lingering around. Luckily, it was empty. Before stepping into the office, I composed myself, trying to exude an air of grace, strength, and a touch of anger—enough to deter anyone from getting in my way.The interns' office was a grand and spacious room, with each intern having their own separate workspace. I was a business administration intern, working closely with the company's managers. Every other intern saw me as someone special, but it was just one of the perks of the contract. If only they knew the hell I endured within those walls.I caught a glimpse of Halen's blank face, and I noticed the eye contacts she made with her friends. I wished they would confront me already because I was prepared to face them.Halen, my number one enemy—though I wasn't entirely sure why—could be attributed to jealousy, I suppose. Oh, how I wished we could swap places.I maintained my mood for as long as I could. When the day's briefing began, I somehow managed to settle in. However, I didn't want to forget or let go of the animosity. I had to strike back, and I planned to do it well.Halen and her coven of evil witches always picked on me. Somehow, I was going to give them a taste of their own medicine. While the briefing went on, I appeared attentive, but it was merely a cover. My senses were heightened, and I made the best use of my eyes and ears to gather information.When the briefing concluded, I realized that I hadn't grasped even an inch of what the supervisors had said. But it didn't matter much to me. I had three office mates who had done wicked things to me and were likely looking forward to more. I had much more to worry about."Arianne Hobbs?" a voice called out moments later."Yes?" I responded abruptly to one of the CEO's secretaries. I knew what it was about."Mr. Jones requests your presence," she said before walking away. I avoided any eye contact, not wanting to feel any more awkward than I already did. As usual, I was expected to meet the CEO in his office.

Chapter 2: My Dear Abusive Husband

I made haste and walked closely behind her; Mr Jones doesn't like being kept waiting.She motioned to open the door once we stepped into his office corridor and I stopped her."No, don't worry, Lucia."

"You sure? Ma'am?" She asked with a smile; we got along well ever since she knew that I was the CEO's wife, or rather, secret wife.

"Come on, stop with the ma'am thingy, call me by my name'' she nodded her head with a smile and left me to open the door.

Sitting on an executive chair was a man on black suit, yielding a golden watch on his wrist with finely styled black hair.

He had broad shoulders, with a pair of sexy brown eyes, a pointed nose, and a perfectly shaved thin mustache before an insanely chiseled jawline, propped under with handsome beards.His lips were full saucy, a gracious man to look upon, hot and irresistible, yet he made me feel weak and undeserving


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